Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's Blooming Flowers Up In Here!

Not much has gone on in Kristi's Palace since I redid the screened porch

I won't go much into it but yesterday I started sanding the dresser that I recently purchased for the new TV stand for my living room.  If you are friends with me on FB then you saw what it originally looked like.  Can't wait for the finished product.

One thing that has happened the last couple of weeks was some of my flowers started to bloom.  I also planted 2 new rose bushes in front of my dining room windows.  The daffodils and tulips that I planted last fall have come up around the two tress on the side of my yard.  See how pretty they are?

I also seeded the lawn so hopefully some of the dirt patches will fill in and the lawn will look a little bit better this summer.  But because I did that, I can't put the weed killer on it for another 5 weeks.  So I'm totally rocking the free dandelions ALL OVER my yard.  Whatevs.  I'm a little disappointed in the tulips that were planted a couple years ago.  One tree has come up, the other tree only has one of the two types up and the huge flower bed on the side of the house only has 1 flower up of about 30 bulbs.  All of the greenery is there- just no flower.  So that sucks.

But the good news is that the rose bushes are getting leaves as well as the lilac bushes behind them.  I still don't expect any lilcas for another 2 summers but at least they get color with the leaves.  And do you see what I mean with the free flowers?  ALL OVER MY LAWN.  At least it's some color, right?  HAH.

On the other side of the house, I'm getting some green buds on the salvia and hydrangeas and the peony bush that I got for $1 at the beginning of fall last year is actually sprouting!!  And it was so late in the season that it took way too much energy to dig up the grass around the peony bush so that's something that needs to get done soon.  But I'm really excited to see this bloom.  Especially since it was a DOLLAR, holla!  It's supposed to be a bright raspberry color so I can't wait to see the blooms.

One thing that I did get accomplished the other day was installing new towel bars in the two upstairs bathrooms.  I happened to be at Lowe's wandering around and noticed that the brand of sink faucets that I like (Moen Boardwalk) also has a line of bathroom accessories.  Well the double towel bar was on clearance from $39.99 to $15.99.  There were only 3 left so I bought all three.  Once I got home, it dawned on me that just because I have 3 bathrooms, doesn't mean I need 3 double towel bars.  The downstairs powder room  won't ever have a full bath towel, just hand towels.  So I will return that one and just wait for the rest of the accessories to go on clearance.   So here are some before and afters.

{blah boring builder grade towel bar}

And the afters:

I still have a bit of touch-up paint to do since the old towel bar attachments were longer than the new ones.  But that's super easy.  

 And here's the master bathroom.  


 {after 1}

{after 2}

Not bad for a $30 upgrade.  It really is the simple things for me.  

Once the dresser is finished and I get my garage back, I plan on adding some more wall mounted shelving to  the walls- reusing what was originally in the laundry room so I don't have to buy anything!  Then I also have a plan for my pantry shelving (also the same wire shelves).  

But I'm totally getting excited as I had a LONG conversation with my dad yesterday about my paver patio.  He and my aunt are planning on coming out the end of July/beginning of August and that is project number uno on his list of things to do while he's out here.  Very very VERY excited about getting that done and being able to enjoy my backyard.  Once that is done then I can work on the rest of the weeds in the backyard- what will be left of  the backyard since the patio is going to be HUGE.  

So that's about it for now.  Maybe within the next week or some I'll have the dresser done and ready for it's glamour shots.  It may or may not already have 2 coats of paint on it.  I can neither confirm nor deny that.  But it sure is gorgeous!

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Awesome Porch Facelift

OK if one could actually marry a screened porch, I'd be the first in line to get that marriage certificate.  I mean, in some states you can marry a goat, so I'm thinking I might just have a chance with my porch.  This makeover is FAR from done but the last two days I have spent almost every waking hour out there fixing 'er up and getting 'er done.  Beware, you might want to go potty or get a drink cuz this is gonna be a long one.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

If you've followed this blog for a while, you will know that I hate my screened porch.  Like DESPISE it.  I was so unbelievably excited to spend $5,000 on it when purchasing my mansion.  I had dreams of sitting out there, bug free, enjoying the sunsets with a nice cold beer.  All of the houses that I toured did not have a screened porch and when I closed on my house, I knew why.  Cuz it was the worst $5,000 I had ever spent.  And I throw 5 G's around like it's nothing, let me tell you.  I was so disappointed in the quality of it.  I literally had my curtains closed over the sliding door that leads to it for ummm about 2 years.  No lie.

After finally coming to terms that I owed that ugly step child on the back of my house, I found some cute resin wicker furniture from Lowe's as well as a couple outdoor rugs and called it a day.  It was definitely better than nothing.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mirror Numero Tres

So what started out as a simple mirror swap turned into a complete bathroom makeover.  Cuz no, I can never make anything easy.  Never.

It started out with me looking for a really ornate mirror for my upstairs bathroom.  After searching for about a year to no avail, I finally found something that fit that bathroom more than the idea in my head.  You can read about that mirror by clicking here So literally the day after posting about the purple mirror- I went shopping and guessed it.... my ornate mirror.  Of course I did.  Although it's not as ornate as the one in my head- if that even exists- it is just dainty enough for the powder room downstairs.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mirrors Part Deux

If you think that one mirror post was enough- brace yourself bitches- I've got three!  But for now we'll stick with the 2nd.  I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with my awesome spray painting skills all at once.  Since I had a case of the trigger finger from working on my new aqua mirror-which you can read about by clicking  here
I was super antsy to get the second mirror done and hung up.  Which meant that I'd also need to take down the recently framed mirror first. Which was a bitch.  Needless to say, he's a little broken post removal. Well this one was definitely not the color that I wanted but I just fell in lurv with the shape of it in the store.  I figured that I'd put it in the upstairs bathroom but at least gave it a try in the downstairs powder room.  And that was a no go.  But luckily I just got home with mirror numero tres for that room.  Yippie!

After I tested it out here-

- I knew this was the right spot for it.  So down to the garage I went to tape it up so that no paint got on the mirror and I started on the first coat.