Tuesday, March 26, 2013


OK if you haven't realized this yet- I title a lot of my posts as song titles or lyrics.  One- because I'm obsessed with music and two- because I'm obsessed with music.  So today's post could have been something cheesy like Mirror Mirror and would have completely fit.  However, I recently picked up the new JT album and god damn!!!!! It's good.  I currently have track 3 Don't Hold The Wall on repeat.  Love it.  I swear when that video comes out it's going to be NC17.  But my title today is in reference to his song Mirrors.  Plural.  Cuz this mama picked up two new mirrors over the weekend.

First off- I didn't go out shopping for a mirror- never mind two of them.  I actually went out looking for storage bins for the laundry room shelves.  No luck there though.  You win some shopping sprees and you lose some.  I'll take the loss of the storage bins for these two mirrors any day though.

I first headed out to Michaels since they have tons of baskets and bins and because I had a 20% your entire purchase coupon- even including sale items.  Which they never do.  I figured I could find something there that would be already 40% off cuz it seems like everything in their store is always 40% off.  Then I'd get the extra discount on top of that- making the price of some bins not so bad when you need about 6 of them.

Well like I said.  Didn't find anything there that I liked.  So I aimlessly walked around the store looking at other things and happened upon their decor area and more important- the mirrors.  I've actually been looking for two mirrors for the house- one for the bathroom and one for above the bombe dresser.  Actually- I didn't know if I wanted artwork or a mirror above the dresser- but the space was definitely lacking.  See what I mean?  BOOOORING.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stairway To (My) Heaven

If you follow me on Pinterest- you will notice that I've been obsessing over stairs lately.  If you aren't following me on Pinterest- you are a piece of shit.  Just kidding.  Not really.

Anyway- I've had on my to-do list for quite some time now to get rid of the carpet on the stairs.  While it is comfortable under the feet, it's not the look that I want.  They are blah and boring and beige.  Something I'm totally trying to get rid of.  The stairs are the first thing you see when you open my front door.  And I'm not trying to make them a grand foyer type of thing, I'd just like them to have a little bit more of a wow factor than they currently do.

I've always imagined nice wood stairs in my house.  And what I imagine I eventually get.  Hear that, bank account?  I imagine you increasing by $20,000.  Stat.

So when I had this conversation a while back with my father, he totally put the whomp whomp in my plans.  He seems to think that the scumbag builders didn't put stair treads underneath the carpet when they finished them.  Well I intend to prove him wrong.  I mean, even if they didn't put the treads, how hard would it be to do myself, right?  (I'll remind myself of that exact sentence when I'm ripping my hair out later over stair treads- bet your ass)  The only thing is- this will cost me more if there aren't treads already.  But it's only 13 stairs.  It can't cost that much, right?  I guess I'll have to go price out some treads now.

Well I've been trying to decide what to do to the stairs IF I do take the carpet off.  First, there is nothing more classic than white stairs with a dark tread.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Forgotten Back Splash

So it just dawned on me that I never showed you the final back splash pictures of it being completely done.  Picture me slapping my forehead.  The last time I talked about it was pre-grout.  Oops!  If you forgot what it looked like, you can see the first part of it here.  But way back in February I finally grouted the tile.  I found a gorgeous mocha color grout that really went well with the tile colors.  I'm not a fan of obvious grout lines.  Like I never understand why people have tan tile and use white grout.  Ew.  I had actually already purchased a grout from Lowe's when I bought all of the supplies that was the closest shade to the tile but I wasn't over the moon about it.  When I went to Menards that weekend I looked at their grout and found the mocha color and immediately knew that it was so much better than what I already had.  And I am so happy with how it turned out.  Here's a quick shot pre-grout.

See how you can see the white mortar underneath the tiles?  I definitely didn't want that look.  So I made up the mocha grout and almost ate it- it looked so yummy.  I'm not kidding.  If I liked chocolate, I would have at least licked it a little bit to see if it tasted chocolatey.  I have no shame in admitting that.  But I didn't so we're all good.

{see what I mean?  yum.}