Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting All Artsy Fartsy In This Hizzouse.

This weekend I've done a little art project for the upstairs living room.  OMG.  Funny story about one of the last art projects I did.  Scene:  middle school art class and I was a defiant teenager.  Shocking- I know.  Can you see where this is going?  I absolutely hated our art teacher.  She was making us paint these stupid ceramic figures and kept harassing me about mine and how it wasn't good enough.  It was a clown.  How fucking bad can you paint a damn clown and have it not be good enough?  Really?  So the defiant side of me decided that I was going to paint the entire clown black and then paint it's eyes red.  Sort of a satanic-evil clown.  It was my way of saying fuck you to her.  Needless to say I found it to be AWESOME.  Ms. Senecal, however, did not.  Therefore off to the principals office I went.  I know you will all be surprised about this- but I had my own chair in this office.  Ready and waiting for me at any moment.  I was in that office at LEAST 3 to 4 times a week.  The secretary and I became besties.  I may or may not have been a terror growing up.  That's what happens when you are too smart and get bored.  You fuck with people.

Anywhooooo- thanks for the stroll down memory lane but back to the project at hand.  The last time we left off at this room I was still unsure of the color scheme but had painted the tv stand navy blue and scored some free curtains from my mamacita.

Well I don't believe that I shared with you all that I had painted the entire upstairs again.  So now instead of it being the greenish color that it was, it went gray!!

{PS that was a TON OF SHIT to move}

Well after that it sat for quite a while.  Four months to be exact.  But I was trying to decide on colors.  And if you didn't already know- I can take a while to decide on things.  I'm a little bit picky.

Finally having decided on my new colors, I found two pillows at Target for about $10 each.  Then Miss Judy was out and about shopping one day and started texting me some colorful pillows.  I love when people do my shopping for me when I am stuck at work.  Makes me feel way richer than I actually am.  Like I have a personal shopper at my beck and call. back to reality-  I liked a set that she sent me so I told her to buy them.  Score!  This is now what the room looked like with the 4 pillows- plus another one that I picked up at Pier One around the same time for the chaise.

Oh and that chaise has some plans in the future.  It's not going to be that fabric/color for much longer.

The artwork that I had on the walls didn't go with the new colors so they've been blank for far too long.  Last night I got it in my head that I was going to make some art.  With my own two hands.  So off to Michael's I went.  Where I got one BIG canvas.

{30 X 48}

I also picked up 4 bottles of acrylic paint in the colors that I envision for the room.  And no they weren't black and red.  The minute I got home I started working on it, taping off rows of various heights with painters tape and went color by color in random order.  Lord knows how much will power it took for me to NOT make this symmetrical.  I don't do random.  Ever.  

Ta Da!!  So now that you know the colors of the room, you can see that the two sets of pillows on the sectional above are the aqua and the green-yellow colors on the canvas.  To bring in the plum color I decided that I needed something more on the walls.  I just HAPPENED to have some unused frames sitting in my spare master closet.  You know, for a rainy day. So I went up and grabbed them.  I got about 8 of these frames on clearance at Target right when I moved in to the house, 3 years ago.  They are the same frames that go up the stairwell.  I also happened to have some leftover Ansel Adams black and white photos from a calendar that I got on clearance at B & N when I still lived in Florida.  And the moral to this story is that I keep shit around for years knowing that I will eventually use it to make very pretty artwork.  So...... I took out the mattes and painted them the plum color.  Here's what the room looks like now!!!!

Slowly but surely it's getting there.  Wherever "there" might be.  I'm thinking a colorful rug might pull it all together?  Definitely changing the fabric on the chaise and possibly the desk chair will also add to the color scheme.  I'm also planning on replacing the lamps once I find a pair that I like.  Oh and if you are wondering the odd placement of the frames- I have another frame that is currently being used in the bathroom downstairs.  I can change that out and use that upstairs to make 4 frames which would even the wall out a bit.  BUT- I ran out of paint.  Whomp whomp.  So I'm going to live with this for a while and see if it doesn't drive me insane.  If it does I will just need to go pick up another bottle of the plum to paint that matte and it'll all be balanced out.  But for now, this is where it stands.  I'm pretty impressed with it.  I mean, it's no satanic clown or anything, but I guess it'll do.  

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