Saturday, April 29, 2017

The 19 Year Old's Bedroom Part 3

You might have thought that you'd be seeing pictures of the finished bed.  But not today.  Technically we are done with the bed.  But there are a few things that we are going to add to it for the time being that will make sense once you see how we built it.  So hopefully this weekend we'll spend some time up there and get it done.  It's like the room that never ends.  It just goes on and on my friends.  You are totally going to have that in your head now.  Sorry.  

Back to what you are going to see in this post.  Last Saturday we headed up to Emily's apartment to work on the walls and to put some shelving in her closet.  While we were there, Todd also hung her TV on the wall in the living room over the fireplace and we hung a 40 X 40 canvas in there as well.  Her apartment is really coming along!  I think she likes it.  If not, she's a really good liar.  Like- really good.  

A few months ago, we went out shopping, just Emily and I, to TJ Maxx.  After we narrowed down the color scheme she wanted, it was time to get some pretty things!  While we were there we found a couple of canvases that she liked.  If you don't know, you can find really inexpensive artwork at TJ as well.  Most of the canvases we purchased were between $12.99 and $19.99 each.  Not too bad for one or two, but after a while that shit starts to add up.  Remember that sentence in a few paragraphs. 

We also found a couple of really cute decor pieces for shelves or on her dresser.  But that's not for today.  

Now that I knew what her style was or where she wanted to go with the room, I went around shopping without her to find various other things.  My idea was to do a collage wall.  Every time we looked on Pinterest or anytime I Googled young adult bedrooms, college apartments or gold/teal bedrooms, I found collage walls.  You can put so many different things on the walls in various arrangements to make a big statement.  Especially when you don't have a lot of floor space- aka tiny apartments.

A few of the pieces of decor I got were definitely going to be changed- more because the color didn't work for her room.  Like this wooden "E" for example.  It started out with silver and white paint on the top and a white ash wood tone on the bottom (which you can see from this letter A- oops we got so excited to start on the E that we forgot the before picture).

 A little sanding...

...adding stain and gold spray paint and we've got this instead.

Or the arrow I found a JoAnn Fabrics when we were picking up the foam and batting for the bed.  We were in the checkout line and I turned to say something to Hot Toddy and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black metal arrow.  I pointed it out to him and asked what he thought.  But I was already out of the line and going to grab it.  I knew once it was gold, it would go so well on the wall.  

At one point in my searching, I saw a photo of angel wings on a gold glittered wall above a bed.  

I hesitated sending it to Emily as I thought she was gonna gag through the phone at me and then fire me as her designer.  But I sent it anyway.  Her response- "Yes!  But now I want a glitter wall!"  Sorry, child.  No glitter wall for you.  But angel wings, yes.  I remembered seeing a variety of them at Michael's so Todd and I headed over there one night to check them out.  Emily picked the ones she liked-

...and we also picked up the script metal 'hello' and the gold feather.  Oh and I grabbed 4 letters from the craft section that she didn't know about until we got to her apartment to do the wall.  I wanted some of it to be a surprise.  

We waited for Emily to come down to my house and she and I painted the wings and then did gold glitter on them.  I didn't know how they'd come out- but they are actually very cute.  So she got her glitter- much to my dismay.

Another surprise we had was an idea that popped into my head last minute.  Remember how I said that the canvases were starting to add up?  Well, when we were at Michael's, we picked up a 10 pack of canvases that were 8X8.  I think they were like $10 for all of them after we used a coupon.  I had Googled some inspirational teen quotes and gold canvas quotes one day and printed out a few to show to Todd.  I thought it'd be cool to do some ourselves.  It'd be a little more personal than just going out and buying them.  Plus they wouldn't be nearly as expensive.  Hot Toddy was into it so it was a go.  We ended up doing 4 canvases to start out with.  One was ruined because the vinyl lettering was too thin and kept tearing plus it wouldn't stick to the canvas.  After getting disappointed, frustrated, mad, pissed off and deflated.... we tried to figure it out.   How could we make this damn vinyl adhere to the material?  Well first, I spray painted them white and let it dry.  Then I put a thick coat of Mod Podge on it and let it dry.  We then left the vinyl on overnight and the next day it seemed to be sticking pretty well.  Once we had all of the vinyl on the canvas and the paper backing peeled off, we then put another coat of Mod Podge over it.  Fingers crossed, these bitches stay on because we were really excited about them.  You'll be able to see the ones we did once you see the final pictures of the wall.  One will leave you scratching your head.  I'll leave that explanation for the end of the post.  It's cute.  It's sappy.  It'll bring a tear to your eye.  Not mine, cuz I have a heart made of coal.  But you'll definitely do an "awwwwww" once you read about it.  :)

Most of this stuff has been sitting on her floor in her room as she didn't want to hang things on the wall until the dresser and bed were done.  Some we brought up with us that day.  But it was finally time to get this wall done.  

She and I went upstairs to her room and I suggested laying it all out and figuring out how we wanted to arrange it before hanging it onto the wall.  She got excited and said she'd already started doing that- and she had taken a picture of it in case she forgot.  So she started arranging them on her bed- which we ended up moving it all to the floor because there was so much stuff.  We added in what I had brought up that day and decided that was how she wanted it to be.  I grabbed the hammer and level and started at it.  

Oh and you can also see she liked the 4 letters I picked up and painted gold.  Those are above the mirror.  I love the red L-O-V-E sculpture in Philly and Indy has added one now too.  I thought it'd be cute on her wall and gave her a few options she could arrange the letters in.  She went with the one I liked as well- with the slanted O.  It's almost like she can read my mind now.  

Can you tell which ones Hot Toddy and I made?  So much for "inspirational" quotes, huh?  Hustle and Get Shit Done.  I mean, she's way too cool for "You can do it."  She needed badass quotes.  

But do you see the other one?  The elephant and the high heels?  Well there's a story behind that.  It's totally their thing.  Even when they text they use the elephant and red high heel emoji's.  So what I gather from stories from them- if you say "elephant shoes" fast or mouth "elephant shoes" it sounds like and looks like "I Love You Too."  How it started, I have no idea.  But the two of them have stuck with that.  So much so that there's talk of a matching tattoo.  Hot Toddy's gonna have high heels tattooed onto him. (insert face palm emoji here)  But super cute right?  

There are a few more we'd like to make- whether with the gold vinyl or craft paint or gold Sharpie- so we'll be adding to the wall soon.  But I think it turned out pretty well!  She likes it for sure.  Todd thinks it's "alright."  ;)

But while we were there, she threw a bombshell on us.  She wants us to build her something else.  She showed us a picture, we said "OH that's super easy.  We'll TOTALLY make that."  and then we looked at each other and were like, "FUCK. Guess we'll need to figure out how to do that."  Luckily, I found plans on the internet so we'll be starting that soon and getting it installed, plus finishing her bed, and her vanity area.  Then the room SHOULD be done.     

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