Monday, February 28, 2011

It's time for spring... you hear me Mother Nature? It's TIME for Spring!

Hi All!! 
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was aii-ight.  My house is a mess cuz I bought LOTS of fun things for it.  Went to JCPenny’s on Saturday for some outdoor patio pillows and a wood blind for the last window in my house.  When I originally bought for all of the windows in the house, I totally forgot about the window in my master bedroom closet.  How would I forget about THAT window, you ask?  Well lucky me has two, yes TWO, master bedroom closets and that isn’t the one that I use for my clothes.  I have a few things stored in there but I never go into it since it’s technically my future husband’s closet and I want to respect his space.  For now.  J  I saved a crap ton of money at Penny’s though.  Everything I bought was 60% off original price plus I had 3 coupons for $10 off when you purchase $25 or more.  Two pillows were $28 so I used 2 of the $10 coupons for a total of 4 pillows and the blind was $23 so I went and grabbed a hand towel for $2.99 so that I could get the other $10 coupon off of that.  Frugal Kristi here.  Got to save that green so that I can buy other pretty things for the house.  When I went to Lowe’s after that, I’m glad I saved that $30 earlier.  I went there for a “few things” and ended up with about $100 more in merchandise than I actually needed…but you know…  J 

Now Lowe’s and I have a love/hate relationship.  I would much prefer Home Depot to Lowe’s.  But Lowe’s is a quick 5 minute ride down the road whereas Home Depot is about 20 minutes.  So a "quick trip" usually ends up at Lowe’s.  I went there with a list- cuz yes I am one of those people.  I make lists about making lists.  I love lists.  I love checking things off lists.  LOVE LISTS!   Anyway, I went for spray paint (one furniture project), stain (stair rail and spindles and eventually dining table), drawer sliders (another furniture project) and sheets of metal (don’t even ask).  I ended up in the rug area (clearly- not on the list.  At all.)  I figured it doesn’t hurt to look since I’ll eventually need a rug for both the living and dining rooms.  You know, 5 years from now when I eventually put down my hardwood floors.  And when I say “I put down” I really mean my dad, Jon, some other suckers guys- while I supervise.  J   Anyways- found a few that would work with my color scheme downstairs but definitely didn’t buy them.  And not because it won’t happen until 5 years from now, but because I didn’t measure either area that I needed them for.  I seriously have no will power- because if I had the measurements, I totally would’ve bought them. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brrrr. It's cold in here.

I know…. I suck.

OMG I’ve been so busy lately. I don’t even know where to begin. Had a great weekend. The weather was actually pretty decent for a change. Saturday afternoon I met Lauren and went shopping all over town with her. I picked up an AWESOME table cloth for $20 that I’ll show you later what I’ve done with it. Then we hit up an antique mall where I got some blue glass Mason jars that I’ll show you later what I’ve done with them. Wow, that’s a little annoying, hey? Like I know something you don’t know. I totally just teased you with a couple of projects and I’m not going to give you any details. Sorry. Maybe you’ll get one photo at the bottom of this post. Maybe. Then that night a bunch of us went over to our friend Erin’s house. My followers- Erin. Erin- My Followers. Erin’s cool people. Be nice to her.  Anyway, now that you’ve met, we can move on. It was originally going to be a girls night in, drinking some adult beverages, grilling some burgers and singing Glee karaoke on the Wii. However, the boys ended up crashing the party- which I am certainly not complaining about. J After a few ridiculously strong daiquiris compliments of Wendy, a grill that caught on fire compliments of the boys (I know! Aren’t all boys supposed to know how to use a grill??), and playing with our Glee themed party favors (we had Sue Sylvester whistle’s and Quinn purity rings) we moved into the living room to throw it DOWN!  Boy, did we have some fun!! Now I’m not going to brag or anything- but I could totally be on that show. I mean, I’m pretty much the bomb. Just sayin.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Cuz They Make It In Your Size, Doesn't Mean You Should WEAR it.

So a group of us went to the Heat v Pacers game the other night.  It's been a LONG time since I've been at a basketball game and it was TONS of fun.  At first it seemed like the pacers were going to get blown away as the score at the end of the 1st quarter was something ridiculous- like 17 to 43.  Luckily, they came back and made it a really good game- only losing by a little bit at the end.  D-Wade had a great night, Lebron is still a tool and Bosh looks like an avatar alien to me.

