Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's The Simple Things In Life....

This is something that I was reminded of today.  Thank you for that Beth.  Cuz sometimes getting out of work early, throwing the top down and driving with the wind in your hair is better than any gift, possession, or tangible item you have.

With that being said-  Fuck that shit.  My fine hair would be a knotted mess within the first 30 seconds of it whipping flowing in the breeze.  And I'd probably choke on a bug singing along to the radio.  But the concept is the point.  So today I did the most simple of things to the house but they made a big change- at least to me.  Both are things that have annoyed me since I moved in.  Twenty-two months ago. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obsess Much?

So I've been OBSESSING a lil bit on Pinterest.  What?  You don't know what that is?  Seriously?  Google that shit.  Basically its a forum, in a nutshell, where you can upload photos or tag- "pin" someone else's photos onto your own inspiration boards.  They have different categories of so many things.  It's really cool and I've heard that people plan their entire weddings off of Pinterest photos.  Talk about cool.

Anyways- I found this really cool picture the other day and I can't get it out of my MIND!  Like seriously- its stuck there.  With the four day weekend coming up, I figured that I would start to tackle the final piece of furniture in the house that needs to be finished.  The dreaded dining room table.  Dunt dunt duhhhhhh!  If you don't remember- here are some photos from the very beginning.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Incompetent, Party of One....

Your table is ready!

So lately I've been hearing lots (believe me- LOTS) of stories about different people in different positions and how they just have NO IDEA of how to do their job.  Not sure if its padding their resumes, faking interviews, sleeping with the boss, just wanting the job to flirt with an instructor..... WHATEVER it may be.  I've come across many of these kinds of people through my career and never understood it.  But one in particular has been bothering me lately so much so that I had to do something about it today.  What?  Me?  Stick my nose in someone else businazz?  Never!

I'm not quite sure what this persons deal is as I have yet to met him/her.  Can't wait, by the way.  Queue sarcasm  But I really don't know how this person (hereafter known as New Person) acquired the job that they are currently in.  I know who had the job prior to New Person (now known as Old Person).  And how much planning and organizing and structure and total awesomeness this job required.  I also know that Old Person literally handed it to New Person on a silver platter.  See that bling?  Yeah it was there for you to succeed.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Under The Weather

Sorry for the long hiatus, people. I have been a little under the weather the last few days. And for someone who NEVER gets sick, this mama was SIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKKKK on Friday. I’ll spare you the deets but let’s just say the contents of my stomach were removed in their entirety. Forcefully.  Empty.  Gone. 

But before we go in to how very little I didn’t do this weekend, let’s start back from Thursday. I was getting ready to go grocery shopping when my doorbell rang. So I hit the mute button on my TV and tip toed over to my door to see who it was (picture me pretending to not be home cuz who knows what jackass is at my door) and lo and behold it was Miss Wendy and Jon. And they came bearing gifts. Hells yes. Take note: If you want to stop over, you can anytime- just bring gifts. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Those White Bitches Are CRAZY!

Last Saturday our friend Jess came into town from Ft. Wayne and had a little bit of a birthday dinner. Wendy and I went up north to meet her and two of her friends, Tiffany and Alicia for dinner. Let me tell you, these girls are a HOOT. We always have a good time hanging out together. 

We met up at the Cheesecake Factory to have lots of drinks dinner and sat outside for a bit waiting for our table in the gorgeous weather. Apparently the party had started without us (what’s up with that?!) so the girls already had a couple of libations prior to arriving. You can only imagine how loud and hilarious we were being outside. In fact, one guy in a party across from us started chatting away with us- jumping into our conversation about a restaurant that had recently opened. 

Our buzzer went off (much to Jess’s liking-Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) and we headed inside. Once we sat down, we had this CUUUUUTE waiter. Apparently he was confused as to the extra place setting and couldn’t wrap his head around it so we quickly started ragging on him. Next thing we know, we have “Michael” as our waiter. HELLO, Michael. Mama likey. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't You Just LOVE A Fabulous Day???

Well I had a fantastic day yesterday.  Like- the entire day was awesome.  Seriously awesome.

Started out meeting up with Wendy, Kim and Lauren for lunch and then we headed over to Midland Antiques, which is a big warehouse filled with all different kinds of "antiques."  I was a little bit disappointed because there wasn't a whole lot in there that I was interested in at all.  A lot of crap junk things I wasn't interested in if you ask me.  What's the phrase they say, "Ones persons junk is another persons treasure?"  Well, nothing in there was my treasure, that's for sure.  I was really looking for a couple pieces of furniture to re-do, one for the kitchen and one for the upstairs living room for the TV to sit on.  And YES, my TV is still sitting on the floor after almost 2 years.  Whatever.

There was one thing there that if it hasn't been $50, I totally would have gotten it.

