Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Flowers and Some More Flowers....

So I just can't help myself.  I've gone and gotten more flowers.  And then some more.  And today I also got some more.  OMG it's a disease!!  I can't stop!!!

Before yesterday I had 4 lilac bushes, 2 hydrangea bushes, 4 pots of salvia, 5 Samur calla lily pots and 2 Serrada calla lily pots to plant.  ONLY those.  But let's start out with the calla lilies.  I stopped at Lowe's to get more garden soil and saw the calla lilies on clearance.  The Serrada ones were originally $18.98 and the Samur ones were $11.98.  Guess what I got them for?  You want to be blown away?  THREE DOLLARS EACH!  Booya!

After spending the day trying to figure out where I could put them since they only require a few hours of sun, I decided to put them on the same side of the house as the red rose bushes and Columbine plants.  So yesterday when I got home I started digging.  The area that I'm referring to is tot eh right of the air conditioner in the below picture.

Before long this is what it looked like.

And not long after that it was really coming along.

Well today I stopped at Wal-Mart after work to pick up a few more bags of  mulch and saw that their flowers were all at least 50% off.  Shut up!  So you KNOW this mama had to just take a little looksey.

And by looksey- these somehow ended up in my cart!  What?

So here is the breakdown.

{4 Balloon flowers for $1.61 each}

{2 Butterfly Bushes for $3.83 each}

{2 Garden Phlox for $1.61 each}

{2 Penstemon blue riding hood for $2.88 each}

{And 4 of these badboys!  Alcea for $3.83 each}

I planted the 4 Balloon flowers in front of the calla lilies tonight when I got home.  This is what it looks like now after putting them into the ground and adding some mulch around it. 

The plan is to dig up a quarter circle around tot he rain gutter side and put one of the hydrangea bushes there since those are supposed to grow to about 4 ft around.  

The remainder of the plants are going to be split between the area on the other side of the house and up against the fence on the back side of my yard.  I just need to find about 7 extra hours each day to get them into the ground.  UGH.  

But it's going to be SOOOOOOO pretty when everything is in bloom!  

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