Saturday, January 16, 2016

Third Time's The Charm

Since I've recently been called out for slacking on the blog (thanks, Assholes), I decided to throw something together for you all!  I totally know that I've been MIA but it's been quite the year for me and I really haven't had time, motivation, creativity, funds, etc. to work on this house.  I actually intended on doing a really big summer project that I was saving up for, but that didn't come to fruition.  Then work got busy, shit happened, life sucks and here we are.

I do have a couple of easy, small things that I have accomplished in the meantime that I just need the time to put together a post for.  Then there are a few things that are sitting here waiting for me to put my touch on them.  If only there was enough time in the day.  If only I wasn't constantly exhausted.  If only I won the Powerball.  I mean, seriously.  Can a girl catch a $1.4 billion break for once?

So here I am typing up something quick for you bitches, I plan on re-doing one of my spare rooms.  Again.  For the third time.  This is the room I actually used as my own bedroom for about a year when I first built the house.  I quickly painted the walls so they weren't institution white and put the furniture from my Florida apartment in there and called it a day.  Major boring and blah.