Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Pretty and what a PITA.

Well people. I’ve completely lost it. Not sure how I bought something from a store 2 hours away without measuring first. I was completely blinded by all of the glitz and glamor apparently, that I just ignored all of the warning sirens going off in my head and blindly tossed (ie. gently placed) the chandelier in my cart without looking at the dimensions. Silly silly girl. I mean, I ALWAYS have a measuring tape in my purse (obsess much?) because I never know when I will see something and need to measure to make sure it’ll fit. And by stating that fact, I should also say that I have a list of sizes of walls, entry ways, ceilings, nooks, etc . just “in case” I should see something while I am out as well in my purse. I seriously am weird. At least I don’t carry around my paint chips in my purse like some people I know WENDY

So I was all excited yesterday when I got home because I was going to install the chandelier in my laundry room. I turned off the breaker (safety first, people) and got out the ladder (realized that I just need to get a step stool for smaller projects cuz this ladder is a bitch to cart around) and began the process of taking off the current hideous light fixture that came with the house. GAG. What is it with home developers and picking out the most obnoxiously ugly furnishings ever? I really should look into one of them hiring me on a part-time basis. I could totally make blah boring houses so pretty to buyers. And then they wouldn’t have to spend hundreds OK maybe thousands of dollars in their first two years of living at brand new house switching out 80’s brass light fixtures, door handles, and linoleum. Just sayin. The light came down extremely easy as it should since I’ve done this about 17 times already so I got off the ladder and went to grab Miss Pretty. I had already shortened her cord and pried off the chain connecting the top of the chandelier to the actual light fixture- which left just a “short” brushed nickel rod encasing the cord between the two. I gently bring her over to the ladder and start the installation process. Now- I’m usually REALLY good at detecting things like this. But I must have been blinded by her sexy sparkle. Cuz I hang the entire light, step down from the ladder and realize that she is literally hanging at eye level to me. Ummmmmm. Huh? How’d that happen? 

 Don’t mind the fugly unfinished garage. She’ll soon be painted hot pink. I’m kidding... or am I?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Where to begin....

I bought LOTS of pretty things on my trip to Ikea this past weekend!  Wendy, Kim, Lauren and I drove down did a little girls day trip to Cincinnati, as that is the closest one to us.  We always have a good time when we hang out so this trip was no different!! I went with a list (shocker!) of things that I wanted to purchase look at to see if I liked them.  Once inside, we followed the yellow brick road and went room by room looking at all the really cool things that they have.  Some of the back splashes we stopped to look at in their kitchen setups were REALLY cool and a few of us commented on how we could totally see them in our own homes.  I was definitely not there to look at those though so I knocked on Mr. Will Power’s door and told him to move on.  I am going to replace the counter tops at some point- so there is no reason to get any new back splash until I do that.  

I found the curtains that I was looking at on-line.  Two panels for $19.99- CAN’T BEAT THAT!!  They aren’t the fabric that I originally was looking for though but still....  I had found the exact thing I wanted in World Market but I wasn’t ABOUT to be paying $49.99 per panel on a spare room set of curtains.  So I couldn’t walk away from the $20 pair they had there- especially when they are the exact color I wanted.  I can’t wait to hem them and put them up in the room!!  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Publicity is Bad Publicity

I wanted to comment on how and why my last post was edited.  I’m not a person who backs down at all- if you know me, you are WELL aware of this fact.  I stand behind everything that I have said and done in my life, whether good or bad things came from it.  I know that my words have consequences.  I’m a pretty smart chick and there is not one thing that I regret or feel bad about saying in the last post.  My intention was to make 2 people upset and make the rest of you laugh your ass off.  I won the gold start for that because apparently it worked.  
I didn’t edit the post because of this.  In fact, that post was the most read story I have ever written (all 2 months of me having this blog).  I received numerous texts, FB messages, and phone calls over how hilarious it was.  I even had people copy the link to their own Facebook pages to have their friends read it and comment on it (whether they liked it or not).  I did edit the post, however, because my friends have been affected over it and that was never my intention and I hope that they know that. 
Like someone said, “I can’t control what someone else writes on FB”, when they wrote something nasty about another person, my friends have no control over what I write either.  They have not asked me to remove this post or edit it in any way.  They had nothing to do with me writing the post to begin with and have nothing to do with me editing it.  They also did not give me information, leak me stories about the two individuals. Everything in the post is something that came out of the subjects mouth herself in front of me or I read with my own eyes.  It is my choice to do so out of respect for my relationship with them.  So I have edited sections and/or removed parts altogether of the story telling you about the two people that deleted me.  I never mentioned names in my blog so unless it was YOU, you didn’t know who I was talking about. 
I find it amusing that these people can certainly dish it on their own.  But when the table is turned, they certainly can’t take it. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feeling a bit L-A-Z-Y and Nostalgic…..

