Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't You Just LOVE A Fabulous Day???

Well I had a fantastic day yesterday.  Like- the entire day was awesome.  Seriously awesome.

Started out meeting up with Wendy, Kim and Lauren for lunch and then we headed over to Midland Antiques, which is a big warehouse filled with all different kinds of "antiques."  I was a little bit disappointed because there wasn't a whole lot in there that I was interested in at all.  A lot of crap junk things I wasn't interested in if you ask me.  What's the phrase they say, "Ones persons junk is another persons treasure?"  Well, nothing in there was my treasure, that's for sure.  I was really looking for a couple pieces of furniture to re-do, one for the kitchen and one for the upstairs living room for the TV to sit on.  And YES, my TV is still sitting on the floor after almost 2 years.  Whatever.

There was one thing there that if it hasn't been $50, I totally would have gotten it.

Kind of weird but definitely interesting.  It's just a glass head.  But what was its purpose?  Did it hold wigs?  Did it sit on a shelf and stare at you?  Did someone put it on the pillow next to them so when they woke up, they had someone to talk to?  Hmmmmm.

Anyways- didn't find any furniture that I liked but we decided to go to a store called Garden Ridge (per my friend Josie's suggestion) to see if they had any ceramic garden stools.  So the 4 of us headed up north and browsed around finding nothing.  Again.  What's up with that?  I actually DID find lamps for my bedroom but they were $49.99 each, didn't come with shades and didn't come with the bracket to attach the shades to the lamps.  So 2 lamps would have probably ended up costing me $160 or more, which I really wasn't looking to spend.  I was thinking more of the $50 each range.  All included.

After we left there, we said adios to Kim and Lauren and Wendy and I headed over to Sam's Club where she picked up another big ceramic planter for her backyard to match the one that she had recently gotten.  I purchased a hose wagon that had recently been reduced another $10 so it went from $74 when it first came out to $49 when I purchased it.  SWEET.  I've been looking for one of these for about a year now since I have literally 10 hoses (hoses?  Does hose get plural?  Well I'm calling it hoses.  Its my blog,  I can do whatever I want.) for my yard.  And they get all tangled up and pinched and are a frickin hassle every time I pull them out to water the lawn.  Sprinkler system anyone?  Seriously.

Well this one is majorly heavy duty.  I mean just look at the wheels on it.  Talk about manly.

Now I can get the 10 hoses up off the garage floor, taking up a huge amount of space in this big ass pile.  After last summer, I re-coiled them and zip tied them so at least they were in a little bit of order.  But still- ALL OVER THE PLACE.

And this is with me having already put 3 of them outside (you'll see why below).  Here's what he looks like now!!  All nice and handsome.  I've decided this baby's a boy.

Awwww yeah.  Love it, dontcha?  Well after Sam's Club, Wendy suggested going to this nursery that was just down the street.  So off we went!!  This place is HUGE!  And has soooo many pretty things to be seen.  We came upon a bush, that from far away looked like it had deep reddish/purple flowers on it.  But once we got closer it wasn't flowers, just the leaves on the bush.  But it was gorgeous none the less.  I've been looking to get a bush for in front of my utility boxes on the side of my house since I moved it.  Talk about U-G-L-Y.  You ain't got no alibi.  You ugly.  Ya Ya you ugly.  Sorry.  Something shiny.  See what I mean?

See?  Totally not sexy at all.  So I purchased the bush and also saw some double rose bushes and a hanging pot of flowers that I LOVE- so I'll be going back to get those too.  Would have gotten them right then and there but my little girl SUV was full to the brim.

She's called a purple sand cherry.  It was $39.99 but it comes with a year warranty.  And this place- the people were so nice.  I told the guy helping us that I was the farthest thing from a green thumb so I needed something with very little maintenance but something that would also grow to the size that I needed it.  This plant is just what I need.  So I got her in the ground today.  She's adorbs!!

Don't mind the big pile of dirt next to her.  Or last years mulch?  And the dead grass?  I'll eventually clean that up.  HAHA.  But she's supposed to grow out wider and taller so it will eventually cover most of the utility crappola.  And these pictures don't do the coloring justice at all.

So after we unloaded all of our purchases, we got ready because we were meeting up with our friend Jess for her birthday with a few other friends.  On our way up north to meet them we stopped at Home Goods.  Poor Wendy.  I feel bad that I'm as annoying as I am.  But for some reason she still puts up with me.  Like I mentioned above, I've been looking for lamps for my bedroom.  It seems that I'm always shopping with Wendy so she has to hear over and over about the things that I need to buy.  So we go into Home Goods and they have TONS of lamps.  But of course, I find something wrong with all of them.  Wrong color shade.  Wrong color base.  Lamp is not centered on the base.  have two of the same lamps but the shades are different.  Which would be OK cuz I would just switch the shades right there.  But NO. Stupid store.  Now they go and zip tie the shades to the lamps.  Probably because people like me go and switch them around.  Urgh.  So after walking the 3 lamp aisles for about 45 minutes, we left empty handed.

BUT my friends.  Right next door was a Marshall's.  And we had about 15 minutes before we had to meet the girls.  So in we went!!  And it was in there that I fell in love.  Wendy spotted them first- knowing exactly what I was looking for.  I went straight to the outdoor planters to see if they had a stool as well, nut no luck.  Wendy gives me the "do you see what I'm seeing" look without giving away to the lady int he lamp aisle what we are looking at.  Cuz you know the minute I would have shown interest, that twit would have snatched them up.  So off she goes and I grab those babies up!!!  I did however, switch out the finial (that's what I call it) part that screws shade onto the lamp.  It was chrome and so did not match.  So I grabbed a matching brushed nickel set.  Those employees can't stop me there!!  And the best part was that they were $49.99 each!!  So they kept me within my budget of $50 each.  Sweet!!!!

Before I show you- I have some splainin to do.  First, I needed something with a big base.  I like big bases and I can not lie.  You other bases can't deny.  When a base walks in..... Good song.  Anyway- since my furniture is so big I need something to balance them out.  If I bought a skinny tall lamp they just wouldn't look right.  Second, I wanted something shiny.  Everything in my room is dark.  I needed something to brighten it up a little bit, but definitely didn't want to go all tricked out and get chrome.  Third, I wanted a shade that wasn't dark but also wasn't bright white- since I don't have anything white in the room.  And fourth- I am obsessed with mercury glass.  Like, it's kind of unhealthy how obsessed I am with it.

So without further ado........


Beautiful!!!  Love them.  And what you can't see in the picture of the bed, is Wendy underneath it.  THAT girl is awesome.  She just happened to stop by today when I was bringing the lamps upstairs.  And my outlet just HAPPENS to be behind the bed which HAPPENS to be in a place that I can't get to.  So she crawled under the bed to plug both lamps into the extension cord and then into the outlet.  One bad extension cord later, me having to make the bed for the picture and then taking my time to get the right shot- well let's just say that she was under there for a few minutes.  LOVE YOU WENDY!!!!  Gotta love skinny friends. 

And stay tuned for my post later on how dinner with the girls was...... THAT is a post all in itself.  Crazy white bitches.

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