Sunday, February 6, 2011

I know who I'm rooting for....

Any one who knows me- knows how much of a DIE HARD Patriots fan I am.  So tonight I'll be silently weeping that I won't be getting to see delicious Tommy and cutie patootie Wes in their skin tight outfits on the field.  While I never thought that I would wear anything other than navy and red on a Sunday during football season- I'm sporting the colors today of the team that I hope wins the big game. 

I have many friends in both cities and while it was a difficult choice... I knew who I needed to root for today.  Now, while I love the patriots- I LOVE football too.  I have to pick a team- no matter who is playing.  I'm competitive- I need MY team to win.  I love throwing football parties- even if the Pats aren't on (which given that I live in the city of their biggest rival- those televised games are few and far between).  Sometimes I pick the team based on their colors and which flatter my coloring the most.  Sometimes I pick it on the hottest QB.  Come on people, I'm a chick.  What do you expect?  Sometimes I pick based on their "off-the-field" reputations.  Like, let's say Ben today.  One would think that I'd be rooting for the Steelers.  I mean, what's sexier than finding it completely normal to have sex in dirty bar bathrooms.  That makes him way more attractive to me than say Tom Brady's luscious locks.  But then, one might think I'd be rooting for Green Bay b/c I love an underdog and I'd love to see Brett Favre's face when they win what he was unable to do for like 65 years.  I have many many many reasons for picking a team. 

Today I am going with this team b/c of 1) my sister from another mother, 2) the girl I kept firing but for some reason she just wouldn't go away 3) one of the coolest music licensing guru's I know- who all live in Wisconsin.  So this is for you- Beth, Talia, and Jeni!!  I'm sporting green and yellow today in hopes that your teams wins the at big dance!!  Hopefully they don't choke like the Colts did last year.  :)

Now I'm off to buy a birthday present for one of the cutest 4 year olds out there who is letting us crash his day AGAIN for a birthday/Super Bowl party with yummy cake and ice cream and hopefully some wings.

And to all you you won't be watching the game tonight (yes, there are SOME of you weirdos out there)- make sure you tune in to Glee after the game.  It's the Thriller episode.  If you've never seen Glee- you are seriously frickin missing out.  One of the BEST shows out there right now.  This- coming from a TVaholic.  Sue Sylvester is my hero.  

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  1. Aaaaaahhhhh! I LOVE YOU! And...I QUIT!

    GO PACK GO!!!


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