Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't You Just Love A Bargain?

Why does it always seem like the weekend just FLIES BY but the work week just drags the fuck on and on?  It never fails.  I usually have a to-do list a mile long and only get through half of it because the time just gets away from me.  Well- it also doesn't help that I literally spent all of Saturday either in bed or on the couch.  And I'm totally serious when I say that.  Like- I think I got up twice- and I made the most of them- multitasking as it's finest.  Both were to get something to eat, drink and then go potty.  Probably burned a whopping 4 calories on those excursions.   I'm one sexy beast I tell you.

Anyway- on Friday Miss Wendy and I met up with Miss Kim for dinner and then headed over to The Christmas Tree Shops where I got some serious deals.  Don't you just LOVE a bargain?  - I like going there to get holiday decorations because let's face it- they are super cheap while still being cute and I hate holidays so what's the point in spending a ton of money on decorations?

I picked up a cute Easter wreath for $1.49.

Then I grabbed two cute St. Patty's day things to hang on my door.  One was $.42 and one was $.50.  I kid you not.  Gotta love 70% off.

But the best thing about the shopping trip was that I found some artwork for my newly redone upstairs hall  bathroom!  Awwww sookie sookie!!! It was $19.99 which for the canvas alone it would have cost me more money to buy a blank one.  This room was originally green with a tan shower curtain and tan bath rugs.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Sparkly In My Life

OK so I need your opinions.  I'm about to re-do a chandelier that I just happen to have on hand.  There are only a few spots in my house that it can actually go and I don't actually think that I can hang it in the garage like I'd like to for fear of scaring off all potential men forever.  Nothing screams man-cave like a sparkly chandelier.

So this is where you come in to play.  I have 4 spots to choose from:  1) my master bedroom closet- which seems ideal but it would have to hang high in order to open and close the door, 2) my "other" master closet that I do not use and would be the potential husbands closet that now houses not used yet home decor, 3) entryway just inside my front door- which would again have to hang high to clear the door and 4) at the top of the stairs in front of the hall bathroom.  All of the places are pictured below.

 {my master closet}

 {spare master closet}

 {entryway just inside the front door}

{top of stairs outside of hallway bathroom}

As you can see all of these areas already have fabulous lighting.  Gag.  I mean, who doesn't love a boob light? Or builder grade globes?

So what do you think?  The color that the chandelier is going to be depends on the location.  Let me know!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enjoyed A Nice Weekend with Friends

On Saturday we went over to the park to do our 11 mile run. It was nice and cool- perfect weather for a run and there were a ton of people out enjoying it. This park is really nice and has a mile track going around it that is labeled every tenth of a mile as well as quarter and three quarter mile markers.  Running this track is SO MUCH BETTER than being a hamster on the treadmill, that's for damn sure.  

You know how there are just some days where you don’t feel like doing something? Well, Saturday was my day of feeling like I didn’t want to run.  At.  All.  Like I’ve mentioned before I’m really into running and actually enjoy it. But I enjoy about 3 miles of it. Asking me to do more than that fucking sucks balls is not fun. Training for this half marathon hasn’t been that bad though. It’s nice having someone to train with and it’s also nice to get daily exercise. But I’m about over it. Seriously. This race can’t come fast enough. Miss Wendy was getting a cramp in her side and I was bored so we decided that we were done after mile 5.

I had actually decided on Friday to host an impromptu Easter dinner so I still needed to pick up a bunch of food and needed to do some shopping and then I had to get home and clean my house because I had shit all over the place. Contrary to what might get portrayed in photos on my blog, my house isn’t always “ready for company.” It’s not usually too bad, I just am seriously lazy with dishes. They get piled up all over the place throughout the week and then I have to do between 2-3 loads in the dishwasher on the weekends because of it. I also tend to drop my mail and other random paperwork all over the kitchen counters. The rest of the house is typically spotless though. Case in point:

I've Got Holes..In Different Area Codes

Last week I had a couple of days off during the week which really helped me get started on my to-do list for the weekend. I had planned on getting quite a few things done around the house which were really going to take up the entire 2 days from starting the projects to finally getting them completed.

Even though it was GORGEOUS outside and I would have much more preferred to lay my ass outside on my chaise- I got to it first thing Thursday. Well, after I slept in and had a yummy breakfast that is. Number one on the project list was taking the lights in the two bathrooms back down as I discussed here so that I could patch up the holes left by the builders from the original lights. The upstairs hall bathroom was going to be the big project since I was planning on re-painting it afterwards (which I still haven’t done). Downstairs should have been the easy, quick fix since I was just patching the drywall and then doing a little bit of touch up paint.

Did you catch the “should have been” part? Well. Me and my ever unsatisfied self here. The whole debacle of purchasing the 3 matching lights for all of the bathrooms still had me in a funk. Since the original purchased light didn’t fit because in that room I only have 7 foot ceilings and not 8 foot and where the hole and wiring were located the light fixture didn’t fit. Ugh. So I had to return it and get a new light. I was OK with that light- not in LURRRRV with it.