When we were walking over to the arena, this couple was in front of us.  Homegirl about busted it in the street twice because she couldn't walk in the heels that she crammed her feet in to. It was VERY difficult to NOT laugh at her.  I mean, come on- you know me.  Of COURSE I'm talking about her when she's like 3 steps in front of us.  But honestly, she deserved it.  I think the guy she was with was even laughing at her. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines, Schmalentines..... and a lil bit of Marshall Mathers

Beth said it right when she said "Single women shouldn't even have to leave the house today."  I completely agree.  Bitter Betty, party of one.... That's me!  I did however, have a very nice time at Happy Hour with some great friends tonight.  Then I'll be up in the gym, justa workin on my fitness.  At least I won't have to wait for any machines!! Yes- there IS a positive to being single!!  And red never really was my color anyways.  Now- talk to me on St. Patty's day.  THAT'S my holiday.  :)

Did you all watch the Grammy's last night?  I think the only reason I sat through them til the very end was to finish the bottle of champagne that I opened.  And yes, I DID finish it.  Shockingly I didn't have a major headache today.  Yay me!  But how boring were they?  I think this is the first time that I've watched that they haven't opened with a smashing over the top performance.  That Aretha Franklin tribute was awful.  The only semi good thing about it was seeing Christina ALMOST fall off the stage at the end.  If you didn't see it, go on Youtube.  EPIC!   How is it that Aretha gets a Grammy tribute and is "too sick" to be there- BUT she was at the Heat v. Piston game the night before?  I'm a little bit confused on that one.  Who knew she even liked basketball?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hence, the reason for the name.....

Yes- the title "Girl with the Pink Toolbelt" is me- I own a pink toolbelt.  I actually MADE my pink toolbelt.  That's how badass I am.  This blog is really going to be about me and my house and redoing everything and anything inside of it!  

I know, I know, I know- I've been seriously slacking on the house updates.  It's cold outside people.  My ass barely gets off the couch with my plush faux fur blanket wrapped around me.  There's no WAY I'm going out in the garage to start projects!!  I do have plenty of finished projects though so for those of you who keep harassing me (yes- I'm about to take restraining orders out on some of you).  Here are some photos to keep you updated on my blood, sweat, and tears  house throughout the past year and a half.  Some of these will be combination projects or finalized rooms- I figured you don't need to see the same 10 pictures over and over with just a vase added here or different hand towels.  You might also see some projects that are in the room now but aren't started yet.  It's just that I am seriously out of room in my garage which Wendy and Jon will attest to- and I had to find a place to put them.  I won't go into detail on the furniture projects since I'll be doing stories on them once I start each piece.  But I'll at least let you know what's going to be different the next time you see the pictures.  Oh and I have another buy that I'll be getting this week for $60 (I know!! Just wait til you see it!!!).  It's just that I have to put Wendy's life in danger again to get it and she's still recovering from our last Craigslist adventure.  OMG- that's a whole story in and of itself.  Let's just say it involves butcher knives, bottles of perfume and cell phones set to 911.  That's just how we roll people. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last reaming....

I received a very nice compliment from my dear friend Lauren yesterday.  She forwarded me the story from Sports Illustrated about Seating Debacle 2011- The Curse of the Temporary Seating- Cowboy Stadium (side note: this is my title name, not Sports Illustrated).  She said, "This would NEVER happen if they had a great ticketing manager like you! :)"  That actually made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Until I realized that next year- that IS going to be me!! And then I freaked!

If you have been under a rock since Saturday night let me break it down for you.  A lot more than Christina butchering our National Anthem happened on Sunday.  Here's the story.  Cowboy Stadium holds roughly 90,000 people.  Someone thought it'd be a GREAT idea to put 15,000 temporary seats in the open areas to make more money  get more people in the building to watch the big game.  It would have been a record number at any Super Bowl to have 105,000 ticketed people in the building (well maybe the 2nd highest attendance- don't quote me).  After farting around for months ( I mean- when WAS the last Cowboys game?), not nearly all those temporary seats were in and secured for when gates opened.  Roughly 1250 people were without seats. EXPENSIVE seats.  I spent my entire salary on coming to this game seats.  About 800 of those people were relocated to actually be able to watch the game while the others were given the shaft triple the amount of their ticket, merchandise, access to the field after the game and an area in the stadium where they could watch the game- from a TV.  Terrible Awful.  Absolutely unacceptable. 


I bust my butt on a daily basis in my office as well as on site (and BELIEVE ME- I've been to some seriously shitty locations in my time) and I am not afraid to say that I am DAMN GOOD at what I do.  Yes I am patting myself on the back here.  Some people appreciate that while others think I just "sell tickets."  BUT- the thing that I took away from my friends compliment is that she thinks I am great at what I do.  It's nice to hear that every once in a while. 

So thank you, Lauren.  Your little post on FB might not have been all that serious to you, but it really means a lot to me. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Does it defeat the purpose of going to the gym when you come home to a Klondike bar?

Well my wonderfully fabulous friend Beth says only a teenie tiny bit so I am OK with that.  I mean I probably burned off a whopping 27 calories only to consume quadruple that in 5 seconds.  It was ALL worth it though. 

Let's talk about the gym.  One of my other wonderfully fabulous friends- Wendy- and I have been going to the gym pretty regularly lately.  Now while the purpose of going to the gym is to workout and maybe sweat off a few pounds- that's not the sole purpose.  Wendy and I are there to make fun of people.  Yes I know- hell in a hand basket.  Been there like 50 times already.  We try to be quiet but sometimes things just get blurted out when you are grasping for air.  Take tonight.  We did a great cardio workout on the treadmill then switched over to do interval training on the arc machine.  (Side note- when we were done with the arc this totally cute guy behind me on the treadmill smiled at me when I was wiping my machine down.  I'm going to believe that he thought I looked cute all red faced and sweaty but it might have been because my yoga pants kept sliding down and he was getting shots of my ass crack and/or hot pink undies for 20 minutes.)  Back to story- so after we finished cardio we decided to do the 30 minute express workout.  Now- I give props to everyone working out no matter what shape, size, age, whatever you are. Believe me- I'm no size 8.  I'm barely a size 6.  HA.  I don't make fun of people because they are large or jiggly or sweating buckets onto the machines.  I make fun of them because they are trying to pretend to know what they are doing but have absolutely no clue. 

