Monday, December 24, 2012

Tea For Two?

You know, cuz I'm such a classy bitch.  I can FINALLY show you the gift I sent to Miss Beth!  I about died waiting for her to get the package to see her reaction.  For those of you who don't know- Beth is my sister from another mister.  She has the exact same dirty, filthy, raunchy, and sarcastic personality as I do.  She's the peanut butter to my jelly.  The hops to my beer.  The Bailey's to my glass of ice.  So when I was looking for gifts for my friends, no random or typical gift would do for her.

After scrolling through Pinterest again for the zillionth time a couple of weeks ago- it hit me!  I saw this image that I'd seen like a doezn times and laughed my ass off at and said to myself, "Self, you NEED to make these for yourself."  I eventually will do them for me but first, I had to make them for Beth.

I headed out to a couple of thrift stores and to Goodwill and couldn't find what I was looking for.  I left and went over to my local consignment store where I've purchased a few furniture pieces from- hoping that they'd have it.  And boy did I hit the mother load!!

I was hoping to find matching sets but I think the randomness makes it more us.  And it was hilarious seeing the reaction on the clerks face when I walked up with them.  Cuz you know, I'm not a grandma.

Like, why is this girl so giddy about antique tea cups?  If only she knew what I was going to do with them!  HAH.

One thing I've learned from Pinterest is that if you sharpie porcelain or ceramic and then bake it- the sharpie becomes permanent.  How flipping awesome is that?  You could totally customize dish sets or pitchers or plain coffee cups with names, phrases, cute saying, artistic designs, etc.  I'm going to have a blast with all the future projects that I can do.  But for the sake of this post- here is Beth's completely obnoxious yet fucking perfect gift that I sent to her. Warning: extremely inappropriate language below, continue at your own risk!

Do you fucking LOVE it?  I'm pretty much obsessed with them.  They are so delicate and dainty and then I go and ruin it with curse words!  You're welcome.  Hope they made you laugh.  They certainly did Beth!  She's going to proudly display them in her house.  Can't you just picture us when we are 80 years old sipping vodka tea from them on her front porch and cursing at people walking by?   I can't wait!  

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