Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brrrr. It's cold in here.

I know…. I suck.

OMG I’ve been so busy lately. I don’t even know where to begin. Had a great weekend. The weather was actually pretty decent for a change. Saturday afternoon I met Lauren and went shopping all over town with her. I picked up an AWESOME table cloth for $20 that I’ll show you later what I’ve done with it. Then we hit up an antique mall where I got some blue glass Mason jars that I’ll show you later what I’ve done with them. Wow, that’s a little annoying, hey? Like I know something you don’t know. I totally just teased you with a couple of projects and I’m not going to give you any details. Sorry. Maybe you’ll get one photo at the bottom of this post. Maybe. Then that night a bunch of us went over to our friend Erin’s house. My followers- Erin. Erin- My Followers. Erin’s cool people. Be nice to her.  Anyway, now that you’ve met, we can move on. It was originally going to be a girls night in, drinking some adult beverages, grilling some burgers and singing Glee karaoke on the Wii. However, the boys ended up crashing the party- which I am certainly not complaining about. J After a few ridiculously strong daiquiris compliments of Wendy, a grill that caught on fire compliments of the boys (I know! Aren’t all boys supposed to know how to use a grill??), and playing with our Glee themed party favors (we had Sue Sylvester whistle’s and Quinn purity rings) we moved into the living room to throw it DOWN!  Boy, did we have some fun!! Now I’m not going to brag or anything- but I could totally be on that show. I mean, I’m pretty much the bomb. Just sayin.

Side note: I totally used to think I was a celebrity when I was younger. I would totally bust out singing at the most random times (grocery aisles, department stores, drive thru’s, etc). This show is totally how I feel I live my life (not the whole being in a show choir thing cuz let’s face it- that’s kinda lame and I was already in band - and the two would’ve made me an uber dork. No amount of cheerleading captain would’ve made that cool). But I literally live my life with song and dance. Someone says something and a song will pop in my head with those words as lyrics and I’ll just bust out singing that song. Doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with- just ask Wendy, or Lauren, or my college roommate Melissa (I see you baby, shakin that ass.... shakin that ass).  Many times Wendy, Jon and I have been in Target and for some reason it’s always cold in Target. Jon will say “Brrr…” and oh man.. there I go. Of course I have to bust out with a little Bring it On action. Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh. Ice Ice Ice. Cue “Let Me Clear My Throat.” You KNOW what I’m talking about people. And I will neither confirm nor deny that Jon knows the cheer as well and does it right along with me. Alright, sorry Jon- he totally does it with me!!

K, back to Saturday night. Between Erin, Wendy and I, we must have sang almost every song on the game. I think we needed to get Kim a leeeeettle bit more buzzed cuz she wouldn’t get up on stage until I practically dragged her to sing a duet with me. “Forever, and ever, each day in my heart, oh I’ll love you, forever…. (picture lobster claws swaying in the breeze). But once she got up there she was all about it- I’m pretty sure she even busted out some choreography with me. She’ll deny this all to you- but we ALL saw her. Once we finished with that we moved on to another karaoke game- where it was all PG songs. A little TOO PG. J Like Jonas Bros and other Disney stars. Maybe there needs to be an explanation here- Erin's not a weirdo who likes teenie boppers- she has this ADORABLE daughter who at that Disney is cool age.  I’m not sure how this happened, but I scored 1,299,403 points (or something ridiculous like that) on Colby Colliat.  Like I said before, I’m the bomb. Clearly I’m in the wrong profession. After we figured out that we really didn’t know any of the songs (and no one wanted to listen to me sing Miley Cyrus’s The Climb at the top of my lungs) we moved on to Just Dance 2. Can I just say that I WANT that game now? OMG so much fun. I really don’t think that I’ll pay the money for a Wii system plus then get the game- but OMG I could have some MAJOR FUN with that game. We all used to make fun of Rico Suave (yes- complete with chest hair sticking out) at my old job because we knew that all he did when he went home alone was play rock band by himself, banging on the drums like Animal, sweating his manboobs away. Well- I would be that girl dancing in my living room every night if I had that game. I’d shake it like a salt shaker.

Now- you might think that the boys were bored out of their minds watching us sing and dance all night. But let me tell you- they weren’t. They were literally 3 feet behind us watching us all drop it like it’s hot, shakin our booties in front of them- they certainly weren’t complaining. I'm pretty sure at one point they were whipping out dollar bills like they were in da club.  After a break to catch our breath and get a few more drinks in us, Erin whipped out the Def Jams Rap karaoke. Now, I don’t want to sound all conceited like, “I’m the best singer. I’m the best dancer.” But I pretty much rapped the shit out of Nelly’s “Hot in Herrrrrrrrre.” I was like a female Eminem. Just call me Feminem. Ahhh ahahah get it? I really think that I’ve missed my calling. Or maybe it was just that song cuz when Erin and I attempted some TI, I pretty much sucked. Most of the other songs I didn’t know at all- cuz let’s face it, I’m not really that gangsta like Lauren. But it was certainly fun to attempt.

Sunday I went to the outlets with Lauren and our friend Abby. Found lots of new clothes- which is always a fun time. Really didn’t spend all that much money though. I thought that I was going to have to apologize to my wallet for the next couple of weeks. But it really wasn’t all that bad.  Got a bunch of cool gadgets for my kitchen though. Figured I should at least buy something in that store since we pretty much ate almost all of the pretzels they had out with dips and oooooh the Italian bread with the garlic infused oil…. Yummy! We definitely should’ve grabbed something to eat before hitting up the shops. Clearly we weren’t thinking.

Wendy and I have been hitting up the gym a lot lately. It’s great having someone to go to the gym with again. It gets boring sometimes when you go all the time by yourself. And let’s just be honest, CLEARLY (have you SEEN the size of my ass??)  I’m not that strict about going by myself. After running the half marathon in October, I maybe went to the gym like 5 times….in 3 months…. Terrible. I get home after work and see something shiny and all thoughts involving the letters G, Y and M are out of my head. So having Wendy to go with is great because once one of us suggests it, we HAVE to go now because we’ve made PLANS to go. We made friends with the guy who built the place the other day. We bonded over lack of paper towels. He hooked us up and started chatting us up with his sexy Jersey accent (insert Kristi’s sarcasm here). He wasn’t bad looking though but nothing good comes out of Jersey (well except for Miss Kayla and Snookie's poof).

So anyways.  Table cloth.  Ta-da!!!

ugly old dining chair fabric:

New dining chair fabric!!

Just have two more to finish.  I'm not sure how I'm liking the bottom two but those will be the two end armchairs.  The other two will be just like the top two.  OR I found another really cool pattern (in a fabric shower curtain) that I might go get and change out the bottom two.  Who knows. 
Planning on lots to do's this weekend.  Maybe I'll have more photos to show you.  Until then- peace out.  I'm off to get me some Chinese. 

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  1. haha, I'm glad I got a shout out as one of the good things to come from Jersey. :)

    p.s. love the new dining room chairs.


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