Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Things That Annoy The Shit Out Of Me

  • People who pronounce "important" as impordent.  There is no D in the word.  Go back to the 1st grade.  
  • Idiots walking in front of you that just stop.  For no reason whatsoever.
  • The price of gas.
  • My dryer that keeps shrinking my pants.
  • The evil York peppermint patties in the drawer next to me screaming "Eat me! Eat me!" every 5 seconds. 
  • Men who use LOL.  Nuff said.
  • Construction workers that find it necessary to work on the house next to me at 7am on a Saturday.  A SATURDAY PEOPLE!
  • Drivers who don't speed up when getting on to a highway.
  • The Real Housewives of......
  • The Black Eyed Peas.
  • Someone ordering a pound of 6 different kinds of meat at the deli when all I want it a 1/2 pound of turkey.
  • Standing in line at a store (any store but mostly Wal-Mart) that has at least 20 check out points but only has 3 of them working.  And none of them is a 10 items or less line.  
  • Laurie Ann Gibson.  Big time annoys me.  
  • People who update their FB status more than 5 times a day.  I don't need to know what you ate, when you went pee, who you ran into at the grocery, and the funny thing your daughter said to you.  All in a 20 minute time period. 
  • Spray paint dust.  
  • Old Navy commercials.  Sorry- one was just on when I was writing this blog. And it was obnoxious.
  • Brain freezes. 
  • Cleaning my shower.  Although lately I've made a fun game of "Let's Pretend We're At the Beach" where I get in my bikini and spray some coconut lotion and crank up the radio while the waterfall (shower spray) soaks me.  Good times.  
  • Season finales

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