Monday, August 22, 2011

Way Too Much Stuff To Talk About....

...that I don't even know where to begin.  Seriously, I've had some of my besties at my house the last couple of weeks.  We had a serious tragedy here in Indianapolis.  Bachelor Pad started.  And a reality whore got married.  Which one do we not care about????  Ummmmm.... tick... tock....tick.....tock..... Clearly the big bootied ho!!!!!!!!  But you know I'm going to talk about her anyway. 

Seriously.  WHAT is that girl (or family for that matter) famous for?  She had a sex tape.  She was bff's with another skanky reality star.  She dated black men.  Shit- with that resume, I SHOULD BE FAMOUS!  Just kidding, parentals.  No sex tape here.  That I know of.  Every time I turn the TV on, one of her "shows" is on.  I can't STAND it.  But an $18 million paycheck for getting married?  Maybe the government should go to the Kardashians for advice on how to make bank.  Because they seem to have the right formula right now.  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  And I'm not quite sure why she dumped Reggie Bush for Chris Humphries.  Is it just me or does he have a little Touch Of Downs fugliness going on?  Sooooo not cute.  I think he's just along for the ride.  Or.  He.  No.  Understand.  What.  He.  Doing.  Like a little puppydog.  Following her around, sniffing her ass.  Either that or he knows the NBA season isn't happening and that's how he plans on keeping his wallet full these days. 

Enough about that.  Not sure if those of you outside of Indiana have heard about this or not.  But last Saturday while I was at work (thankfully), the Indiana State Fair was having the Sara Bareilles and Sugarland concert.  Just as I was leaving work, I got a text from Joel:  Breaking News- the stage collapsed at the fair! I met up with Beth at Hard Rock and got another text saying that 5 people were dead.  OMG.  Videos and photos started coming out and hitting the media.  This is literally one of the most horrific videos I've ever seen.  I had friends at that concert.  Joel was going to be there 3 days after that.... in the 5th row.....on the track.  Lord only knows what would've happened to him if the wind blew like that on Tuesday night.  I don't even want to think about that.  But basically what happened is that a storm was blowing in and apparently hit quicker than fair officials thought it would.  So they hadn't evacuated the track yet.  A gust of wind going about 70 mph blew through and literally knocked over the rigging above the stage.  Rigging that should have been able to withstand over 90 mph winds.  Everyone on the field (hundreds) started running away from it but didn't have enough time.  Some made it out.  But most didn't.  Over 40 people are still in critical condition.  The 7th person has died today.  Many others were injured from the metal falling on top of them.  The great thing is (IF there can be anything great that comes out of this) that the people who ran away and got out from under it, ran back and tried lifting the tons of metal crushing bodies under it.  People who were injured themselves were trying to help others rather than get tended to by medical personnel.  If you haven't seen the video, I've posted it below.  Warning:  Its terrible. 

Just imagine.  Every one of us has gotten all dressed up, excited for a night out with friends, enjoying one of our favorite bands.  I bet we've never thought that THIS could happen to us.  Or one of our friends.  I can't even imagine.  Luckily my friends that were at this show were in the grandstands, not on the track.  But they've all said it was like the rigging was like toothpicks and someone just blew them over.  It'll definitely be interesting to see what the findings are and WHY something  that should have never happened, happened.  Maybe it was just Mother Nature.  But I'm guessing that the staging was not properly set up and it coming down was a result of that.  I guess we will just wait and see.  Either way, its terribly sad. 

I figured with this happening, that Joel wouldn't come down since the Janet Jackson concert he was coming to see was now canceled as a result of this tragedy.  BUT- my good buddy still came to visit me!  And we had a blast!  He got here Tuesday around 2  and we went for a late lunch and then I gave him a tour of the stadium.  The ladies in my office thought he was a total cutie.  Of course.  Then I took Wednesday off and we went shopping at the outlets and got back into town just in time for dinner where we met up with the fabulous Kim and Mat.  We had the waitress (poor little thing) on edge as Joel and I pretended to be on a blind date and he wouldn't share his meal with me and I was SOOOOO not taking him home and there would DEFINITELY not be a second date.  When it came time for the check she was utterly confused as to who should pay and one check or two?  We were seriously giving her hell.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  For us. 

It was great seeing him though!!  I literally saw him every 3 months it seemed when I was in Florida. But we  live 3 hours away from each other and we've only seen each other twice since I've moved to Indy.  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  HA.  I get it- Florida is waaaaaaaay more fun to vacation to than Indy.  Whateva.  It really has more to do with the fact that his days off are Monday and Tuesday so that makes it pretty difficult to coordinate schedules.  With me having events and him....well.... you know.... being famous and all.... Hopefully it doesn't take another 3 years for us to hang.  Cuz he's much fun. 

I know that the last post I said that I would have some MAJOR gossip from my old jobs events going on.  But I was always taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything at all...... well.........  that's about all I have to say about that. 

OK OK.  Someone was a HOT MESS!  Actually many people were a HOT MESS.  And it was utter satisfaction for me.  Tee hee.  Til next time.....

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