Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last reaming....

I received a very nice compliment from my dear friend Lauren yesterday.  She forwarded me the story from Sports Illustrated about Seating Debacle 2011- The Curse of the Temporary Seating- Cowboy Stadium (side note: this is my title name, not Sports Illustrated).  She said, "This would NEVER happen if they had a great ticketing manager like you! :)"  That actually made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Until I realized that next year- that IS going to be me!! And then I freaked!

If you have been under a rock since Saturday night let me break it down for you.  A lot more than Christina butchering our National Anthem happened on Sunday.  Here's the story.  Cowboy Stadium holds roughly 90,000 people.  Someone thought it'd be a GREAT idea to put 15,000 temporary seats in the open areas to make more money  get more people in the building to watch the big game.  It would have been a record number at any Super Bowl to have 105,000 ticketed people in the building (well maybe the 2nd highest attendance- don't quote me).  After farting around for months ( I mean- when WAS the last Cowboys game?), not nearly all those temporary seats were in and secured for when gates opened.  Roughly 1250 people were without seats. EXPENSIVE seats.  I spent my entire salary on coming to this game seats.  About 800 of those people were relocated to actually be able to watch the game while the others were given the shaft triple the amount of their ticket, merchandise, access to the field after the game and an area in the stadium where they could watch the game- from a TV.  Terrible Awful.  Absolutely unacceptable. 


I bust my butt on a daily basis in my office as well as on site (and BELIEVE ME- I've been to some seriously shitty locations in my time) and I am not afraid to say that I am DAMN GOOD at what I do.  Yes I am patting myself on the back here.  Some people appreciate that while others think I just "sell tickets."  BUT- the thing that I took away from my friends compliment is that she thinks I am great at what I do.  It's nice to hear that every once in a while. 

So thank you, Lauren.  Your little post on FB might not have been all that serious to you, but it really means a lot to me. :)


  1. I heart you Kristi!!!! I meant every word I said, you ARE an awesome ticketing manager and I know that would never happen under your management. And thanks for being an amazing friend!

  2. The whole city of INDY will be thankful for you! We redid our building after it got trashed after the hurricane. We did a rebuild/remodel in 7 months that should have taken a year and a half. We were still fixing seats up until the day before our first events (2 sold out events). I can feel you on the counting and recounting of the seats. I'm sure it will go smoothly with you in charge!


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