Thursday, June 23, 2011

Incompetent, Party of One....

Your table is ready!

So lately I've been hearing lots (believe me- LOTS) of stories about different people in different positions and how they just have NO IDEA of how to do their job.  Not sure if its padding their resumes, faking interviews, sleeping with the boss, just wanting the job to flirt with an instructor..... WHATEVER it may be.  I've come across many of these kinds of people through my career and never understood it.  But one in particular has been bothering me lately so much so that I had to do something about it today.  What?  Me?  Stick my nose in someone else businazz?  Never!

I'm not quite sure what this persons deal is as I have yet to met him/her.  Can't wait, by the way.  Queue sarcasm  But I really don't know how this person (hereafter known as New Person) acquired the job that they are currently in.  I know who had the job prior to New Person (now known as Old Person).  And how much planning and organizing and structure and total awesomeness this job required.  I also know that Old Person literally handed it to New Person on a silver platter.  See that bling?  Yeah it was there for you to succeed.

So I just don't GET what all the problems are.  Is it blatant defiance on New Person's part to be 100% opposite of Old Person?  Does New Person have the mentality of "Anything you can do, I can do better" but NOT REALLY succeeding at that?  At all.  Or are they really just inferior to Old Person?  Maybe they just can't hack it?  Maybe they are drowning in the ocean of responsibilities that only the amazingly talented and experienced can be successful at.  Maybe the company just had to take SOMEBODY and that was their luck of the draw.  Who knows.  (Ouch.  That was kind of mean.  Bad Kristi.  Picture me slapping my hand.)

One thing that I don't understand is how New Person can justify completely ignoring emails and phone calls.  If you don't know the answer, then respond back and say that.  Or say that you are looking in to it. Or that you are working on it. Or its not you that handles it, its so-and-so and pass it off.  But to completely IGNORE multiple attempts of contact "just because" is complete bullshit.  I'm pretty sure you have a Blackberry.  USE it.  You are NOT that busy that you can't respond to one of numerous emails.  Old Person had no problem with that.  Old Person was there at any time of day to handle everything.  Old Person was the bomb.  Like tick tick BOOM!

New Person will NEVER live up to Old Person obviously but New Person needs to grow up, get a pair, put their big boy pants on, and do their FUCKING job! Its really not that hard.  New Person should be embarrassed by the behavior they are putting out there to people that they work with as well as those that haven't even met them yet.  Who has a staff that is BUSTING their asses for them while they go leave their work to have dinner for over an hour at the busiest time of the event.  Wow.  That was very specific of me, wasn't it?  But in all seriousness, its going to be a LONG day at the office if you don't act like a manager (the one that you were HIRED to be) and set your staff up for success.  And you probably won't have the staff (or the job for that matter) for very much longer if you keep up with the ridiculous antics that you are currently making others deal with. 

By the way, this spinach and artichoke pizza I'm eating right now is DIVINE!!!! Yum.

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