Monday, November 26, 2012

A Little Paint Or A Little Stain?

What a looooooooong flipping weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday with whomever you were nice enough to grace with your presence.  I had a great time as always with Miss Wendy's family.  No one plays Transformers with a 2 year old like I do.  No one.  I'm pretty much the bomb.  Just sayin.

Well aside from a nice relaxing Thursday with a HUGE Patriots win- how about them boys?- I had to work high school football championships all day Fri and all day Sat then had a Colts game on Sunday.  So my brain is a little mushier than normal right now.  Seriously- at one point today I was passed out on my desk drooling.  Clean-up on aisle one!   It wasn't pretty.  This weekend is the biggest week of the year for me- well aside from that little Super Bowl thing that we had in February.  So I'll be busting my booty this week leading up to Saturday's big game- check it out on Fox.  Shameless plug as I am now sponsored by Fox.  Just kidding.  But I am paid by the stadium that will be aired on Fox- so kindasortathesamething.

Hopefully this Sunday I can finally start doing the dishes from last week that are still sitting on my counter.  Although the apple peels drying out on the cutting board make the house smell nice.  But I'm guessing that won't last much longer.  Maybe instead of posting I should be cleaning my kitchen?  Ah whatevs.  It'll be there tomorrow.   So since I have 5 minutes to spare I got to thinking about my next house project.  I will have a quick and easy artwork project for upstairs that I hope to tackle on Sunday maybe if I can get to Michael's.  But what I'm really needing to start working on is the laundry room- aka my grand entrance into my mansion.      

My girl Melissa just finished working on her shelving in her kitchen which looks amazing- and it got me itching to get cracking on mine in my laundry room.  Here are some terrible shots of the super teenie tiny space.  Like- you can't even stand in the room and get a full shot of the back wall because it's so close to you.  So just pretend that these are amazing photos that fully show what I'm working with.  It's a stretch, I know.  But roll with it baby.

And in the keeping it real fashion- see all the shit that needs hiding with new shelving and cute baskets?  Yea this room is so glamorous.  Welcome home, Kristi.

I'm going to be so frickin happy to get rid of that wire shelf.  It's not even funny.  What IS funny is that even though I'm like 5'7" on a good day, I can barely reach the stuff on that shelf.  No lie.  The washer and dryer stick out so far from the wall that I'm literally on my tippy toes trying to get the detergent.  It's kind of ridiculous.

So my thoughts are that I'm going to put 3 wood shelves spanning the length of the wall.  BUT- I have a dilemma.  Do I paint them white or do I stain them dark walnut?  You know I love crisp white but you also know I luuuuuuurv me some dark brown as well.  HAH.  In more ways than one!  Anywho- I have a treatment for the back wall so the light blue paint will no longer be visible.  So that entire wall will be white.  I'm thinking that it's going to be too much white if I go with white shelves.  What do you think?  My inspiration photo from forever ago (not sure where I found it so sorry for not supplying the source) is below.

Cute, right?  Can you see where I'm going with it?  I can't wait have my laundry all stylin with baskets and canisters with labels.  OMG my OCD organization self  is going to love it!  So, whatcha think?  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks.....In My Own Sarcastic Way

Since today is Thanksgiving, I figured I'd totally go against the grain and do a "Things I'm Thankful For" List. Most people have been participating in the 30 Days of Thanks already on Facebook but that shit is too time consuming and I have an attention span of a 2 year old.  So you get this list.  Be thankful, bitches.  In random order, below are the things that I am thankful for this year:

  • Stretchy pants.  That I'm already wearing because mama had 2 plates of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and cranberry sauce.  Two plates.  It was delicious.  And I won't regret it later on.  
  • For the Patriots being nationally televised tonight.  Two games in a row I get to see my future baby daddies in action.  
  • On the same note- for Mr. and Mrs. Gronkowski for birthing such a sexy and extremely articulate piece of ass.   Oh the things I fantasize about doing to him.  

