Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How sweet….

Some people never cease to amaze me- most in a bad way- but some in a totally good way. Take Beth for example. (She gets a little jealous at times when I don’t mention her in one of my posts- so this one is partially dedicated to her!!)

I love Florence from Florence and the Machine and think she’s GORGEOUS but she is always in a cream or nude color dress. With that hair color and her skin color- she could rock any bold color and she seems to always shy away from it. On Saturday they replayed the episode of SNL (yes- I’m a loser and was home at 11:30pm on Saturday- whatever) with her as the musical act and I was SHOCKED to see that she wore a black long sleeve sparkly mini dress. She looked A-MAZING! Girl has some legs on her. It was kind of shocking to see her in black- not that it’s the bold color that I’d like to see her in- but at least it was something! So I had high hopes that maybe the Oscars would be different and she’d wear something other than the usual- but was extremely disappointed. Again. I mean, she looked gorgeous in it- unlike Nicole Kidman in her dress (???) or whatever that was. Side note. My mom was RIPPING on the stars that night. She had me in hysterics texting me through the red carpet coverage. One of her victims was Nicole Kidman. I believe her text was something to the effect of the only thing that looks good on her is Keith Urban. Clearly, I’m my mother’s daughter. K, back to Flo. I was floored to see her when she came out to perform and she was in this burnt orange satin dress that she looked STUNNING in. Like- why can’t she wear that color every day? If I could look good in that color- I would wear it 24/7 for crying out loud. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skin coloring for burnt orange. At. All.

So Beth and I were chatting about her and she said how fantastic her CD is to which I replied that I had only heard a few of her songs. I downloaded “The Dog Days Are Over” from iTunes but the others have basically been what’s on the radio, Gossip Girl or what she’s performed at award shows. Well, today- Beth emails me that she needs my address cuz she’s burned the CD for me!!! How SWEET is she? I’m sure she never thought that word would be used to describe her. But at least for today- she is that to me!! I can’t wait to get it and listen to it cleaning or puttering around in the kitchen- which is what Beth said I should be doing while listening. So seeing as though those are two of my favorite things to do- it looks like I’ll be listening to the CD all of the time.

Tomorrow is going to be the BEST DAY EVER!!! I get to go to the dentist in the morning and then get my taxes done in the evening. How excited am I??? Well, if I get millions of dollars back from the G-O-V-T then I'll be excited. If not, then I'm PRETTY sure that I won't be able to get back that hour of my life. Ever. I just hope that maybe- MAYBE- I'll get at least enough back to go buy a value meal. I mean it's the least that could they could do.

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