I’ve been a bit of a bum lately. No blogging, no cleaning, no chatting on the phone, no eating peanut M & M’s…. ok I kid I kid. I’ve definitely been eating those damn things. Just look at my ass. The weather is just so blah out. And when it’s blah out, Kristi’s blah. ALTHOUGH Mr. Meteorologist did say that it’s supposed to get to the 70’s by Thursday. I’m wicked excited about that news. But knowing my luck, it’ll rain all weekend- like it’s doing today. I told my boss yesterday that if it did get to 70 degrees that I MIGHT just call in sick. I do feel a little bit of a cold coming on. Cough.  Cough.  I want to start running outside again. I want to play in my yard and make it pretty. I want to walk outside without my teeth chattering. I just want warmer weather for crying out loud. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK??? It’s ridiculous.

I had to take my license out the other day and it made me sad. For starters, it’s a Florida license- which means that I was pretty tan when I got it taken which is awesome. My skin hasn’t seen the light of day in forever. I pretty much look like Powder. Like, some parts of me are about to be translucent. Then I saw that it expires this year. I’ve been in Indiana for 3 years (yay!) and was supposed to change it over after 30 days of living here. I know- I’m such a rebel. Thank goodness I haven’t gotten pulled over. I can’t really play stupid and pretend that I just moved here seeing as though I immediately changed over my registration and insurance. And seeing as though I’m no longer a 21 year old with perky boobs, I doubt showing some cleavage is going to get me off of whatever it was that I got pulled over for.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends, projects, lights and douchbags.

OMG! Lots of fun things from this weekend!! I had a huge list of things to get done and was able to cross many of the items off the list. Saturday- Wendy, Jon and I were going to go to Restore and got all the way over to where the internet said it was- and it wasn’t there. SO DISAPPOINTING. Apparently it’s just a drop off location which was a wicked pisser. But we wiped away our tears and headed on over to Home Depot- where this mama spent LOTS of money on LOTS of fun things.

I had 2 gift certificates compliments of my mom from Christmas that I FINALLY used to get my orbital sander. The really pretty teal Bosch one that I wanted wasn’t in the store so I ended up getting the Ridgid one- which was a better model and cost $10 more but this one came with a lifetime warranty on anything that came in the box. Which might be a good thing for me- since I’ve NEVER used one before and lord knows my luck I’ll probably break it in the first week.  I picked up some paint for the dining chairs, Bombay dresser, and the night stands and dresser set. OH- I found the color that I originally wanted so I’m going to do a tester to see which one I like better… I’m still being secretive on the colors. You’ll see those once I start the actual projects. But it’ll be a HUGE change from my normal earth tone pallet like most of the things in my house. You’ll walk in and it’ll be like Emeril- BAM! In yo face!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How sweet….

Some people never cease to amaze me- most in a bad way- but some in a totally good way. Take Beth for example. (She gets a little jealous at times when I don’t mention her in one of my posts- so this one is partially dedicated to her!!)

I love Florence from Florence and the Machine and think she’s GORGEOUS but she is always in a cream or nude color dress. With that hair color and her skin color- she could rock any bold color and she seems to always shy away from it. On Saturday they replayed the episode of SNL (yes- I’m a loser and was home at 11:30pm on Saturday- whatever) with her as the musical act and I was SHOCKED to see that she wore a black long sleeve sparkly mini dress. She looked A-MAZING! Girl has some legs on her. It was kind of shocking to see her in black- not that it’s the bold color that I’d like to see her in- but at least it was something! So I had high hopes that maybe the Oscars would be different and she’d wear something other than the usual- but was extremely disappointed. Again. I mean, she looked gorgeous in it- unlike Nicole Kidman in her dress (???) or whatever that was. Side note. My mom was RIPPING on the stars that night. She had me in hysterics texting me through the red carpet coverage. One of her victims was Nicole Kidman. I believe her text was something to the effect of the only thing that looks good on her is Keith Urban. Clearly, I’m my mother’s daughter. K, back to Flo. I was floored to see her when she came out to perform and she was in this burnt orange satin dress that she looked STUNNING in. Like- why can’t she wear that color every day? If I could look good in that color- I would wear it 24/7 for crying out loud. Unfortunately, I don’t have the skin coloring for burnt orange. At. All.