Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feeling a bit L-A-Z-Y and Nostalgic…..

I’ve been a bit of a bum lately. No blogging, no cleaning, no chatting on the phone, no eating peanut M & M’s…. ok I kid I kid. I’ve definitely been eating those damn things. Just look at my ass. The weather is just so blah out. And when it’s blah out, Kristi’s blah. ALTHOUGH Mr. Meteorologist did say that it’s supposed to get to the 70’s by Thursday. I’m wicked excited about that news. But knowing my luck, it’ll rain all weekend- like it’s doing today. I told my boss yesterday that if it did get to 70 degrees that I MIGHT just call in sick. I do feel a little bit of a cold coming on. Cough.  Cough.  I want to start running outside again. I want to play in my yard and make it pretty. I want to walk outside without my teeth chattering. I just want warmer weather for crying out loud. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK??? It’s ridiculous.

I had to take my license out the other day and it made me sad. For starters, it’s a Florida license- which means that I was pretty tan when I got it taken which is awesome. My skin hasn’t seen the light of day in forever. I pretty much look like Powder. Like, some parts of me are about to be translucent. Then I saw that it expires this year. I’ve been in Indiana for 3 years (yay!) and was supposed to change it over after 30 days of living here. I know- I’m such a rebel. Thank goodness I haven’t gotten pulled over. I can’t really play stupid and pretend that I just moved here seeing as though I immediately changed over my registration and insurance. And seeing as though I’m no longer a 21 year old with perky boobs, I doubt showing some cleavage is going to get me off of whatever it was that I got pulled over for.

But what got me sad the most is that I miss Florida. Now, my Indiana friends, don’t take this the wrong way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE living here. I love my friends and my job here. I love my house- which I never would have had if I still lived in Florida. But I miss the sun, the warmth, my friend Tricia and her ADORABLE little twins (who aren’t so little anymore). I miss my promoters, the fun shows/concerts/games that I used to go to FOR FREE, going to the pool and beach whenever I wanted to. I miss some of my old co-workers. But then I think of my psycho ex-roommate (Single White Female anyone??), my crotchety old douche bag boss who was literally the most miserable person in the world, the 80 hour work weeks, and almost having a heart attack at the age of 26 and I don’t miss it so much anymore. I figure I can always go back and visit and get to actually ENJOY the weather, the beach, my friends. Maybe the next three day weekend I can pop in for a visit and get my fill of Florida. That might do.

So one of my really good friends, Sarah, and I recently completed a half marathon in Denver. Her time was quite a bit less embarrassing than mine (hers was actually fantastic) but it was our first time doing any competitive running and my goal was to just not die. It was Sarah’s idea because she was pregnant at the time and it was a great idea to lose her baby weight (all 7 pounds that she put on by the way). When she called to ask me I believe that I was sitting my fat ass on the couch eating chips and dip and I was like “Yeah sure count me in.” ONLY because I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought she was actually serious. My bad for not believing in her crazy ideas. It was pretty difficult for me to train as I was on the road for 8 weeks in the summer which I might have gotten in about 3 miles total in that time. When I was home, I’d go running outside mostly- there’s a trail in my development and one outside of it that goes on forever. A half marathon is 13.1 miles for all you non-runners and I got up to 7 miles. One time. Literally ONCE. I ran 6 miles a ‘few” times. However, I literally ran every day it seemed. I was exhausted. I felt that all I was doing was working, running and sleeping. Getting up to 7 miles was fantastic for me. I like to run. However, I like to run 3 miles. When I spent 2 hours a day running all I could think about was all of the other things I could be doing. Fun things. House things. Shopping things. It was difficult. The actual running wasn’t difficult but it was the not getting BORED OUT OF MY MIND part. And all of you that know me- when I see something shiny….