So Miss Wendy and I are on machine like 5 out of 20 when this little old Indian lady comes over in her aqua velour pants.  First of all- who the hell wears VELOUR to the gym?   I mean come on.  Anyway- the purpose of this circuit is to be on a machine for a minute, rest 30 seconds, then move to the next machine for a minute etc. etc.  This CRAZY ASS lady was bouncing all over the place.  She literally went through 5 machines while we weren't done with our minute on 1 machine.  She had no idea what she was doing and I'm sure she almost blew out her knee at least 4 times in the leg press.  At one point I got Wendy's attention because this lady was literally HOPPING on the leg press.  How does one even do that?  It was like a lying down hop.  I almost wanted to kick her off that machine and try for myself.  But knowing me I'd really hurt myself or break the machine.  In front of everyone. 

We finish the circuit and decide we are done for the night.  And this here is why Wendy is one of my best friends.  The ying to my yang.  The peanut butter to my jelly.  We are walking out the door and my SKINNY, tall, gorgeous friend looks at me and says "Oh wait- I have the new Thai  restaurant menu for you."  Yes- we are literally thinking about our next meal as we are leaving the gym. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I know who I'm rooting for....

Any one who knows me- knows how much of a DIE HARD Patriots fan I am.  So tonight I'll be silently weeping that I won't be getting to see delicious Tommy and cutie patootie Wes in their skin tight outfits on the field.  While I never thought that I would wear anything other than navy and red on a Sunday during football season- I'm sporting the colors today of the team that I hope wins the big game. 

I have many friends in both cities and while it was a difficult choice... I knew who I needed to root for today.  Now, while I love the patriots- I LOVE football too.  I have to pick a team- no matter who is playing.  I'm competitive- I need MY team to win.  I love throwing football parties- even if the Pats aren't on (which given that I live in the city of their biggest rival- those televised games are few and far between).  Sometimes I pick the team based on their colors and which flatter my coloring the most.  Sometimes I pick it on the hottest QB.  Come on people, I'm a chick.  What do you expect?  Sometimes I pick based on their "off-the-field" reputations.  Like, let's say Ben today.  One would think that I'd be rooting for the Steelers.  I mean, what's sexier than finding it completely normal to have sex in dirty bar bathrooms.  That makes him way more attractive to me than say Tom Brady's luscious locks.  But then, one might think I'd be rooting for Green Bay b/c I love an underdog and I'd love to see Brett Favre's face when they win what he was unable to do for like 65 years.  I have many many many reasons for picking a team. 

Today I am going with this team b/c of 1) my sister from another mother, 2) the girl I kept firing but for some reason she just wouldn't go away 3) one of the coolest music licensing guru's I know- who all live in Wisconsin.  So this is for you- Beth, Talia, and Jeni!!  I'm sporting green and yellow today in hopes that your teams wins the at big dance!!  Hopefully they don't choke like the Colts did last year.  :)

Now I'm off to buy a birthday present for one of the cutest 4 year olds out there who is letting us crash his day AGAIN for a birthday/Super Bowl party with yummy cake and ice cream and hopefully some wings.

And to all you you won't be watching the game tonight (yes, there are SOME of you weirdos out there)- make sure you tune in to Glee after the game.  It's the Thriller episode.  If you've never seen Glee- you are seriously frickin missing out.  One of the BEST shows out there right now.  This- coming from a TVaholic.  Sue Sylvester is my hero.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well, Hello

I'm going to take you on a hilarious journey- of my life.  I'm a single, 30ish female who is looking for the same things all single, 30ish females are looking for.... hot sex finding love with a sexy, tall, dark, muscular, and funny man, lots of money in my bank account, less weight on the scale, and throwing fabulous house parties.  Well, actually the last one might just be me.  My life lately has been completely flipped upside down.  Three years ago I moved to Indiana from Florida (yes, I know.... I'm certifiably crazy), I built a house one year ago (well- not so much me and more like a flock of not-so-hot construction workers) and two weeks ago quit my job and started a new one.  In between all of that, I've been drinking LOTS of wine, spending LOTS of money on projects in my house and sleeping VERY little. 

So follow along with me when I go on blind dates (desperate, party of one!), refurbish old furniture, partake in fabulously fun workouts with my dear friend Wendy (more about her later), and enjoy my house with friends (designated drinker  hostess).  I'm sure that I will make you giggle at least once.  If not, you are dead inside.

Update:  Oh and just so you know- I love to swear.  Like really REALLY love to swear.