Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo Dump- The Latest Happenings at My Palace

{my new welcome mat}

{my garage is FIXED!!!!! only 9 months later!}

{Happy Memorial Day}

After MANY grueling hours in the yard sweating my tittays off.  Here is where we are now.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Landscaping Part 3,427

Got some updates.  My body hurts.  My ass is bruised.  My thighs ache.  But that's not really an update is it?  Here are some visual updates.

{wayyyyyyy before}



{wayyyyyyy before}



Can I just tell you that this side of the house is a BITCH!  The grass took forever to dig up.  The ground is clay.  It is not cooperating with my easy peasy way of doing things.  I had to alter my landscaping design (what- you don't make drawings to scale for everything like I do???) because the asshole builders dumped their leftover concrete over here so I spend time digging up a hole only to find that a foot down it's solid rock.  Fuckers.  So now instead of the purple bush being separate and the landscaping design being based on three lilac pushes, I now have to include it.  I'm basically pretending that the purple bush actually IS a lilac bush.  Please don't tell me otherwise.  I have this thing.  Some call it OCD.  I call it "I like my stuff symmetrical and balanced."  Don't judge.  Or I'll cut you.  If I could lift my arms.    Time for a beer.

If you didn't catch my last post on landscaping- click here to check it out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Landscaping Part 786.....

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers out there!  Hope you were spoiled rotten on your special day.  We had gorgeous weather here in Indy and I was hoping to get a LOT of landscaping done this weekend.

On Thursday I headed to Menards to pick up some Miss Kim Lilac bushes that were on sale for $14.88 each.   I was also on the hunt for some Knockout Rose bushes.  Meijer (supermarket) had them on sale for $12.50 each but I wanted to check Menards first while I was there.  I grabbed 3 of the Miss Kim lilac bushes (the only ones remaining) and saw that the rose bushes were $19.99 so I passed on the ones there.   As I headed over to the supermarket I looked up Lowe’s on my phone and saw that they were on special there for $9.50- which was $3 cheaper than Meijer.  Score!  So after grocery shopping I picked up 4 rose bushes from Lowe’s as well as another hanging plant on special for $5.  Here’s the back of my car after that shopping excursion.   Crazy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's The Final Countdown.....

So the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon was yesterday.....

It all started out with my dear friend Sarah and I talking about running another half marathon with each other.  Since I had gone out to Colorado for the last one, she decided that we'd do one here in Indy.  Once we signed up a few other people decided that they were going to do it as well and then we forced convinced a few others claiming that it would be a good time.  Bwahhh hahaha.  Suckas!  In total there were 8 of us who were going to run- me, Sarah, Miss Wendy, Erin, Jess, Tiffany, Alicia and Kim.

Miss Wendy and I started our training in October and actually had fun- whether it was going to the gym or running outside.  All along the way- we were all sending notes of encouragement to each other and were really looking forward to the race.  In March, Jess sent me a training program that she found so we started on that rather than just winging our runs at the gym like we had been doing.

The training schedule wasn't too bad- most of the long runs were on Saturdays so it wasn't like we were rushing to the gym during the week to get our runs in.  Towards the end of the schedule I was starting to get a little burnt out from running though.  I was OVER it.  I like to run- but I like to run 3 miles.  Anything more than that it not my idea of run.  At.  All.  And yet I signed up for 13.1 miles.  Twice.  Moron.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coloring My Outside

Last weekend was cold and dreary and rainy. So what else would I think about doing around the house but…. yard work? Of course I would. Friday after work Miss Wendy and I headed out for some DELICIOUS pizza and then I roped her into going to Lowe’s with me to look at flowers. Well $71 later- my looking turned into having to do manual labor the next day rather than being a sloth on the couch. Dammit. Me and my ideas.

I picked up 3 deep blue salvia, 4 pink creeping phlox, 2 red and white columbine and 2 white verbena. All of them are perennials but a couple of them were past their “spring” flowering so they look dead. Fingers crossed that they aren’t. I also picked up a few packets of seeds to see if those would grow- cuz let’s face it a packet of seeds is way cheaper than a full grown plant. And this mama loves her some cheap.

Below is the blue print/plot of my house. I’ve labeled each area 1, 2, and 3 of what I’m going to discuss today. Area 1 you might have already seen if you remember photos of my beautiful tulips. But back to that side later.

For area 2, I started out by digging 4 holes in front of my dining room windows which is also the front of the house where I already have existing bushes. While this is the most established landscaped area of the property and it doesn’t look half bad, there isn’t really any color aside from the greenery. The bushes don’t flower and only change color towards the fall. I do like the height of the bushes so I decided this was where the pink creeping phlox would reside. These flowers only get to about 6 inches high and are more of a ground cover that will eventually spread out. They have a tiny purple-pink flower on them. It won’t be a drastic change- but definitely gives it a little something to boost its appeal. 

After I had those dug and planted, I decided that I needed some separation from the landscaped area and the grass for a couple of reasons. One- I wanted more definition between the areas, two- now that I have neighbors doing landscaping I want mine to look just as nice as theirs so I'm not "that neighbor" and be a little more professional than my ghetto garden and three- I’m a mad woman with a lawn mower. So odds are if the phlox start to grow and trail like they are supposed to, I will probably end up chopping them up with the mower at some point. And that would be no bueno.