Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vacation For Your Vacation? Yes, please.

Seriously.  Does anyone else need another couple of days off to recover from their 4 day weekend?  Cuz I do!  Although I had so much fun that I won't complain at all about how tired that I am.  Lots of things happened this weekend.  YAY!  Got to see many many friends and eat TONS of food.  Delicious food. 

Friday night Wendy, Jon and I headed over to the south side (south siyyyyydddeee) for Miss Lauren's birthday gathering.  We went to this cool bar with the biggest patio I've ever seen.  There was live music, fun and cool people and the shittiest waitress I've ever come across.  Terrible.  The worst.  And I can say that with confidence and judge her like this because I was a waitress for a very VERY long time.  But we didn't let that ruin our great night. 

Saturday I laid out on my chaise lounges for the FIRST TIME!!!!  And can I just tell you how comfortable they are?  OMG.  A-mazing.  I literally haven't laid outside in like 3 years so I figured my pasty white ass + tanning oil + blazing noon sun = Red Lobster.  And I'm not talking about the yummiest cheddar biscuits making restaurant chain- OKAAAAAAAAAY.  After about an hour of sweating my tittays off, I decided that I should come inside because I was probably going to be a leeeeeetle bit burnt.  However, I haven't gotten but a bit of color.  Wah.  Not sure what's up with that.  But at least I don't have peeling, blistery skin right now.  Maybe if I can lay out every weekend I might turn just a slight shade of normal by the end of summer. 

After that I got ready and headed over to Wendy's sisters house for a cookout.  Where I ate A LOT.  I mean A LOT.  What is it about holidays that we throw out all sanity and gorge ourselves?  Like its excusable because its a holiday or something.  But we were there for quite a while chatting and sitting outside.  The one good thing about this entire 4 day vacay was that no matter how hot it got during the day, it really cooled off at night.  So it was very comfortable to be able to sit outside and chat and just chillax.  On the way home I batted my eyes and asked Jon to help me bring the dining table from the dining room into the garage so that I could start sanding it, which thankfully he obliged.  Actually- he passed the decision off to the wifey who can't say no to me so he basically had no choice.  THANKS Wendy!!  Love ya! 

So Sunday I jumped right out of bed (and when I say this I mean I literally got up and motivated around noon- I mean its VACATION people.  NO early mornings for me!).  I headed out to get some sand paper spongy thingies.  And when I got back I jumped right into sanding with my handy dandy orbital sander.  LOVES IT!  Although the garage I had just spent days cleaning is now full of filth again.  Wicked pissa.  Oh well.  I got the entire top sanded and except for two dark black stains from previous college boys, the rest of the nastiness is just a figment of my imagination.  Well aside from those scandalous pictures I was taking while stripping it down.  My bad.  I then had to clean all of the nastiness off of me and wash my smelly armpits and headed over to my friends Judy and Steve's for their cookout. 

And it was there that I reiterated to myself why I do not have children.  This absolutely adorable little chickiebean greeted me when I got there, informing me that I needed to pick up her chip that she dropped.  Okay!  After going inside, miss little Story (cutest little thing ever) followed me in asking me ALL kinds of questions to which I obliged, of course.  At one point she walked behind me and squeezed my butt cheeks.  Most action I've gotten in a while, let me tell you!  I knew then that Miss Story and I were going to be great friends.  Oh and she's 3 by the way.  At one point she decided that my chips and salsa were hers, as well as some fruit.  Which was totally fine cuz she's such a cutie pie.  She apparently wanted to find out a little bit more about me so she asked if I was a Buster Brown.  When I told her that I was not, she asked if I was a Cooch?  After trying to contain myself from laughing, I had to repeat what she asked to make sure that I heard her correctly.  Which I did, by the way.  Yup, she asked me if I was a cooch.  Love it.  Later on when she was leaving I told her that it was nice meeting her and after silence on her part, her dad said, Story- tell her it was nice meeting her too, baby.  And she literally said, "It was nice meeting you too baby."  So adorbs.  On their way out the door, I headed into the bathroom while they said their goodbyes.  And what I heard totally made me BUST out laughing.  Thank god I wasn't in there with them cuz I totally would have high fived her.  But she asked Judy if she was a door?  So Judy said no, are you a floor?  And Story said no, are you a dick?  Annnnnnnnd

Then Monday I had my own cookout so I spent most of the day (again after getting up around 11ish) getting groceries and food prepped.  We had a great time speak for yourself, Kristi hanging out in my screened porch and eating and drinking.  We even started harassing some obnoxious kids that were traipsing through my neighbors yards.  And making fun of the redneck neighbors down the way.  Good times.  Steve took my laptop home with him to wipe it clean and reinstall Windows for me cuz it kept freezing up and was literally taking me like 25 minutes to turn it on and get onto the Internet.  Then when it finally did, it would keep saying Not Responding and would keep freezing up.  Stupid technology.  But I got it back today and fresh and clean and running really fast again!!  YAY!!  Thank you Steve-o!!  You be da bomb.

Hopefully I will have the dining table done by the end of this weekend but I can't promise anything.  The legs are very detailed so its gonna take some time getting them sanded.  But I'll be sure to take LOTS of pics for you so you can see how it went from ugly hot mess to gorgeous beauty. Did you all have a great 4th of July?  Are you still hearing obnoxious fireworks still?

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