Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Happenings Up In Here

Wow.  I took a little bit of a hiatus, didn't I?  It's been a rough couple of weekends.  I've actually had to work more than Mon-Fri 9-5.  Fucking ridiculous if you ask me.

One good thing about having my busy season start  was that some of my favorite people were in town for one of them.  I got to spend some much needed time with my Sister from another Mister.  LOVE HER!  We have determined that she needs to move here STAT.  Screw those teenage kids of hers.  I'm way more important.  Just kidding, Beth.  Not really.  I also was able to hang drink lots with my home girl, Kim!! Love getting to see her and we had a good night chatting away.  Definitely miss her and her hubby now that they've moved to TX.  Boo.

Now that I've gotten busy at work I've also decided to tackle some smaller projects in the house.  First up was doing something with my front entry way.  Some of you might have seen the reveal on my FB page.  if so, tough shit you're going to see it again.

I picked up 8 pots of mums for $1.88 each- 4 yellow and 4 lavender.  The entry way looked like this before.

Blah.  Although I do have a cute yellow wreath hidden behind the screen door.  It's a lot brighter in person.  Here's what it looks like now.

Then I put the 4 lavender ones in front of the dining room window flower bed.  Kinda crappy photos I've got here but you get the gist.

See how my big flower bed is starting to get a little more full?  Love it.  Roses anyone?

My camera shit the bed so all of these photos were the last crappy ones before it died.  Hence, the terrible coloring.  Ugh.

Then I decided yesterday that I was over the unfinished cabinets in the kitchen.  After installing the bead board and painting them, the area that meets them to the wall didn't have any trim on it.  I kept the trip that was removed and it hung out for far too long in my garage.  Well I got to it.

OMG can you see how that unfinished edge irritated the fuck out of me on a daily basis?  Below is the leftover trim from the old kitchen.  I sanded it down a little bit and put a few coats of the cabinet paint on them.

And then I busted out the wood glue and painters tape and attached them to the cabinets.

Much better, right?   Or is it just me?  I'm a little crazy about things like this.  Just a little bit.  A lot.

Last on the list of easy projects.  I love back to school time because you can get some cheap supplies.  And we all know how cheap I am.  At least I own it.  So today I picked up a magnetic dry erase board.  I've had this on my to-do list for like eva.  For eva eva.  I absolutely hate clutter.  Shocking, I know.  But I also like to display my friends photos of their most adorable kiddos and other random photos.  I just hate how it makes my fridge look.  So I've always thought that I would put some metal inside one of my cabinet doors to hide it from 24/7 view.  Here is my fridge before shot.

Hot mess, right?  Do you see that gorgeous specimen up there too?  That's one of my bff's and his contribution to the No H8 campaign.  Stunner.    Anyway- super messy.  So I got to cleaning that shit up!

Oh and do you like how I've hung my pot holders on the side of my fridge?  Command hooks and strips.  Super easy and completely removable.  Now my limited drawer space doesn't have to be stuffed full of them.  Go ahead, I'll let you steal that idea from me.  Cuz I'm a nice bitch like that.

Have you all done any quick easy peasy projects lately?  OOOOOOOT OOOT OOOOT!!!!! Sorry- The Patriots are on and we just intercepted the ball!!  Woo hoo!!  What- I know it's only pre-season.  Whatever.    Anytime I get to watch my boys on TV is a fantastic day.  So suck it.

OMG- and speaking of the Patriots- I have a present coming to me courtesy of mi familia in Mass.  Can't wait to for it to get here so I can show it to all of you!!  Totally awesome!  Half time.  Time to get another beer and some more peppermint patties.  Later bitches!

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