Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Under The Weather

Sorry for the long hiatus, people. I have been a little under the weather the last few days. And for someone who NEVER gets sick, this mama was SIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKKKK on Friday. I’ll spare you the deets but let’s just say the contents of my stomach were removed in their entirety. Forcefully.  Empty.  Gone. 

But before we go in to how very little I didn’t do this weekend, let’s start back from Thursday. I was getting ready to go grocery shopping when my doorbell rang. So I hit the mute button on my TV and tip toed over to my door to see who it was (picture me pretending to not be home cuz who knows what jackass is at my door) and lo and behold it was Miss Wendy and Jon. And they came bearing gifts. Hells yes. Take note: If you want to stop over, you can anytime- just bring gifts. 

So of course I let them in. Duh. Well a while ago we had stopped into Bed Bath and Beyond because I was looking for an automatic soap dispenser for my kitchen. They carry one but it was like $40 and I wasn’t in that kind of a money spending mood so I didn’t get it. Even with the 20% off coupon it would have still been at least $35 with tax. And then a LONG while ago I was looking for a new silverware set. The one that I have is literally from 2002 when K-Mart in NA was closing and I was moving up to my apartment in New Hampshire and I bought almost everything for my apartment like 70% off due to the closing. It’s lasted me a long time and doesn’t have anything wrong with it, but along the way pieces have gone missing. So I’ve been looking to replace it and at one point must have gone with Wendy looking because she remembered both of these things. 

Is she trying to bribe me or something, you ask? Cuz really. Who just shows up with gifts? And not only did she get me a gorgeous 80 piece set of cutlery, she got me TWO soap dispensers. And even brought me the batteries to go in them. Which Jon made it a point to say they were strictly for use in the dispenser…. And not in any other….ummm….. “appliances.” Dirty Jon. 

But no bribing on their part. It was more of an appreciation for watching their horses dogs while they go away on vacation. The boys and I have fun while they are away. And by fun, I mean they lay on the floor while I watch TV. So it’s no bother to me to watch their house for them and they are literally only 3 miles from my house which makes it even more convenient if I need something or a movie gets delivered to me- I can just pop over there to get it without too much hassle. 

Back to the sick part. I literally NEVER get sick. So when I do, it’s BAD. I was trying to stick it out at work but I only made it until about 1:45 and I had to get out of there. I drove home and crawled back into bed and didn’t wake up until about 7:15pm. I went downstairs after that and crawled onto the couch and watched some TV (ooooh for you Friday Night Lights viewers- how EXCITED are we to have Taylor Kitsch back on next week- HOTTIE!!!). I didn’t do hardly anything on Saturday and by Sunday I was going stir crazy. So I figured going to the gym and running on the treadmill would be a true test of whether the nausea was gone or not. Luckily there was no projectile vomiting happening. THAT would have been embarrassing. 

Well I spent some time today looking up and getting quotes from concrete patio companies. I have one company coming over tonight and one tomorrow night. Hopefully they feel bad for my poor excuse of a back yard and give me a BIG discount!!  And I swear it won't have anything to do with cleavage getting shown.  Wink. Wink.  Cuz 464 sq ft of concrete can get expensive! And this mama no likey the word expensive. At. All. So fingers crossed- maybe I’ll have a new patio to show off to you all very soon!! 

Oh and are you guys still watching Extreme Fatty Makeover?  Did you watch last week with the homeless guy yelling "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Coooooooooooooooooooooow!" at the guy walking across the bridge?  OMG- how hilarious was that?  Like you know its bad when a homeless guy is making fun of you.  Well Beth and I have decided instead of saying "Mutha Effer" anymore, we are going to yell "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Cooooooooooooooooooooow" instead.   For instance, you are walking and stub your toe.  Rather than saying "Mutha effer that hurt!" you yell "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Coooooooooooooooooow that hurt!!"  Believe me its way more funny when people have no idea what you are yelling that for and they think you are a little loco.

Oh and for those of you living under a rock.  I've now got a fan page on Facebook for the blog.  Please like me and suggest me to your friends!!  The link is below!  I'll be posting the links to the blog on there as well as random status updates to get you through the waiting period of my fabulously entertaining stories.!/GirlwiththePinkToolbelt

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