Monday, March 20, 2017

So I'm Designing A 19 Year Olds Bedroom

Well if the post title isn't obvious, I'm helping Hot Toddy's daughter put together her bedroom for her new apartment. Her FIRST apartment.

She and a friend are moving in this week and all excitement aside, she is going to have the most amazing bedroom a 19 year old can have. Shoot- it'll probably be way cooler than what I have right now- and I'm .........not 19. But she's a cool girl so she deserves it. It's been a really rough year for this kiddo so we are trying to get her settled into this new place so she can focus on school and getting her grades up and looking towards her future.

Once she told us she was getting the apartment, I immediately started obsessing about it. What color can we paint the walls? What furniture can we get her? What cute accessories will we find? Oh my god- the possibilities!!! I had to warn her that I will probably get REAL annoying so just tell me to eff off if I'm getting too "involved." ;)

So far, she seems to be OK with me all up in her shit about it. She probably groans every time she gets a text from me. I bet she never thought I'd be sending her "Emily- what style of legs do you want for your bed?" when she agreed to this. She has no idea how much fun this is for me. Hah! But aside from us figuring out the design that she wants to have, she also wants to help with the painting and building of things- which I think is pretty cool!! Rather than just showing off her room, now she can talk about how she picked out the paint and helped with the dresser. Or how we went fabric shopping for the bed and that she helped build it.

After chatting extensively about what she wants her room to be, we went searching online at various sites.  People, you have no idea what is out there until you search for it.  It's amazing that this color scheme, which to me is not a normal, standard grouping of colors, had a ton of different photos with them all together.  Crazy!

These are only representations of what she wants. We'll call it Emily's Mood Board for the sake of it.  Various things will be in this color scheme. Walls won't be dark teal but something will be. She won't have a peony painting on her wall, but something will be in the color of that flower in her room. But seriously though, can someone find me that piece of artwork because I am in love with it. I need that painting.  She is going to accessorize with gold. Lots of gold. We have purchased some cute artwork and a bit of decor already.  Yesterday was dresser knobs. I'm teaching this girl how to bargain shop. So much fun.

So without further ado, here is what we are going with! Hope you all like it as much as we do! Stay tuned for finished projects and room progress! (If she doesn't fire me by then)

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