Monday, October 31, 2011

With A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That.

So I've been busting my BUTT with little things in the house this week.  I started out finishing up the TV stand.  I didn't like how it came out the first time with the old hardware.  It was an old brass that I didn't like so I painted it a brushed nickle.

The hardware just stuck out too much to me.  And the paint looked more fake silvery gray than it did brushed nickle.  So I took the hardware off again and went to my trusty old friend Oil Rubbed Bronze.  It's a sparkly chocolately deep brown metallic.  It's my go-to spray on all things ugly. I sprayed all of the fugly brass light fixtures when I first moved into the house with ORB.   This is what it looks like today.

Ahhhhh yes.  A little less obvious.  MUCH BETTER.  Now just need to do something with those gawd awful wires.

Then I finished up with the garage.  Last week it looked like this.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Change to the Blog

Hi Everyone!

Not sure if you noticed.  But I made a slight change to the blog a bit back.  I haven't shortened my enormously LONG and DRAWN OUT posts.  You aren't that lucky.  Sorryboutcha.  But I've put in a page break to most of the posts.  So you are getting the first couple of paragraphs of the blog and then you see "Continue reading this funniness."  You'll need to click that purple link and you'll get the entire post.  Its kind of hidden at the bottom so if you haven't seen it it's not because you are blind.  Or going blind.  You just might need a slight change in your prescription.  Just sayin.  So anyway- enjoy your weekend and finish reading the rest of the posts.

You didn't realize that I wasn't done after the first two paragraphs?  Silly you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Argh! Argh! Argh!

Ok readers.  We are about to get butch.  Very butch.  Like crack open a brewsky.  Scratch your balls.  Smelly armpits butch.  Just call me Kristi "The Toolwoman" Armstrong.  Ha- get it?  The Home Improvement reference.  Argh! Argh! Argh!

Today I finally snapped.  My garage has been just dis-gust-ing.  Shit everywhere.  Dirt everywhere.  Spray paint dust everywhere.  Living and dead spiders everywhere.  I couldn't take it any longer.  I had a pile with a broom, weed whacker, rake, shop vac, shovel, etc. that were all tangled and falling over. I had water hose (haha I said hose) all over the place.  Tools and boxes and bags full of garage thingies just piled on top of each other.  There were still pieces of drywall and bricks and insulation spread out on the other side of the garage from when the workers destroyed the inside of the garage. So like I said- shit everywhere.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling A Little BLUE?

What's up bitches?!?!?  FINALLY got that dresser/TV stand done for the upstairs living room!  I'm not sure if it is because I haven't painted anything a dark color yet or what.  But this color just WOULD NOT go on evenly.  At.  All.  I'm still not sure if I'm in love with the color yet either.  I mean, I love the actual color.  But I'm not sold on the color scheme of the room. Yet.  Although you guys chose it unanimously. Douchebags.  So it's all your fault.  I have to say that I'm actually pretty shocked that none of you chose hot pink.

I think the reason that I'm hesitating with the blue (Midnight Blue to be exact) is because not everything in the room is changed out yet- like the curtains and the rug need to go away to be replaced with deep thick dark blue curtains and maybe a cream shag? I also need to organize those bookcases now that I've officially started utilizing the room and finishing it like the rest of the house instead of just throwing things in there and closing my eyes as I leave my bedroom every morning silently saying "I can't see you.  I can't see you."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

And a Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!

Oh.  WHAT a day I had.  Such an amazing group of friends spent the day with me to celebrate my birthday.  Well- technically they probably just hung out with me since we were getting massages but I'll totally pretend IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME.

Let me just talk about this massage place.  It's on the north side of Indy (for all you Indy peeps)- called Foot Finesse. However, it's not all about your feet. It's an hour long full body massage and it's only $25.  And if you are lucky (like Miss Judy) you get a little Asian man short enough to lean over you and rest his balls on your forehead.  Oh yes.  You read that right.  I personally think that she should have had to pay more for that service.  But seriously?  It was MY birthday.  I didn't get balls on MY forehead.  I kind of feel jipped.  Just sayin.  She also got a little bit more action than the rest of us when she explained how he had moved one leg to the side and then move the other leg to the other side.  A la spread eagle.  None of us got that.  Just her.  I'm pretty sure her guy was just staring at her cooch the entire time he was rubbing her feet.  And that's why HE got a $10 tip.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chair ReDo = Quickest Project EVER!

Well I certainly didn't think that I'd get this project done quite so quickly.  But I was a girl on a mission.   This past Thursday I went to the local consignment store looking for a TV stand for the upstairs game room.  Not only did I find one but I also found this chair.

I walked by it twice.  Both times I thought to myself, "Self.  THAT would look totally cute if your house."  It was originally marked $60 but with the 25% off I paid $45 for it.  Score!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Projects! Are You As Excited As I Am??

Do you think that you shouldn't ever get a day off of work because when you do you just spend money?  Welcome to my world today. 

I haven't done a furniture project in a LONG time. And apparently my fingers were just itching for something to do!  Bwahhh hahaha.  While sitting on my couch this afternoon I got onto that list by Craig to see if there were any dressers that I could turn into a TV stand.  My TV upstairs in the game room has been residing on el flooro for the past two years and to be honest- it's starting to look a lil bit ghetto.  The thing is that with the book cases already up and in place with everything on them- I am limited to the space in between them.  That space is 46 inches.

Do you want to know how sad this little TV is?  This photo was taken the second week in my house.  More than two years ago.  That is why there are no books or end tables yet.  And see where the TV is?  That's where she's been this entire time.  But I just couldn't fathom spending money on something just to have something there because it would be a waste of money and I wouldn't be happy with it.  So I've looked and looked and haven't been able to find anything.  I realized that if I broadened my search from something that didn't fit into the space I could bring the TV stand that is downstairs up to that space and then I could find something much larger and ornate for downstairs.  The one down there now is just a plain dark wood entertainment stand- nothing fancy.