Monday, February 28, 2011

It's time for spring... you hear me Mother Nature? It's TIME for Spring!

Hi All!! 
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was aii-ight.  My house is a mess cuz I bought LOTS of fun things for it.  Went to JCPenny’s on Saturday for some outdoor patio pillows and a wood blind for the last window in my house.  When I originally bought for all of the windows in the house, I totally forgot about the window in my master bedroom closet.  How would I forget about THAT window, you ask?  Well lucky me has two, yes TWO, master bedroom closets and that isn’t the one that I use for my clothes.  I have a few things stored in there but I never go into it since it’s technically my future husband’s closet and I want to respect his space.  For now.  J  I saved a crap ton of money at Penny’s though.  Everything I bought was 60% off original price plus I had 3 coupons for $10 off when you purchase $25 or more.  Two pillows were $28 so I used 2 of the $10 coupons for a total of 4 pillows and the blind was $23 so I went and grabbed a hand towel for $2.99 so that I could get the other $10 coupon off of that.  Frugal Kristi here.  Got to save that green so that I can buy other pretty things for the house.  When I went to Lowe’s after that, I’m glad I saved that $30 earlier.  I went there for a “few things” and ended up with about $100 more in merchandise than I actually needed…but you know…  J 

Now Lowe’s and I have a love/hate relationship.  I would much prefer Home Depot to Lowe’s.  But Lowe’s is a quick 5 minute ride down the road whereas Home Depot is about 20 minutes.  So a "quick trip" usually ends up at Lowe’s.  I went there with a list- cuz yes I am one of those people.  I make lists about making lists.  I love lists.  I love checking things off lists.  LOVE LISTS!   Anyway, I went for spray paint (one furniture project), stain (stair rail and spindles and eventually dining table), drawer sliders (another furniture project) and sheets of metal (don’t even ask).  I ended up in the rug area (clearly- not on the list.  At all.)  I figured it doesn’t hurt to look since I’ll eventually need a rug for both the living and dining rooms.  You know, 5 years from now when I eventually put down my hardwood floors.  And when I say “I put down” I really mean my dad, Jon, some other suckers guys- while I supervise.  J   Anyways- found a few that would work with my color scheme downstairs but definitely didn’t buy them.  And not because it won’t happen until 5 years from now, but because I didn’t measure either area that I needed them for.  I seriously have no will power- because if I had the measurements, I totally would’ve bought them. 

When I was leaving that aisle- I spied outdoor rugs!!  I’ve been looking for 2 summers for an outdoor rug.  Well, let’s be honest-only one.  The first summer I had the house, I shut the curtains from my kitchen to my outdoor screened porch and just pretended it wasn’t there.  I HATED that room.  I spent $11,000 for that room and I F*in HATED it.  This was the room that I planned on spending all of my time in when I was home.  It was going to be my favorite spot.  I was so disappointed.  It was so not what I expected the room to be when I checked YES that I wanted it and signed my life away for the next 30 years.   It was built shitty.  It looked shitty.  I wanted to rip it down and start over from scratch.  Thank god many people talked me off of that ledge.  But there still is structural work to be done in there eventually- like putting actual windows in and insulating it to be an all-weather room.   So after ignoring it for an entire year, I finally opened the curtains and tried to figure out what I wanted to do with it.  There was a resin wicker set from Lowe’s that I had been looking at for a while and it finally went on sale (like a ridiculous amount of money off of it) so I booked it to 2 separate Lowe’s to pick two of them up first thing when they opened that Sunday morning.  I literally crammed both sets into my tiny SUV to the amazement of the guy parked next to me, telling me that, “Ma’am, you aren’t going to fit all that in there.”  To which I responded, “Do you KNOW who I am?  Of course, I’m going to fit it."  Don’t mess with a determined girl and her desire to not take another trip 30 minutes down the road because both sets will not fit I think - while rolling my eyes at him and brushing away the sweat dripping down my face and other unmentionable places from crawling in and out of the back of my car and literally yanking these chairs and tables into positions that they never thought they’d be yanked into, just to prove this busybody wrong.  Needless to say- THIS mama got all of them in with no problem  if you call driving with a table on your lap “no problem.”  So anyways- I’ve had the furniture in the porch for an entire summer but it’s boring tan and brown and has NO COLOR.  It’s BLAH.  I couldn’t find anything that I liked to go in there to give it life.  My aunt/dad bought me a fan for out there which my dad put up the last time he was here.  But I had yet to find fabric to re-do the pillows or accessories that screamed “Take me home” anytime I went out shopping.  So I finally found the pillows at Penny’s this weekend which I took a risk with since I didn’t know if I’d be able to find other coordinating items to go with.  Cuz I’m Miss Matchy Matchy.  I will totally admit it.  EVERYTHING matches in my house.  If it doesn’t- it goes back to the store.  I’m a little crazy about it.  And when I say a “little” I really mean obsessively crazy about it. 
Back to the outdoor rug at Lowe’s.  I’d been seeing rugs (all boring with no color) for like $199-$299 in random stores and on-line.  But I wasn’t really looking for more boring items and really not trying to spend that kind of money on a rug.  This one totally matched the pillows I just bought, all of the furniture in the room already and most of my downstairs colors.  AND it was only $59!!!!  SCORE! In the cart that sucker went!

