Sunday, September 9, 2012

Easy Peasy Weekend Project!

Today was a lazy day for me.  I had a 13 hour work day yesterday with 4 high school football games.  Super fun, let me tell you!  So today was my chore day- although I didn't really get to the chore part of it.  Woops.  My bad.  I did however, watch some football.  YAY!!  Super excited for the season to start.  And although I didn't get to watch the Patriots- my future baby daddy scored a touchdown!  So I'll be sure to show him my appreciation when he comes home tonight.  HAH.

I would like to thank the Chavez's all the way down in Texas for keeping me informed of the goings on of the game though.  Isn't that ironic?  My friends in Dallas were able to watch the game but I couldn't. UGH. Miss Kim had me all nervous when Brady got hurt though.  Took a few minutes to hear if all was OK in Tommyland but she sent another message that life was all good.  I could drink breathe easily from there on out . We got one win in the bag and I stayed alive in our work Survivor League.  I picked Houston for this week and they blew away the Dolphins!  Sweet.

On Friday I left work early to shop.  Seriously.  I headed over to Target to "look" and one hundred forty fucking five dollars later....... I had some pretty awesome things in my cart.  LOTS of clearance items!  This hooker loves her some clearance.  I picked up quite a few things for grilling and a couple metal planter boxes which are super cute.  I also grabbed these:

What would I need 3 yellow cloth napkins for, you ask?  Since my dining room is cream, blue, brown and orange?  What was I thinking?   Oh I know!  Four cloth napkins would equal to two pillows!  And two pillow covers for $4.98 is a flippin steal!  I have some extra pillows lying around the house that aren't in use so I decided to use them for the inserts.  I didn't have any that were 20 X 20 but I think I can make it work. So after I mowed the lawn this morning I pulled out the sewing machine.

I decided that I wanted to be able to easily remove the cover so I didn't want it sewn on all 4 sides.  So after I ironed them to get rid of the creases, I cut two of the napkins in half and left the other two as is.  I did a quick seam on the cut sides and started making the pillow cover.

I kept the print side on the inside while I went around the outside edges.  Here is one side done.

And here are both sides done.

And here it is with the pillow tucked inside.

I ran upstairs to see how it'd look in the yellow and gray room.  What do you think?

I don't know about you- but I fucking LOVE it.  Time to get the second one done!  I love quick and easy projects!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

If You Really Knew Me, You'd Know That....

~ My favorite color is clear
~ I write left handed
~ I prefer to call my hair ombre after two months of not dying it when in reality it's straight up white trash roots
~ I HATE talking about politics (and those who do in front of me)
~ I listen to pretty much all types of music minus polka and death metal and the only time I'm not listening to music is when I'm sleeping
~ I will forever speak my mind even if it hurts your feelings
~ I wear some form of Patriots colors on Sundays at Colts games
~ I have a slight obsession with my boobs
~ I don't drink coffee unless it's a large iced vanilla from D & D
~ I hate chocolate (unless it's a York peppermint patty, Snickers, Twix or peanut M & M's)
~ I make the best carrot cake ever. I'm not lying.
~ You only get one shot with me and if you ruin it we are done
~ My favorite movie is The Sweetest Thing (Fuck Grandma) although for a long time it was Love Jones
~ My only goal in life is to make people laugh
~ I love me some fruity beer
~ I would love to have children some day (OK, Mom?) but I refuse to physically HAVE children.  These hips are wide enough bitches!
~ I fucking LOVE to swear
~ When someone pisses me off I tell them to suck my left tit (while grabbing it)- including bosses
~ I watch Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  Well, while we're on it I also love Britney Spears
~ I get very annoyed very easily and you know exactly when that happens
~ I don't have any tattoos and I'm totally fine with that
~ I love amusement park rides but get WICKED FUCKING motion sick riding them to the point that I tend to vomit or at least turn a really gross shade of green
~ I love being inappropriate at the most inopportune times
~ I don't half-ass anything
~ I'm obsessed with a clean house but tend to never put my clothes away
~ I will watch any and all movies or tv shows having to do with cheerleading or dance
~ I make lists for everything.
~ I sing going up and down the aisles in the grocery store.  Loud.
~ I'm fucking awesome.

So what should I know about YOU?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Feeling The Blues

I wanted to call this post “It’s About Frickin Time You Got Started On This” since I’ve been telling you all about my plans about it for what seems like an eternity. Or maybe I’ve been telling it to myself? Sometimes I can’t remember if the stories are just ones I have with myself in my head or if I’ve actually had conversations with others. Not that I’m nuts or anything. I swear. Well earlier this week I finally started it. Let’s be honest- it was mostly because the shit was just lying around my house causing me to go bat shit crazy a huge mess on my dining table.

I previously talked about how I had family in town at the end of July. One of the things that they asked before they left home was did I need them to bring me anything from there. I immediately thought of those two poor lonely curtain panels that I left there at Christmas time. My mom hadn’t planned on using them and I was looking for a pair for my upstairs living room since I had just decided on the navy theme and couldn’t find anything here that I liked. So I stole them from her. Thanks Mom! But stupidly only took 2 panels and left the other set there.

The more I got thinking about recovering my chaise lounge that's upstairs and calculating the cost of new fabric for said lounge- the more I cringed. No not really. But since I had just added 3 more colors to the freshly painted room, I didn’t want anything too crazy pattern-wise and wanted it to be all matchy matchy with everything else that was up there and we all know how picky I am so I knew it’d take me for-eva to find something that I actually liked. And then it dawned on me. DUH! Why not use the same fabric as the curtains to recover the chaise? Cough cough plus it’d be free cough cough.  So I asked my uncle to stop at my mom’s to pick them up for me along with my teal poinsettia’s that I got for a steal after the holiday at Michael’s which I plan on using for a crafty little project closer to the end of the year- stay tuned!

Well the family left Indy on July 29th and everything they brought has sat on the dining table since then. Bad Kristi. I threw the curtains into the wash last weekend and finally brought them upstairs and laid them across the chaise to see how it would look. And not surprisingly I LOVED IT! So of course walking by it for a couple of days got me itching to start and finish the job.

Here is what the chaise looked like before I started.