Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Landscaping Is DONE!.....For Now.

Well the good news is that I am FINALLY done with my landscaping!!!  Well, until I find some summer  and fall plants/flowers to put in there.  But I am done for the time being!!!  Thank GAWD.  That fucking sucked.  I have no idea why anyone would want to do that for a living.  Ugh.  Seriously.  Sucked ass.  

Just to recap last year I planted some tulips on this side of the house and placed some of the house bricks there which I referred to as my Ghetto Garden.  

While that didn't look too bad when the tulips were in bloom, it was looking very dismal once they died.  

How lame is that?  It's OK you can laugh.  I did.  Everyday when I came home from work and had to look at it.  Kinda pathetic.  

So I got to working on it.  I bought tons of flowers and bushes and slowly but surely started to get them into the ground.  

Today I  literally spent about 6 hours outside getting the last of the plants and bulbs and bushes in.  Here is what it looks like now.  Not too many of them are flowering so it's not very WOW- THAT'S SO PRETTY!  But hopefully in time there will be tons of color.  

So what do you think?  I can't wait to throw some mums in there once fall comes around.  I also can't wait for next year when they get a little bit more full and it really starts to take shape.  But in the mean time, I'm just going to enjoy not having to dig for a while and I can get back to my couch schedule that I have seriously been neglecting.  

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