Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Publicity is Bad Publicity

I wanted to comment on how and why my last post was edited.  I’m not a person who backs down at all- if you know me, you are WELL aware of this fact.  I stand behind everything that I have said and done in my life, whether good or bad things came from it.  I know that my words have consequences.  I’m a pretty smart chick and there is not one thing that I regret or feel bad about saying in the last post.  My intention was to make 2 people upset and make the rest of you laugh your ass off.  I won the gold start for that because apparently it worked.  
I didn’t edit the post because of this.  In fact, that post was the most read story I have ever written (all 2 months of me having this blog).  I received numerous texts, FB messages, and phone calls over how hilarious it was.  I even had people copy the link to their own Facebook pages to have their friends read it and comment on it (whether they liked it or not).  I did edit the post, however, because my friends have been affected over it and that was never my intention and I hope that they know that. 
Like someone said, “I can’t control what someone else writes on FB”, when they wrote something nasty about another person, my friends have no control over what I write either.  They have not asked me to remove this post or edit it in any way.  They had nothing to do with me writing the post to begin with and have nothing to do with me editing it.  They also did not give me information, leak me stories about the two individuals. Everything in the post is something that came out of the subjects mouth herself in front of me or I read with my own eyes.  It is my choice to do so out of respect for my relationship with them.  So I have edited sections and/or removed parts altogether of the story telling you about the two people that deleted me.  I never mentioned names in my blog so unless it was YOU, you didn’t know who I was talking about. 
I find it amusing that these people can certainly dish it on their own.  But when the table is turned, they certainly can’t take it. 

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  1. lame-o, if people can legally hold protest outside of military funerals you can write about stupid people!!


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