Friday, June 10, 2011

Pay It Forward.

Happy Effin Friday!!!!  Seriously.  That sounds so good, I'm going to type it again.  Happy Effin Friday!!!!

I hope that all of you had a great week like I did.  Red Sox swept those boys in blue.  Bruins are tied- hopefully winning tonight.  Mavs won last night to go one up on the series.  I got out of work early again today.  I had dinner with two fantastically FABULOUS ladies tonight.  Yeah- I'd say it was pretty good.

With that positivity, I'm going to tell you a little story.  Hmmm I guess that's the point of a blog, right?  To say something?  I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this before.  But here it is again.  I really am a nice person, no matter what anyone else chooses to believe.  Some people from my past will completely disagree with me on that one.  But I can guarantee you that if I was ever.....let's just say.... NOT nice to you, there must be a story behind why I was like that to you.  Just sayin.  There are always two sides to every bitch fight.

Anyway- I got to thinking the past week or so about the things that have got me where I am today and how I became the person that I am now.  One major thing is that along the way people have helped me out in one way or another.  But most notably is I've had a lot of people let me stay with them, in their homes, because I didn't have a place to stay.  Not so much that I didn't have a HOME or that I couldn't AFFORD a place, but at that time, in that place, I just needed a place to stay.  Does that make sense?

For instance, during a summer break in college I came home to Mass and realized that I really wanted to be back in Florida.  So I got back in my car, drove back down, and crashed in a friends hotel room for the night (THANK YOU ROGER!!).  The next night, I crashed at a co-workers apartment who barely knew me at the time (THANK YOU KAREY!!).  I ended up finally staying at Roger's house with his family while he was on a work-acation in Hawaii....for like the entire summer..... THANK YOU AGAIN ROGER!!!

When I graduated college I moved up to New Hampshire where my ridiculously awesome friend Sarah let me crash at her house that was rented until the end of the summer (THANK YOU SARAH!!! and believe me we had some good times!!).  When I moved back to Florida, Sarah's uncle hooked me up and let me live at his house for like a year and a half (AGAIN, THANK YOU SARAH!!!!).

And finally when I moved up to Indy, Wendy and Jon wouldn't even listen to me when I said that I'd look for an apartment and I ended up living with them for a year and a half while my house was being built (ENORMOUS THANK YOU WENDY AND JON!!!!).

Anyway, my point is, is that my friends just did this.  Like- no agenda on their parts.   Just opened up their home to me. These are the types of people that I've always said I want to be like and strive to be that person on a daily basis.  Someone so willing to help another person, no questions.  Shit- they could have just felt bad for the girl living out of her car, but still.  They may never know how much I appreciated and still appreciate what they did for me. 

So today I did a little "pay it forward" because I remember people helping me when I needed it.  And while I might not have opened up my home to them, I hopefully helped them in a different way, the ONLY way that I could think I could be of any help.  Because as my dear friend Bethany reminded us, if something bad happened to your family, you'd want someone to help you.

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