Then I went to get the spray paint and the color that I’ve been dreaming about this dresser and night stand set being just was not on any of the shelves.  I could’ve probably had a gallon of paint mixed up for it but I’m not trying to have a 6 month project here.  I want it to be quick and easy.  So I found another color that I love just as equal that I think it going to look AWESOME!  Hopefully since it’s getting warmer out I can start said project and give you all of the before and after pictures.  The only thing that sucks is once I get this project done- I no longer have a dresser and nightstand in my bedroom.  I will have 2 fully furnished spare rooms but just a bed in my bedroom.  Does that make sense?  I literally lived in one of those spare rooms for more than a year after I bought the house because the master bedroom was EMPTY.  I have YET to find a set that I like.  When my dad and uncle came out last summer, my uncle came specifically to BUY me a bedroom set and we literally went to 20 or more stores (I’m really not exaggerating- they will confirm this- just ask them) and didn’t find a THING that I liked.  I’d rather sleep in a bedroom with just a mattress and a leaning bookcase with all of my skivvies on display than buy a set that I don’t like.  So I am going to test this color out and if I don’t love it like I think I will, I’m going to spray the pegboard for my garage this color and probably just go get the gallon of paint in the original color. In case you didn’t pick up on that- I am totally going to glamify my garage.  It’s going to be tricked out and pretty- everything a garage should be!  

Then I remembered that I needed electrical tape.  So off to that aisle I went.  I’ve been a little scared to turn on my new dining light that I just installed.  I had to undo and cut all of the wires and take off about 4 feet on each light since it was too long.  Now while I would like to think that I can trust my mad electrical skills- I would much prefer to second guess myself and cover all of the wires so that I don’t burn the house down while having a nice dinner.  I think I’m totally fine since I went and got wire clamps and pigtail connectors for the wires (lookie here- me sounding like I know what I'm actually talking about) and nothing is exposed up in the ceiling.  BUT just to make sure, I’m going to tape them all up to ease my worry.  And speaking of the dining room, I finished re-fabricing the seat covers.  All 6 chairs are done!!  Now I’ve just got to paint the chairs and that project will be done.  YAY!!  Slowly but surely things are getting crossed off the list!  That’s very exciting!  

Oh and I totally got called out by my friend Michelle over the weekend.  She found a picture of a Bombay chest that I got off of Craigslist for $50 way back in Oct or Nov and asked me if I ever did anything with it.  So I guess you guys are paying attention to me posting pictures and telling you what I’m going to do with them works!!  You are totally holding me accountable and I LOVE IT!  So here are the projects that I am working on next!!

Bombay dresser

Dining chairs and table

Dresser and nightstands

I didn’t make it to Home Depot yesterday like I wanted to.  I was going to pick up my Christmas present compliments of my mom.  My very own Random Orbital Sander!!!  I need that to start the Bombay dresser because it’s kinda chipped and rough and needs to be sanded to be all pretty and smooth before I paint her.  But once this weather starts to get and STAY at 50 degrees, I’m moving all of this stuff out of my garage and getting it DONE! 

Oh and just for shits and giggles- I brought all of the patio furniture in the house today to clean it, vacuum out the porch and to put the rug down.  Well I guess my 5 X 7 rug was a "leeeeeetle" too small for the 10 X 10 porch so I had to run to Lowe's and pick up another one!!  Here it is inside the house with one of the 4 chairs and a pillow just to show you what it looks like.  Sorry for the darkness of the pic.  It's night time.  Deal with it.  :) 

And one more.  Just cuz I haven't actually done the light fixtures yet.  I figured that I might as well use the blue mason jars for the time being.  How pretty, right?

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