So I really thought that there was no chance in hell that I’d finish the race because of that and for the fact that I was going to Colorado where the air is just a LEEEEEEEETLE bit thinner. My friend Melissa, who also runs, sent me an article on the Denver marathon and how if you aren’t from there, the 13.1 miles feels like almost running the full marathon because you have to work so much harder because of the elevation change. I figured that the least that I could do is walk it if I couldn’t finish the race running. But I wasn’t going ALL THE WAY out there to NOT finish the race. While we were there, there were tons of vendors and we picked up some cool running gear and each got a sticker for our cars that says 13.1. I have yet to put the sticker on because I don’t feel that I am a “marathoner” yet. One time does not give me the title. I would say that yes, I am a “runner” but I am not a marathoner. Sarah has run a few more smaller races since while I have not. (My middle name is Slacker- seriously its written on my birth certificate). But I plan to get into the swing of things when I can run outside. I absolutely hate treadmill running. It’s boring and monotonous. It doesn’t matter what cool, bouncy, bass drumming song I have in my iPod, I can’t stand it. Who knows though, maybe this October we’ll run it again. Because crossing that finish line was definitely an experience. I never thought I’d ever do it. Most people never will in their entire life. The crawling up the stairs that night is something that I’d prefer to never happen again.  But the two of us drinking a bottle (or two) of wine made it a little less awful.

Well the point of this post is based on one of Sarah’s status updates the other day. She was looking for people to give her a song that reminded them of a memory that was between them. So every time she heard the song, she’d think of that person while running. Not sure how many songs she actually got since there was a very long rant on NKOTB that occurred. But I suggested “Roxanne” by The Police. Now, it’s not a song that I like or that I listen to all of the time. But when we were in Mexico our senior year of high school, Sarah, our friend Allison, and I roomed together all throughout the two week trip. We had a blast. When we weren’t drunk, almost getting abducted (yes, this did almost happen), sightseeing, laying out at the pool, or getting Mexicans to get naked for us (don’t even ask) we were having tons of fun in our hotel room. One night we were all getting ready to go somewhere and Allison was drying her hair in the bathroom. Sarah and I were in the room listening to some music on the TV and that song was playing. All of a sudden Allison jumps out of the bathroom singing it into the hairdryer. It was hilarious. She was totally into it too. Like dancing and head banging and all. Sarah and I were rolling around laughing hysterically. So now every time I hear that song I think of that memory which leads me to think of all of the other fun memories from Mexico which also leads me to think of all of the fun memories the three of us had cheerleading and growing up together.  And now when Sarah hears that song, she’ll think of all this too.

I love when a random song comes on and you totally flashback to a good time like that. My friend Bethany tagged me in a post the other day which was a YouTube video for “Strike It Up.” She heard the song when she was out and about- which reminded her of dancing at my mom’s dance studio way back when. We used to warm up to that song ALL THE TIME. Then some other people posted comments about remembering that song and dancing at my studio.  It definitely brought a smile to my face.

Want to know what song reminds me of Wendy?  I first met Wendy when I walked into a frat house freshman year and her ass was up in the air on the dance floor. I believe that I thought something totally rude about her (Wait.  Me?  Think something rude about someone?  No…..) not realizing that we’d be the best of friends like a week later. Oops. I don’t know the song name but they played it all of the time and we’d change the words of the song to reference our school. The chorus went a little something like this- “Freak Ho. Freak Ho. Touch yo ass, touch yo knees, touch yo elbows.” Completely fitting for Miss Wendy.

Just cuz you know that you want to not only hear about my friends and fun memories but you want to see some... here you go!  (I apologize in advance to the people who are in the pics as they are probably going to KILL me for posting these!!)
Mexico Trip- the obligatory shot in front of a random fountain
Literally 2 seconds after this photo was taken- Mrs. Chilson JUMPED onto our boat and screamed at us for drinking beers in Mexico.  We found it hilarious.

Senior year Football Game
I rocked some serious bangs back in the day.  I was stylin.  

Random fun night
Yes- that IS a Zima.

Miss Wendy and I at a frat party- yes that is a tie-dyed shirt and yes- she had matching tights
Don't believe me?  Oh yeah!

Annnnnd the 1/2 Marathon!!
Clearly I should have put on some makeup.  If only I knew we were doing photo ops. 

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