Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh No He Didn't.......

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do here people.   This past Saturday was a great time!   I had gotten tickets for Cirque Du Soleil- Dralion a while back.   So Kim, Wendy, Erin and I headed out for a nice dinner downtown and then went to the show.
We went to Tavern on South which I’ve been to before for lunch as it is right next to the stadium.   It’s a really nice atmosphere in an old brick abandoned building that is set back from all of the downtown hustle and bustle.   In other words- people don’t really know about it yet so it’s not so busy.   Which is usually a good thing when it comes to me and restaurants since I’m usually loud and obnoxious and probably ruining other people’s fine dining experience.   My bad. 

Kim met the three of us there since she lives in Ohio and we don’t.   So the three of us drove from the West Siiiiiiiiiiiiide and got there at about 5:30pm.   Kim got there first so when she got the the hostess stand the guy was all, “Do you have a reservation?”  To which Kim said she didn’t think so but check under my name.   She got a little nervous with it being downtown on a Saturday night- maybe they wouldn’t have availability for us.   Well he brings her upstairs to an EMPTY restaurant.   Ummm, really?   Do you have a reservation?   Do we NEED a reservation- obviously not.   Genius who thinks he’s way more important than he really is.

When the three of us got there, we told the host we were meeting someone and he said, “Oh she’s upstairs.   You can’t miss her.”   Cuz she was the ONLY person up there.   Anyways- we had a pretty funny waitress.   Just the way she was explaining the specials to us like she had no clue but they tasted good when she tried them earlier.   She had us laughing at a couple of points.   Wendy wanted her opinion on a couple of drinks and she was like, “Girl-you’ve got good taste!”   HAHA.   I doubt she was even of the age to drink that there alcohol.   But she was funny so she didn’t suck. 

We headed over to the arena for the show and got stuck in traffic because of freak fest Gen Con people.   If you don’t know what Gen Con is- it’s a week long convention that the lucky Indianapolis gets to host every year where all these losers gamers come to masturbate in their hotels meet up with other losers gamers and mingle with one another….. or something.   I actually have no idea what these freaks people do there since I would never be friendly with any of them wackjobs.   I actually made fun of people like this in high school.   Cuz I’m such a bitch.   Anyway, for some reason they dress up in their weird costumes and walk around town with swords, goggles, wings, etc.   Seriously- this is another reason that I do not have children.   I would be an awesome mom and totally be that cool, chill parent that let’s their kid be an individual- but I would disown them if they were a complete nerd like these people.   No goth . No fantasy game playing.   As long as my kids were athletes, musicians (in band but the cool kid in the band), and were popular- I would claim them as my own.   If they wanted to be some freak, I’d drive a minimum of 4 states away and drop them off on the side of the road. 

We finally made it to the show and had pretty decent tickets.   If you know me, you know that I LOVE C du S.   Like- I LOVE it so much that when I was younger I’d watch it for hours on end on TV and actually wanted to be a performer in it when I grew up.   Another dream crushed.   Damn.   But I always wanted to be the contortionist or the girl to hangs from the silk ribbon and flips around with it in the air.   You could say that I am obsessed with Cirque.   But I have a little bit of a problem with it.   I don’t get the clowns.   They could totally do without the weird clowns and just do the actual artistic parts of the show and it would be awesome.   But they always to some stupid shtick with creepy clowns who don’t even speak English (I actually think it’s jibberish).   I mean, don’t get me wrong.   They are funny.   But it’s like they go on and on and on with it.   It’s like, Enough Already. 

Well one part of the show, they were making fun of one clowns hair.   He had a comb over and another clown ripped it off.   Well he tried all of these ways of putting that piece of hair back onto the clown’s head.   He licked the hair.   Ew.   But that didn’t work.   So he stapled it onto his head.   Well that was funny…. To him.   So he started pulling off clumps of his own hair and stapling it all over this poor clowns body.   He pulled his armpit hair off.   He pulled back hair off.   Then…….. he……reached……into…….his…….PANTS……… and yanked out his pubes.   And stapled that clump of hair to the other clown.   Ummmmm?   Isn’t this a family show?   Kim and I were sitting next to each other and looked at one another and were like- “OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!!   EWWWWWWW!”   And not only did he yank out his pretend pubes but when they came out of his pants, they were all dusty!   It was awful. 

But other than that disgustingness…. There was one of the feature performances that was AWESOME!   Like ridiculously AWESOME.   There was this mesh/ steel looking wall that was probably a good 25-30 feet tall and they put these trampolines at the bottom of the wall that stuck out about 4-5 feet on the stage.   Well these performers stood at the top of the wall and fell backwards onto the tramps and then flew back up the wall.   They did it for about 10 minutes going up and down, up and down with all these tricks and flips and switching sides and hitting the wall and climbing up and sticking to the wall.   It was crazy!   I almost couldn’t enjoy it because I was nervous that they’d push off the wall just a teenie tiny bit too hard and go past the tramp when they fell back (because all landings on the tramp were blind landings) and hit the floor.   Which, let’s be honest- would have been E.P.I.C.   But they never did.   Damn.   It was really cool though.

The girl hanging from the ribbon only lasted a few minutes which was disappointing considering that most people LOVE that part of the show and they wasted TONS of time on those creepo clowns. There was one girl who came down from the ceiling with nothing but a ring.  She had no harness on her- she just held onto this ring.  It was really cool and she did all these acrobatic moves and switched positions with this ring.  Girl was the bomb. 

But in all, the show was great. It was very nice to get all dressed up and have a fun, nice and relaxing night out with the most awesomest ladies in the mid-west.   Sunday I cleaned the house and started working on the dining table that is STILL out in the garage.   UGH.   I couldn’t figure out what to do with it (either trash it in the dumpster across the street from me or try to stain it ONE MORE TIME).   I decided to sand it once more blah and put stain and poly on it and just bring it inside for the time being so that I have SOMETHING in the dining room.   Then if I don’t like it, I’ll make the table that I really want in there.   Woo hoo.   But Monday marked the day that my sista from another motha and fatha came into town.   Definitely will have stories.   Stay tuned.

All photos were taken from Google Images.  Not my proprty, biznatches. 

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