{you're welcome ladies}
  • For the mute button so that I don't have to listen to the obnoxious Target holiday commercials.  Seriously every year- soooooooooo annoying.  
  • For my job and my co-workers and the paycheck it provides me twice a month.  I almost like it as much as my job at Dairy Queen in high school.  Which is really saying something because you all know how much I love ice cream.  
  • For my family and friends (and my friends families) for putting up with my douchiness on a daily basis.  And for pretending that I am funny when I'm probably not.  And for being there for me when I more than likely don't deserve it.    
  • For my awesome house and the comfort that it provides me- not only because of the furniture that I've selected for the inside of it.  But for the feeling I get when I pull into the garage, shut the door, strip down naked throughout the house on my way up the stairs to put on those stretchy pants then going back downstairs and throwing a blanket on me to watch television.  Complete comfort knowing that I can shut myself off from the world, close my blinds and just be a complete slob in something that is all mine.  Well, at least it will be in 27 years.  But that's just semantics.
  • For my ex best friend.  While I don't believe that I've ever mentioned her on this blog I do have to thank her.  Because if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't know the difference in her kind of friendship and what it really means to have best friends.  Ones who like you for who you are and not what they want you to be, who want nothing in return for their friendship, who are there for you without a hidden agenda, who don't use your past against you at any given moment to show how much better of a person they are than you, who don't see you or your job as an opportunity for themselves, who allow you to be friends with other people and don't ruin all of those relationships behind your back with lies because they are extremely possessive of you.  Shit- I could keep going but I think you get the point.   
  • For my health.  While I am obviously not the healthiest person around- I am fortunate enough that I wake up every morning breathing and don't have to suck down a handful of pills to get me through the day.  
  • For the man to has me smitten and smiling lately.  He's almost as filthy as I am.  Which is probably the first quality I look for in a man.  
  • For having the smarts to never ever participate in any Black Friday ridiculousness.  
  • For our troops who are putting their lives on the line as I type this bullshit list.  Who are missing their friends and family and a good home cooked meal every day they are not on US soil.  I'll post a titty shot later for you to show just how much I appreciate you.  Muah!
  • For the last 11 months of Facebook being Elf on the Shelf photo free.  Oh how I'm going to miss those 11 months for the next 33 days.  
  • For dirty texts in the middle of the workday that make me blush and forget what I was doing prior to receiving them.  
  • For appreciating life more and more every day and having a much more positive outlook on life in general.  Most of this is because I moved from FL, some of this is because I am now in IN.  But a lot of this is because I have finally learned to let shit go, to take a deep breath, and know that most shit in life doesn't really matter at the end of the day.  
  • For technology and social media for allowing me to stay in touch and get back in touch with so many people from around the country that I otherwise would have drifted apart from. 
  • For all of you who read my blog and comment and ask me when my next post is going to be because I've been slacking lately.  I appreciate you taking time out of your lives to read whatever sarcastic post  about meaningless crap I've written and for telling me about how one of my projects inspired you to do your own project (the Christmas Santa wreath is now in 6 other states that I know of!). 
  • For all of the things that I'm forgetting I'm thankful for right now.  
  • And last but not least, for stretchy pants.  Those two plates are starting to settle in. I may actually be rubbing my belly as I type one handed.  
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and that you also have a list of things to be thankful for this year. And on that note........

Love you!

P.S. Guess who just broke 10,000 page views BITCHES!!!  Thank you Craig (even though your wife called me a stupid whore)!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like......

Well hello, bitches!  I'm cranky and tired so bear (bare?) with me.  This weekend was my 3rd weekend of high school marching band competitions and it ran for three days.  Is there anything more awesome than that?  Queue crankiness.  My head is still pounding.  Talk about a LOOOOOOONG three days.  The good news is that we didn't have a Colts game today so I was a lil bit lazy.  Although......

Miss Beth was in town!  My sister from another mister drove all the way down from Wisconsin to see me!!  Well not just me.  But I'll damn well act like it was all about me!  So I was up and at it at about 10am.  Not my idea of sleeping in at all.  Especially since I've been at work around 6am and leaving around 11pm  since Thursday.  But she's worth it.  After she texted asking when she could come over, I begrudgingly got out of my warm bed, ran downstairs and cleaned the dishes that had been in my sink since last week NOT EVEN KIDDING  and ran back upstairs to shower.

After I showed her the new things that I've done in the house since she was last here, we headed out for a yummy lunch.  We headed over to my favorite Mexican restaurant and if it wasn't a damn Sunday- I would have had a margarita.  Stupid Indiana.  The waiter actually looked at his watch when I tried ordering it- like, "Damn chica, es no even noon."  Pero, I was thirsty.  How was that Spanglish for all you Gringos?