Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's The Simple Things In Life....

This is something that I was reminded of today.  Thank you for that Beth.  Cuz sometimes getting out of work early, throwing the top down and driving with the wind in your hair is better than any gift, possession, or tangible item you have.

With that being said-  Fuck that shit.  My fine hair would be a knotted mess within the first 30 seconds of it whipping flowing in the breeze.  And I'd probably choke on a bug singing along to the radio.  But the concept is the point.  So today I did the most simple of things to the house but they made a big change- at least to me.  Both are things that have annoyed me since I moved in.  Twenty-two months ago. 

The first was all of the brass in the house.  Ew.  Yuck.  Nasty.  Disgusting.  Sorry to all you brass lovers out there.  But the good news for you is that I have a shit ton of brass home goods sitting in my garage right now if you are looking to purchase it.  I'll give you a great deal.  I swear.  Just get it out of my sight!  As you all know, I've already changed out all of the door knobs and hinges.  Well there are those pesky little door stops as well.  I bought the replacements a while back but have been too lazy sitting on the couch watching trashtastic TV that I have yet to switch them out.  So here goes.  I mean- don't be wowed in amazement over my superior photography skills here people.  I get it.  I'm majorly talented.  Be jealous.
It went from this:

To this:

I mean, serious skills right?  I even gave you TWO angles.  That's huge.  And another reason my gag reflex has been in constant use- that faux tile vinyl.  Isn't that sexy?  It's SOOOOOOO realistic looking.  Praying for that rich husband every night has yet to work out for me.  So no dark espresso hardwoods yet.  Boo.

The second thing I actually didn't have to spend money on it.  Although after you see what I did, you'll realize that I have to replace from where I took from!  So not really free.  But well worth the change.  The lamps downstairs in the living room had white lamp shades.  And you know from my master bedroom lamp debacle (I'm still apologizing to Wendy for all the indecision on shopping trips- all 87 of them) that I can't STAND white lamp shades.  Well I bought these lamps from The Christmas Tree Shop shortly after I bought the house.  And I didn't mind the shades so much since the lamps were something like $19.99 each.  So eventually having to spend another $40 on shades for them wasn't too big of a deal to me.  But clearly, my indecision (or laziness) has prevented me from going out and getting new ones.  See what I'm talking about:

Well it dawned on me today as I ran upstairs to change, that I have the perfect solution sitting on the upstairs living room end tables.  So I undid the finial to those lamps and high jacked me some taupe lamp shades.  Shhh don't tell the homeowner.  She'll never know.  So the lamps went from above- to this:

Much better, right?  Just a simple change but makes a world of difference.  These are just a temporary fix as they really do belong to the upstairs lamps and those are nekked for the time being.  But maybe this weekend I'll get the motivation to go out and get some purty new shades.  And you can't get more simple than lamp shades.  Full circle people.  Full circle.

I would have taken a room shot but I've already begun my 4th of July festivities and there were too many empty beer bottles on the coffee table.

Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow and go use my chaise lounges for the first time!  Maybe by Monday I will be a little bit less translucent than I am right now.  OMG funny story.  I stopped at Panera yesterday morning and the girl carded me.  Ya for a bagel sandwich I got carded.  Maybe it was the orange juice.  So I had to pull out my license and the douche behind the counter was all, "Wow look at how TAN you were!"  Me- "Hence, the state of Florida listed on the ID. Now give me my fucking bagel!"  It's really sad that in less than 4 months I will have to part ways with the Tan Kristi and get myself an Indiana license.  Shhh- don't tell the State of IN that I haven't changed over yet.  Technically you have 2 months from date of residency to change (cough 3 years later cough) your license.  BUT I'M SO TAN in the FL one.  That's me whining in case you couldn't hear it.  I'm debating on wearing a John Deer t-shirt or a plaid shirt in my new one.  Fitting, right?

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