Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rap Song Art? Why Not!

If you haven't figured it out by now, I like to make my own art.  My apartment in FL had a collage of 4 canvases that I painted,  My current house is smorgasbord of painted art and DIY calendar art along with some real art to make me not look crazy poor.  It's all about the image people.

A while back I was flipping through a bunch of home magazine and I found this image- 

I believe it is from HGTV magazine but I'm not all that positive since months have passed since I snapped the pic.  Can you tell what I immediately fell in love with?  And no- it's not the leopard print pillow.  Although it does match the undies that I'm wearing.  Roarrrr.....

Every Day I'm Hustling (Hustling, Hustling......).  

As I was flipping through my iPhone to delete some scandalous photos, I came across this image again.  I knew I needed to go get a canvas and make me some art!  I also grabbed some more acrylic paint in navy and gold- you know- cuz I'm so fancy as well as some other artsy fartsy stuff while I was there.  But that'll be another post.  You know- when I actually start on it.  HAH.  The weekend just wasn't long enough.  

Well, this is what I ended up with.  Laugh at your own risk.  

Hmmm definitely looks like homemade art- which isn't really what I was going for.  But it certainly has a bit of my personality in it.  So I guess I'll keep it.  And I had the perfect spot for it.  

I chose navy blue so that it went with the decor in the upstairs living room.  The curtains, chaise and other art are navy.  

Whatdoyathink?  Meh?  Or you likey?  Or are you shaking your head asking yourself what has gone wrong with me?  Make art, not war people.  

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