Saturday, May 21, 2011

That's Alright, That's OK. You're Gonna Pump My Gas Someday.

I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with this new job of mine.  It's getting kind of ridiculous if you ask me.  I honestly don't know who they think they are.  I've had to work 3 events since I started.  And for some RIDICULOUS reason- I've gotten a day off for each of those three events.  WHAT?  I know!  Its such a foreign concept.  I've never heard of this before.  A COMP day?  Not only that but we've gotten out early the past couple of Fridays.  Its like the world really IS coming to an end today.

Anyway- I got yesterday off for one of these events so I did what any person with a day off does.  Slept in.  Got woken up by the construction workers at 7am.  FUN TIMES.  I actually wasn't too mad at them though because I had a ton of things on my list that I wanted to get done so I didn't get stuck doing them this weekend.  I went to the gym and ran for a lil bit.  Then came back home and spent more time de-thatching my yard.  I now have about 11% of the yard done and it's only taken me 74 days.  Sweet!  Maybe some time in 2015 I will have the entire yard complete.  Once I finished that tenth of the yard I mowed the entire thing.  And this is where I got my first sunburn of the year!!  Woo hooo for farmer tans!  It was so nice to be outside though in nice warm HOT weather.  I forgot what it feels like to sweat.  And let me tell you, my pits were loving it too!  Sexy.

Once I finished mowing I came inside and cooked some lunch threw in a pizza and Miss Wendy called.  We had made plans to go shopping when she was done working so I jumped into the shower and met her over at Metropolis.  I bought a couple REALLY cute tops that I plan on wearing when a few of my favorite people come into town later this month.  I'm sure they will appreciate that because if I didn't get these tops, it'd be sweats and a tank top out at da club.  Not sexy.  But the best part of it all- $4.98 tops with an extra 30% off.  Fuck yeah! I'll take that any day!  The same tops that I've been looking at for a few weeks that were originally $49 or more?  Hells yeah. And I can't WAIT to have my friends come visit!!!  Totally excited about that!

After we went into a couple other stores and walked around outside, I suggested to Wendy that we go get a drink at the Barnes and Noble Fauxbucks.  Now let's start with this.  Wendy doesn't consume caffeine and I don't consume coffee.  So our choices are very limited right off the bat.  We've found that their passion tea is caffeine free and we usually mix it with lemonade.  In the summertime they can blend it with a lemonade concentrate and ice to make a frozen slushy.  SO YUMMY!  We walk up and ask the two workers if we can have the blended one yet- since its usually seasonal and I wasn't sure if it was available yet.  The old lady with all attitude (Big Mistake.  Big.  Huge.) snaps back at us that they've never had that drink.  Ummm yea, bitch, you have.  Its the only drink we get from here.  So she continues arguing with us, that she's been there for 6 years (we've never seen her) and they've never had that drink (yes you have) and they've never had a guy work there in the six years she's been there (one waited on me two weeks ago).  So Wendy goes all Bad Girls of Marion County on her-  finger waving, head bobbing, Oh No You Didn't.  I almost thought for a second that I MIGHT have to restrain her and I just wasn't wearing the right shoes for restraining.  Wendy's all "I'm not going to argue with you, cuntface. (My words, not hers) You're fucking crazy and we'll go somewhere else."  And continues yelling at Douchbag Manager of 6 Years all the way out the door.  This is one of the MANY reasons that I love this girl.  She can take a typical day of shopping and make it into my next blog post.

So we head over to TJ Maxx across the street so calm ourselves down.  Side note:  You all know that I've been looking for a duvet for the front spare room with the yellow nightstands, right?  Well I was looking at one in Target but after all of the terrible reviews, I decided that I didn't want it.  The one that the Target duvet knocked off from West Elm is $119 for the duvet only.  Soooo not paying that to begin with but it's just SO PRETTY.  See below- I was going to get it in white.

I just love this one.  Are you imagining the crisp white up against the bright yellow and toned down with all the gray tones?  Amazing, right?  But again, mama could spend $160  plus tax and shipping on a lot of other things.  So I've still been trying to figure out what I want to do.  Back to story.  We head in to TJ

You can see that I added the lamps and I got a cute little glass dish for one of the nightstands for a cell phone so that my guests don't scratch up the top.  I'll probably get something bigger eventually but for now that'll work.  

I finished the Bombe dresser so I'll have some pics for you soon!!  I just need to trick Wendy and Jon into coming over for dinner and get him to help me move it into the dining room from the garage.  Then while he's here, I'll have him help me bring the soon-to-be yellow dresser downstairs to the garage to start on that.  I've already brought 6 of the 8 drawers down and started on them.  Which is awesome cuz now my bedroom looks like this-

Maybe this will be the kick in the butt to order my bedroom set.  Cuz having all of my clothes in piles on the floor is just a teeny tiny bit ghetto.  But more than that- I won't be able to watch TV from the bed anymore.  And that's my Internet TV so there goes my Netflix watching in bed.  Unacceptable.

Well, I only have 4 more hours until the world ends so I'm going to go make use of it.  I was going to do some chores, but my friend Cary made fun of me and said:  "Don't waste your time with all that, petty stuff. Time for hard "rock and roll" drugs, meaningless sex with random strangers and 10 trips to the buffet line (more ice cream, please)! Wait a minute... Did I just describe my last Tuesday? Kidding...hahahahahaha!" To which I responded, "Your last Tuesday was my last night. I'm still high and sore. And full. In more ways than one"  Love that girl.  So I'm out to do some really bad-for-me things.  Hope you all go to hell with me.  If not, it's been nice.  Don't get killed me the ugly zombies.  

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