Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heeeeey Yooooou Guuuuuuuuuuys!

OMG.  I seriously don't feel like I did anything this weekend.  I mean, I DID work on Saturday.  And today I DID do laundry and I vacuumed.  And laid on the couch watching the Sox and Celtics.  But other than that.... nothing.  At least I got up in between games and showered so I didn't still smell like last night's smoky bar (ew) ALL day long.  I almost feel a little "Sloth-like" at this point (hence the blog title).  I think it just feels weird because it was a nice (60ish) day out and I wasn't in my garage painting/sanding/staining something.  It actually felt nice to just sit and chill and eat ice cream and drink beer

Hopefully next weekend (if its nice out), I can go get some magical cure fertilizer for my lawn to see if that makes it a little greener this summer.  Last year I didn't have much time to spend on it because of my job and all of the traveling.  But this year I'm really hoping to do something ANYTHING with it.  I have the largest lawn in the development and it looks the shittiest.  I know- I'm THAT neighbor who has weeds and dandelions.  Screw off.  I bet the inside of your house looks like shit.  So there.  I've been procrastinating because I'm not quite sure what to do with it.  I know that I want to have a much bigger patio than the 10 X 10 that I currently have.  One that is big enough for a dining set and the gorgeous chaise lounges that are currently stacked in my garage since November.  Then once that is down I can get the rest of the yard sodded (only the front and sides of the house were sodded when I bought).  But the one thing that I have ZERO experience with is having a yard.  My problem is I want to do everything now- like plant a garden, plant flowers, have beautiful blooming shrubs, put up a fence, and buy outdoor furniture... Ideally I'd really like Ahmed Hassan no he's not a terrorist that I know of the host of Yard Crashers to show up at my local Lowe's at the exact time that I am there and pick ME to have a free backyard renovation!  But since I know that's not going to happen....

My biggest worry is that I don't want to buy furniture to go out there if I don't have a fence.  Not that I don't live in a 100% safe neighborhood or anything.  It's just that I don't feel comfortable putting anything out there for the taking.  Especially since it would be purchased with my HARD EARNED money.  Its funny cuz every house around me already has furniture out in their back yard and no ones ever looked at it twice.  But I have this weird phobia.  (I know! Me?  Weird phobia?  Never!)  The good news is that 1/2 of the back side of my yard is already fenced, compliments of the new neighbors who put theirs in prior to them even moving in.  SA-WEEEEEEET!!!!!!  The other house butting up to my back yard has already expressed interest to me in putting up a fence so I'm sure we can share the price of that part.  And just the other day, the house that they just popped up next to me was SOLD!!! (Cross your fingers for a hot 30-40 something single guy!!!!)  So maybe this new future husband neighbor of mine will want to go in halves on that side of my fence.... which then means that I only pay for less than 50% of my entire fence.  WOO HOOO!!!  Which would be fucking awesome. Cuz AGAIN- I have the biggest yard in the development!!!  Didn't think of that (or the mowing) when I signed up for this homeowner bullshit. 

So other than the "maybe doing yard work next weekend" I'm hoping to get the dresser and night stands started and finished.  I'm sure you all are sick of hearing about them and not seeing any photos.  I know I AM!!  I'm actually kind of excited to get the first coat on and see how bright and pretty they are going to be!  I hung the curtains in that spare room a few days ago- so one of the last pieces to the room puzzle is getting this furniture done.  Well, then there's re-fabricing the bed and building a higher headboard and then the artwork for the frames that I bought to go in there- that I SOOOOOO didn't have any luck finding this weekend.  Cuz oh yeah- I also went out shopping without any success.  Boo! Although I did pick up quite a few cookie sheets, muffin tins and a skillet all by Calphalon.  Can I just say how much I love and how much my wallet doesn't love Calphalon cookware??  Can't wait to make some cupcakes!  I'm thinking something with lemon.  Yummmmmmmy. 

Oh and I can not express enough times.... If you like reading, laughing, have ever lost a job, have ever tried to lose weight, you HAVE to read Jen Lancaster's books.  Hilarious.  Fucking hilarious.  I'm almost done with her third book "Such a Pretty Fat" and have the 4th lined up on my nightstand (and by that I mean my floor) ready to start as soon as I'm done.  They are books that you have to read in order as they are about her life.  They are sold in the biography section, not fiction even though they are definitely "chic lit" in the story lines.  Or get them on-line (I've found they are cheaper and I can't find the 5th book in B & N locally).  I'm going to order it in the next week or so because her latest book comes out then.  But seriously- go get them.  I've busted out laughing many times (really bad when you are sitting at your DESK, supposed to be WORKING) and you bust out laughing because you are READING A BOOK!  Ahhhh good thing I have a really cool boss.  The other day, I started hearing this noise.  So I asked her if she heard it and she started laughing.  So I asked her what it was and she says...... "I'm over here playing golf."  Annnnnnd that's why I still love my new job.  That and our other co-worker calls me on a daily basis "an overachieving bitch" with a smile on her face.  Ahhhhhh can't you feel the love?

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