Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm Seeing Green!!

Ok remember way back in March when I started working on the back spare room?  Ummm yeah somehow 3 months have gone by without me realizing it.  I have been working on projects during that time but I just never seem to get back into the groove of posting about them on the blog.  I need to be a little more consistent with it though.  I wish there were a few more hours in the day.  I also wish there was a millionaire who felt charitable towards me and my bank accounts.  A girl can dream right?

Last time I posted, I did a teaser photo of the nightstands. 

That was the start of painting after I sanded the stain and scuff marks off.  One coat of paint down, three more to go.  As you can see, I had to take the backs off and remove a bunch of pieces in order to slide the drawers out.  That wasn't a pain in the ass at all.  Who makes furniture like that anyway?  Good thing I was an engineer in a previous life because I was able to put it all back together weeks later with not a single screw left behind. 

I was a little nervous with how bright the color was but there is a ton of light in my kitchen where I was painting them.  So I figured I'd continue with this color and bring them up to the room and see how they looked in the space before making any rash color changing decisions.  I mean, I wanted green and I most definitely got GREEN.  I wasn't trying to bitch out on one coat.  Plus I've never really been scared of color.  Hello, have you seen my house?

The back spare room is really dark with only one window and an overhead light on the ceiling fan.  Add in the charcoal paint on the walls to make it even more moody.  So I had high hopes that the green would look perfect in the room.