Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Kitchen Artwork

So a couple weeks ago I was at Target and those damn endcaps got me.  Argh. This time is was super nice picture frames.  I'd been thinking of getting some artwork for the kitchen and found 2 frames for $3.88 each.  Yup. Score.  In the cart those babies went.

I forgot to take a before pic.  But it's basically a piece of stained wood with 4 silver clips hold the glass to it.  So you can really select any size photo or piece or art to fit inside- to show as much wood as you'd like.  That's what she said.

I remembered seeing on Pinterest some free printables with kitchen art.  I had saved one about a year ago  that I tried changing the colors of.  I'm so not photoshop inclined.  We'll leave it at that.  So I got back onto Pinterest and searched Kitchen Printables. I found exactly what I was looking for- this time the creator had them in multiple colors that you could save to your computer only the color you choose.

Obviously I picked the blue/aqua color.  Obviously.

There were 8 in total.  It was one pdf with all 8 already created to fit an 8 1/2 X 11in piece of paper.

So which two do you think I used?  I'll eliminate the coffee one right off the bat since I don't drink coffee.  The wine one wasn't a funny saying so I'll eliminate that one as well.  

Here they are!  Did you guess correctly?

How adorbs, right?  Here they are on the wall.  Kind of on the small side.  But they are growing on me.  

So super cute and cheap and easy.  Gotta love those kinds of projects.

Speaking of the closet..... oh wait- you didn't ask?  There's been no progress.  Shocker.  I know.  I'm over it.


  1. THAT IS SO STINKIN' CUTE!! I love the just roll with it one...kinda speaks volumes to the story of my life! Lol hope you had a Merry Christmas girl.

  2. Thank you Sonya!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!!!


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