Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outdoors, schmoutdoors.

Those of you who have been obsessing over following my blog, know my dilemma with my back yard.  It's bare, ugly, sorta green- sorta brown, big, full of weeds, and fence-less. 

Well I've been hemming and hawing over dining furniture for out there.  I can't find something in my price range that I like.  I see all these Sunday ads with sales on sets, but when I go to look at them, they are MUCHO CHEAPO.  As in quality.  So it's kinda getting frustrating.  I don't want to spend a ton of money out there until I get a fence but I also don't want to waste the space away for another summer.

I have a screened porch that I purchased 2 sets of bistro resin wicker chairs and end tables as well as a couple of outdoor rugs.  So there are 4 chairs and 2 end tables in between each.  Then I picked up a resin wicker bench at a Bed Bath and Beyond outlet in Florida my last trip down there.  And it was like $19.99 or something completely ridiculous like that.  See below:

Sorry about the poor lighting.  It's 9:53pm here and I'm using my cell phone camera.  Using what I got, people.  But the pillows are a light gray/blue and the rug has that color as well as pale yellow, tan and brown.  Here's a better look of them when they were inside of the house a while ago for better coloring.

K, that one is definitely better representation.  So that room is kinda decorated.  I also picked up some lanterns from Kirkland's a bit ago that will go out there or outside eventually.  I'm pretty sure they were like $9 each or something close.  And they are about 12" tall. 

As well as a few planters from Wal*Mart for $6 each that I currently have herbs in and 2 bigger ones that are sitting on my pantry floor- those were $8.

Ummm do you see the Angel of Patience that is on my windowsill?  That was a gift from my mother a while back.  Apparently I need to work on having a little more patience.  STILL WORKING on it, Mom.  Still working.  And for those Green Thumbs out there. I bought 3 packets of seeds- Rosemary, Thyme, and Basil.  Well those didn't grow.  Fuckers  So I went to the grocery and picked up 2 plants for $1.99 each of Rosemary and Basil. 

Anyway- so its looking like I'm going to continue the teal/aqua color from the kitchen out into the screened porch and outside into the yard.  Which is totally fine.  Cuz I'm obsessed with this color. 

I'm in the process of looking to extend my concrete patio that I have just outside of the screen porch.  Its a 10 X 14 but houses my grill and when I move the grill out, it pretty much takes up the whole area.  I'd like the dining set as well as a fire pit with some seating around that.  I already have 2 chaise lounges that are hanging out in my garage.  See the terrible picture below of them crammed in the garage with pile of crap on them.

One is lying on top of the other.  Poor things.  I'm just mean.  Oh by the way- those grapefruit cups are A-MAZING!!!  Love them.  Ha ha.  And you can see another project in there- a chaise that I'm planning on re-fabricing to go in my bedroom.  The cushions of these are a maroon paisley pattern but I think if they are on the opposite end of the patio, they won't clash too much with the teal color I have going on currently.  And here's a plot of my property that I've penciled in where I'd like to extend the concrete.

So you can see what I mean when I say that I have a HUGE yard.  And here's a close up of what I am talking about.

See the arrows?  And the dotted lines?  That's how big I'd like it to be.  It might seem big, but from the picture above- its really not going to be based on the scale of the yard.  Plus that's less weeds that I need to mow

Back to the point of this post.  While I have been looking for furniture, I've also been looking for ceramic garden stools.  What's that, you ask?  Well they are all the rage right now.  Literally every home/decorating magazine I get has at least one room with these stools in them.  They are so cool.  You can use them as seating, as tables, whatever you want.  They are decorative with their colors.  Totally neat.  And I haven't been able to find them ANYWHERE.  UGH.  I finally went onto Overstock the other day and they had a bunch of them.....for roughly $140 each.  EACH!!!  Yowza!   I am looking for at least 2 and for that price- I could buy a sofa for crying out loud.  Not going to happen.

Well Wendy and I went out to dinner last night and before heading there we stopped into TJ Maxx.  Lo and behold.... they had some there.  What?  Oh yeah!!  Wendy spotted them for me and stood guard while I ran to get a cart.  These bitches are heavy- at least 50 lbs each.  One was teal-ish and the other was a royal blue.  And the best part.......wait for it.....wait for it.......$34.99.  I KNOW!!!  A steal.  I bought the teal-ish one and got the number for about 5 other TJ's to see if they had another teal on in their store.  No dice.  Boo.  But I got one for $34.99!!!!

And you KNOW I'm going to be stalking that store every other day now to see if they get more in.  Cuz really?  $37 with tax is ridiculous if you ask me.  Especially when everywhere else they were OVER $100 for one.

Now I've got to look up concrete companies so that I can get some quotes and get that patio poured.  FINALLY.

Oh and for those of you living under a rock that last couple of days.  I've now got a fan page on Facebook for the blog.  Please like me and suggest me to your friends!!  The link is below!  I'll be posting the links to the blog on there as well as random status updates to get you through the waiting period of my fabulously entertaining stories. 



  1. You might also check Old Time Pottery. I know they had some of those a few months back, with similar coloring.

  2. Have you checked Garden Ridge? There's on in Indy. They have them on every corner here and they have isles of those stools down here! Good prices too and normally have good weekend sales.


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