Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quickie Art Update

Happy Weekend bitches!!!  I woke up this morning totally thinking is was Sunday since I had yesterday off. That was a lovely surprise when I realized it was only Saturday and I had another day to get some quick projects done.  Woot woot!!

I spent most of yesterday out of my house because I was about to go stir crazy.  So when going crazy- what else is there to do but go shopping!  I actually had to return the leftover sheets of tile so I did that first then headed to Marshall's and HomeGoods.  I found some pillows on clearance 2 for $12 so I picked up two sets of them not really caring what they looked like since odds are I'll eventually recover them anyway.  Here's what they look like.

But boy was I surprised when I got them home and walked upstairs to throw them into my spare master closet.  The purple TOTALLY matched the purple in the upstairs TV room.  Shut the front door!  I've been trying to find more purple to get that color a little more dominant in the room and haven't had any luck.  So without even thinking about it or trying to find it I totally scored!  Sweet.  What do you think??





So I still have 2 pillows as spares since these will be staying on the sectional.  But on to the point of this post.  The artwork that was up in this room was temporary.  I needed to pull the purple in so I painted some mattes and threw some black and white photos into them and hung them up.  I was never in love with them since they were the last of the calendar photos and weren't all that pretty.  See what I mean?   Blah.  

But since I had them leftover from a cheap calendar that I had gotten on clearance years ago I just utilized what I had until I found something better.  Well that something better was found yesterday!  I was at Barnes and Noble and found my way over to the calendar clearance again.  The cart was marked 75% off plus since I'm a huge dork member I get an additional 10% off.  So I was basically going to pay like $3.00 if I could find something I liked.  I searched for what felt like for-eva, passing on Twilight and Justin Bieber calendars.  Shocking I know!  But they just wouldn't have gone with my decor.  And I'm not a 13 year old girl.  Most times.  I almost gave up until I found this.  

Ummmm Hello Beautiful!  You're coming home with Mama.  I've actually seen (and almost bought) some of these printed at Michael's for about $10 a piece.  But I always only saw 2 and I need 3.  So I'm glad I didn't get them.  Well today I pulled down the frames, took out the old calendar black and whites and put in the 3 purple flowers.  

What do you think?  I think they are much more "fun" than the black and white ones.  No offense Ansel.  But they go with the vibe upstairs a bit more now that I've thrown some color in there.  

Now I need your help though.  I have 3 frames going up the stairs.  

Yes- same calendar.  Shit- there were 12 photos for $3.  Gotta use what you've got!  OMG this goes to show how old this photo is- the railing isn't stained yet!  Crazy!!  Anyhoo- now that I've got some color at the top of the stairs with the pink WTF and SRSLY artwork as well as the yellow floral canvas you see when going down the stairs- I'm kind of in a dilemma   

This new calendar also had 3 pink and 3 yellow prints in them.  So.... which should I choose for the stairwell?  I know- decisions decisions.  Here are my options.  Thoughts?

Oh and speaking of flowers...... queue non-related story.  I came home a couple of weeks ago to find a box in between my screen door and house door.  I tried to remember if I'd purchased something and couldn't think of why I'd be having something delivered to me.  After I cautiously went over to it to hear if it was ticking or not- shit you never know with the douchebags that I make fun of on this blog- there are some serious crazies out there- I saw the return address and it was from my homegirl in FL!!  It was actually quite hilarious- since she addressed it to Kristi Kriptonite Armstrong- that it actually got to my house.  I mean, if I was the postman, I would've opened that shit up immediately to see what was in it!  I'm sure he now thinks I'm a total freak.  I'm not Mom and Dad so no worries.  I totally ran inside searching for some scissors to get to whatever was in the box.  It was seriously like Christmas- tearing into that fucker!  This is what was inside!!

How adorable are they????  Does she know me or what?  Goddess?  Absolutely.  Her note was super cute- something about how she was walking by these and immediately thought to herself- how could she NOT buy these for me?  She is so sweet.  Although she will probably cut me now that I've called her sweet.  Made my heart all fluttery that she thought of me.  So here is my big THANK YOU Brooke Lynn!!  You are awesome.  It's so nice getting random gifts in the mail and knowing that someone was thinking about you.  Take note, everyone else.  Brooke Lynn- 1 The rest of you- 0.  So I'm going to have to take her out and get her hammered when I make my way back down to Florida for a visit.  Soon people- soon!  Mama's got to work on her bikini body first.  And then work on her tan cuz let's face it- Indiana is not Florida.  My skin hasn't seen the sun since I moved up here.  I can literally see every vein in my body because my skin is translucent.  It's kind of gross.  Pale is the new black, right?  

Oh and my girls name really isn't "Brooke Lynn"- she's just from Brooklyn.  She's in the mafia so she can't use her real name in public.  Either that or it is her stage name.  I forget.    

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