Monday, April 25, 2011

Its Gonna be a Bright...... Sunshiny day!!!!

Eventually......maybe...... hopefully.....

It seriously feels like it was last September that we actually had a sunny day.  I think my weekly forecast for the last 3 weeks has been a cross between rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and severe weather.  I'll tell you what though.... There's NOTHING like tornado sirens going off until 3AM.  Nothing.  I guess its a good thing that I'm right next to one of the towers that blows that obnoxious horn.  I just don't prefer it to go off when I'm trying to sleep.  Cuz this mama needs her sleep.  Nor do I ever plan to bunker down in my coat closet- which is literally 2ft X 5ft.  if I'm going to die, its either going to be on my comfy couch or my really comfy bed. 

This weekend was no different with the weather so I had to make the best out of it.  A bunch of us (including Miss Wendy and Miss Judy- SHOUT OUT!) went out to a celebratory Going Away dinner at a del-icious Mexican restaurant.  (Not Desperado's delicious- but definitely a great place) They had A-MAZING raspberry margarita's for $1.99- ummmm yeah..... let's just say they were very yummmmmmmy!!!!  And very strong!  We said goodbye for now to Kristi and Chad as they moved to Virginia to start their new jobs.  Had lots of chips and salsa and tons of laughs.  Its always a great time hanging out with this group of friends.  They've definitely taken me in as one of their own since I've moved here.  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

On Saturday I decided that I was over the rain and wanted to get some of these damn projects started.  Come hell or high water, something was getting painted this weekend!  Fuck you Mother Nature!  I decided to start on the nightstands that are going into the front spare room.  Here is a before shot if you don't remember the thousand times I've talked about them what they look like. These were totally a $9.99 each score from Goodwill.  Yay stores for poor people!

Oh so blah and boring they were......WERE!!!!!

I knew what color I wanted to paint them.  I've known for like 7 months.  But when it actually came down to painting them- I got a little hesitant.  OK I bitched out.  I tested a piece of wood I had here in the garage and still wasn't convinced.  So I ran to Menard's and stared and stared and STARED at all the wonderful colors of paint.  I took pictures, sent them off and asked for advice.  But everyone came back at me with "you've been talking about X color for how long?"  So I sucked it up and said to myself, "Self. You can always paint over it if you don't like it."  So Self decided to go for it.  Balls to the Walls!  In the cart it went!

I got both nightstands primed and right as I was finishing up, Miss Wendy called to tell me we were going shopping!  So there went that plan of getting them done this weekend.  Boo.  But YAY for shopping!  We headed over to Metropolis (a really cool outdoor shopping mall right down the road from my house) and got some pretty clothes at Ann Taylor Loft and then headed into Kirklands.  OOoooooh gosh.  Of course I bought some things in there!!! I got a new clock for my kitchen for $19.99!!  Steal!!!!

And then I picked up some really cute ceramic lanterns for the back yard...... when it EVENTUALLY gets its makeover.  Ugh.  They are about 10 inches tall and were only $14.99 each!  Shut up!  Pop some citronella candles in there and put them on the patio table... Adorbs!  And they just so happen to be the same color as the planters that I bought a while back.  Hahahah- That are totally sitting on the floor of my pantry.  Clearly, they are growing plants in them.  I am going to plant some herbs in them but just haven't gotten around to it. 

So I came back home and it was starting to sprinkle (SHOCKER) but I decided to continue on with my project.  And by now the primer had dried.  See exhibit A:

See my new horses (horsies?  cattle?  ho's?) just to the right of the nightstand?  Love them!  I no longer have to sit on the garage floor to paint the bottom of the furniture anymore!!  Wooo hooo!!!  Now came time to paint them.  I was sooooo frickin nervous.  Again, its only paint.  But it really made me nervous.  I decided after standing in front of it with my finger on the trigger for like 5 minutes 30 seconds to just go for it.  Sooooooooo drum roll please......

I said DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Don't you just LOVE IT????  Now, these pictures definitely don't do the color justice.  The bottom one of the drawer is the more realistic color.  But it's called Sun Yellow.  And it's literally the color of sunshine.  I put the final coat on last night and brought them upstairs today after work.  I put the knobs on and added one of the glass lamps that will go on top of them and..... TA DA!!!!!!

Now granted, that duvet is going away.  far far away. I have one that I keep hoping will go on-sale cuz I'm NOT about to be paying $79.99 for a spare room duvet.  But it's so pretty!!  I love it.  And I have my heart set on it.  So fingers crossed.  Then I'm going to do a wall collage of either 3 or 6 frames with some really cool old school colorful prints in them.  And this is also the room that the headboard (that you can't even see cuz its so frickin small) is going to be built up and then I'm going to fabric the bed with a gray velvet-y fabric.  I now have to get the matching dresser out of MY bedroom and down into the garage to paint that and put it in the room.  Then this room should be DONE.

If you are wondering WHY ON EARTH I chose that color, here's the back story.  I follow a ton of DIY blogs.  I really wanted to do something "different" with this room.  It has definitely veered off course from what I originally wanted to do with it- but still in the range of having a "wow factor" when you walk in.  And if you've been reading and paying attention to the blogs, I really don't have that much "color" in my house.  Its about as neutral as they come.  My walls are (as I refer to them)- Bailey's Irish Cream, milk chocolate,  the lightest shade of gray/green possible, and plain gray.  The accents are light blue and orange.  But there's really no BURST of color anywhere.  And as bright and chipper fuck off for laughing as my personality is, you'd think I'd have hot pink walls or something!  So this was my way of introducing some color into my life where if it was too obnoxious, I could close the door and only my guests have to deal with it.  Hopefully they don't open the blinds in the morning cuz I'm pretty sure they'll lose their sight.  So this is the photo that I have been carrying around for almost 7 months and shockingly- it's literally the same dresser that I am going to be painting (its just a little bit longer so it has 3 middle drawers that mine doesn't have).  And its hilarious that the room is gray in the picture since that's the color of this spare room!!  ( I had purchased my dresser and painted my room prior to ever seeing this photo- so no I'm not stealing someone else's creativity).  I'm not sure where this photo came from its been so long- but its definitely not MINE.  So don't sue me for posting "Mr. Owner of this Picture"  KTHXBYE.

How funny though, huh?  Its like I was inside this designers head when they were putting this together.  Cuz I'm THAT GOOD.  Well, I hope you like it.  If not, screw you.  I love it!!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the dresser done. I have an antique dresser in my extra bedroom. Always wanted to do something with it too!!.. I think you just gave me the courage!!!

  2. Girl it's so easy and BELIEVE ME- I am no expert whatsoever. I can help you if you want. What's the worst that could happen? We fuck it up? :)


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