Monday, December 12, 2011


I mentioned in the last post that I went shopping with Miss Wendy and picked out my birthday gift from my mamacita.  Man, do I love me some gift cards.  They are seriously the best gift anyone can get. HINT HINT- it's getting to be gift giving time.

I've actually been pricing these out at Lowe's and HD and they've been ridiculously expensive.  And I'm sure that this isn't top of the line by any means.  But I still wanted it. Plus its also the same brand as the fixtures already installed.

So here goes.  Lame ass shower before shot:

Don't mind the soap scum.  God I hate that shower.  It's so small.  Like I literally turn around and smack into a wall.  And that tile?  Ew.  Hate it.  When I finally have some decent money to spend, the bathroom is getting stripped of the cheapest tile in the world and getting a major upgrade.  But the thing that I'm referring to when I say "LAME" is the shower head.  The nozzle doesn't even move all the way up or down.  Hence the soap scum.  I can barely get the sides of the shower wet enough to scrub it.