Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Humps... My Lovely Lady Lumps

I'ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,  Get you love drunk off my hump.  My hump, my hump, my hump.  My lovely lady lumps.  Check it out!

God- there's nothing like a little song about my big fat ass.  Wait- that's not about me?  Says who?  Are you asking yourself why I'm getting all Fergielicious on you?  Well.... check it out!

So it's been a running joke in my house for ever.  Can you see a different in the two couches below?  (Aside from the different brown pillows)

Do you see it?  They are the exact same couch, purchased and delivered at the same time.  One of them gets a little more wear than the other.  Can you see it yet?  Let me help you out.

Organizing My Drawers...Not THOSE Drawers!!

Another project that I got to doin on Friday was one that I've been wanting to do since I moved into the house.  Three years ago.  Lazy much?  If you all don't know this about me by now (I mean, where the hell have you been??)- I love me some organization.  Like- I love it so much that if organization was a hot, sexy man, I would marry it in a second. Even if it had a lisp.

So after pinning the below picture on Pinterest a very long time ago, I figured it's about time to get on that shit.

When I headed to Lowe's for the copper pieces needed for the outdoor mason jar oil burners I also checked out the wood (that's what she said) aisle.  I picked up 6 pieces of poplar 3/8 X 3 X 36 that were $2.41 a piece.  I probably could have bought a couple of 8 ft boards for cheaper but mama wasn't thinking.  I was on a mission.

{yes, I know assholes, there are only 3 there}

I started out with these hot messes.  

DIY Mason Jar Oil Burner

I had an impromptu day off of work on Friday so that was pretty unexpected.  Hell yeah!  My new garage freezer was delivered which I am totally excited about!  Oh I did not tell you about my new freezer purchase yet?  My bad!

I finally bit the bullet and went and purchased one a couple of weekends ago.  I've been eyeing one for a while now but kept waiting for it to go on-sale.  It has- a few times- but I was waiting to see if it would go lower on-sale.  It hasn't.  It was originally $649 and shockingly after shopping around to all of the big box home stores- the cheapest was at Best Buy.  I bought it during the 4th of July savings event so it was on-sale for $552.  They were also running a special that if you used your Best Buy card- you'd save an additional 5% off plus have free financing for 18 months.  Showing a little boob got me free shipping and free haul away (a combined cost of $90) so for the grand total I paid $527.  Not bad.  It ends up being about $30 a month that I will be paying.  Not bad at all.  Delivery was supposed to be between 10:30am and 12:30pm yesterday and they showed up at 10am and were done within 15 minutes.  Super nice guys.  Here is what I had going on before:

And here is what I have now!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting All Artsy Fartsy In This Hizzouse.

This weekend I've done a little art project for the upstairs living room.  OMG.  Funny story about one of the last art projects I did.  Scene:  middle school art class and I was a defiant teenager.  Shocking- I know.  Can you see where this is going?  I absolutely hated our art teacher.  She was making us paint these stupid ceramic figures and kept harassing me about mine and how it wasn't good enough.  It was a clown.  How fucking bad can you paint a damn clown and have it not be good enough?  Really?  So the defiant side of me decided that I was going to paint the entire clown black and then paint it's eyes red.  Sort of a satanic-evil clown.  It was my way of saying fuck you to her.  Needless to say I found it to be AWESOME.  Ms. Senecal, however, did not.  Therefore off to the principals office I went.  I know you will all be surprised about this- but I had my own chair in this office.  Ready and waiting for me at any moment.  I was in that office at LEAST 3 to 4 times a week.  The secretary and I became besties.  I may or may not have been a terror growing up.  That's what happens when you are too smart and get bored.  You fuck with people.

Anywhooooo- thanks for the stroll down memory lane but back to the project at hand.  The last time we left off at this room I was still unsure of the color scheme but had painted the tv stand navy blue and scored some free curtains from my mamacita.

Well I don't believe that I shared with you all that I had painted the entire upstairs again.  So now instead of it being the greenish color that it was, it went gray!!