Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your News- Local, Live, and Breath Taking

I have this dear friend of mine who I'm not quite sure if I've mentioned yet in this blog. Probably because his head is ALREADY big enough- there's no need to make it any bigger.  Just kidding.  I met Joel while I was in college in Miami my first year.  We were at some cheesy gathering for one of the orientation events.  He was sitting in front of me and my roommate, Melissa, with his roommate and some of the other guys on his floor (although he claims that he was BEHIND us- whatever).  There was some obnoxious girl on stage with a microphone and I just kept making fun of her and her manly voice.  Joel, hearing me, turned around and was like "OMG you are such a bitch and we are sooooooo going to be best friends."  Clearly, this is not what was said but he did turn around and give me some look and probably rolled his eyes at me and shushed me so that he could hear manly voice giving her presentation.

Anyway- we've been great friends ever since.  He ended up leaving that school after his first year but he couldn't leave me!!  While I went on to work for sports team after sports team, he went on to be a TV star.  Jealous?  He lived in California for quite a while where he worked with Access Hollywood and NBC out of Palm Springs and he's currently a news reporter for an NBC affiliate in Indiana.  Here are just a FEW photos of him doing his thing:

Joel has interviewed just about every celebrity out there right now.  He's done hundreds of movie junkets and film festivals.  He's done thousands of local stories that he always adds his charming wit into as well as celebrity charity events.  He's even interviewed politicians like John McCain, Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush and numerous governors.  Joel is so "at ease" in front of the camera and watching him on a red carpet at an awards show is AMAZING!  Oscars, anyone???  He was nominated for an Emmy, people.  Seriously.  Look at him, he even has the "on-air" hand gestures too!  I'm such a proud friend!!

While I don't get to see him all that often, we keep in touch with funny texts, calls, and stories.  He's almost as hilarious as me- so imagine when we get together the kind of FUN that we have. I have an UNBELIEVABLY HILARIOUS story of him and I coming home from watching Andy Roddick play tennis in Key Biscayne at the Sony Ericsson Open from when I lived there.  That's a post in itself though.  Although I should mention that we were VIP- sitting in the front row. He wasn't the ONLY celebrity in town- I could get my own hook up!   He would take me on some of his shoots when he was in Miami interning with Deco Drive and watching him start his career and thrive at what he does was awesome.  He recently had some professional shots done of himself and I just drool over them every time I see them.  He's a looker, ladies and gentlemen. A tall drink of water.  Check him out:

Love the last one.  I don't think I've ever met anyone as passionate as he is when it comes to their job.  He makes it look so easy and has so much fun while doing it.  I always joke around with him that he's the younger version of Tom Bergeron.  He jokes that he "wishes" that he could be as successful as Tom.  You watch, my dear followers, this ones gonna be huge.  He's finally coming to visit me in August and I am so excited to hang out with him again!!!  Apparently, visiting me in Miami was more fun cuz he vacationed there all the time.  I've been in Indiana for 3 years now and I've seen him once.  Whatever. Here's one of my favorite pictures of us from his last visit to Miami.

It's like a real life Ken and Barbie.  HAHAHAHA.


  1. You used my name!!! YEAH! Ok I had to copy your ass and start a blog too....don't hate me!

  2. You are hilarious. I'm pretty sure that I've talked about you before. But you must not be blog stalking me like I think you should. :) I'm going to follow you now too!! You're first post was great!!

  3. I think you need to lay off the 'darkies' for a while and jump ship to this stud! He's so good looking and obviously can hold a job! Do it up!!!


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