Kind of weird but definitely interesting.  It's just a glass head.  But what was its purpose?  Did it hold wigs?  Did it sit on a shelf and stare at you?  Did someone put it on the pillow next to them so when they woke up, they had someone to talk to?  Hmmmmm.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pay It Forward.

Happy Effin Friday!!!!  Seriously.  That sounds so good, I'm going to type it again.  Happy Effin Friday!!!!

I hope that all of you had a great week like I did.  Red Sox swept those boys in blue.  Bruins are tied- hopefully winning tonight.  Mavs won last night to go one up on the series.  I got out of work early again today.  I had dinner with two fantastically FABULOUS ladies tonight.  Yeah- I'd say it was pretty good.

With that positivity, I'm going to tell you a little story.  Hmmm I guess that's the point of a blog, right?  To say something?  I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this before.  But here it is again.  I really am a nice person, no matter what anyone else chooses to believe.  Some people from my past will completely disagree with me on that one.  But I can guarantee you that if I was ever.....let's just say.... NOT nice to you, there must be a story behind why I was like that to you.  Just sayin.  There are always two sides to every bitch fight.

Anyway- I got to thinking the past week or so about the things that have got me where I am today and how I became the person that I am now.  One major thing is that along the way people have helped me out in one way or another.  But most notably is I've had a lot of people let me stay with them, in their homes, because I didn't have a place to stay.  Not so much that I didn't have a HOME or that I couldn't AFFORD a place, but at that time, in that place, I just needed a place to stay.  Does that make sense?

For instance, during a summer break in college I came home to Mass and realized that I really wanted to be back in Florida.  So I got back in my car, drove back down, and crashed in a friends hotel room for the night (THANK YOU ROGER!!).  The next night, I crashed at a co-workers apartment who barely knew me at the time (THANK YOU KAREY!!).  I ended up finally staying at Roger's house with his family while he was on a work-acation in Hawaii....for like the entire summer..... THANK YOU AGAIN ROGER!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outdoors, schmoutdoors.

Those of you who have been obsessing over following my blog, know my dilemma with my back yard.  It's bare, ugly, sorta green- sorta brown, big, full of weeds, and fence-less. 

Well I've been hemming and hawing over dining furniture for out there.  I can't find something in my price range that I like.  I see all these Sunday ads with sales on sets, but when I go to look at them, they are MUCHO CHEAPO.  As in quality.  So it's kinda getting frustrating.  I don't want to spend a ton of money out there until I get a fence but I also don't want to waste the space away for another summer.

I have a screened porch that I purchased 2 sets of bistro resin wicker chairs and end tables as well as a couple of outdoor rugs.  So there are 4 chairs and 2 end tables in between each.  Then I picked up a resin wicker bench at a Bed Bath and Beyond outlet in Florida my last trip down there.  And it was like $19.99 or something completely ridiculous like that.  See below:

Sorry about the poor lighting.  It's 9:53pm here and I'm using my cell phone camera.  Using what I got, people.  But the pillows are a light gray/blue and the rug has that color as well as pale yellow, tan and brown.  Here's a better look of them when they were inside of the house a while ago for better coloring.

K, that one is definitely better representation.  So that room is kinda decorated.  I also picked up some lanterns from Kirkland's a bit ago that will go out there or outside eventually.  I'm pretty sure they were like $9 each or something close.  And they are about 12" tall. 

As well as a few planters from Wal*Mart for $6 each that I currently have herbs in and 2 bigger ones that are sitting on my pantry floor- those were $8.

Ummm do you see the Angel of Patience that is on my windowsill?  That was a gift from my mother a while back.  Apparently I need to work on having a little more patience.  STILL WORKING on it, Mom.  Still working.  And for those Green Thumbs out there. I bought 3 packets of seeds- Rosemary, Thyme, and Basil.  Well those didn't grow.  Fuckers  So I went to the grocery and picked up 2 plants for $1.99 each of Rosemary and Basil. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's ON, Facebook!! Like Donkey Kong.

Well Girl with the Pink Toolbelt is OFFICIALLY on Facebook!!!  I attempted to send you all a "Page Suggestion" but it looks like it didn't work and now I can't send it again as it shows that its already been sent.  Damn technology!!

But anyways- fear not!  There is now a link on this page on the right side where you can "Like" my on FB (hopefully I did it correctly- you know me).  Or you can go to my personal wall and see where I "liked" her.  At some point I will STOP posting stories on my personal page.  So if you want to keep receiving notices of new stories, then you should LIKE ME!!!

And please feel free to suggest me to YOUR friends once you like me.  The more the merrier!! And you know there's enough of me to go around.  No need to be selfish.  

Hope you all had a great week and I've got some fun posts coming this weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Definitely Not One Of My Smartest Ideas

There was this girl that I went to middle and high school with.  She was really nice but she was a little bit…….BIG.  She told us once that her family called her Thunder Thighs growing up.   Nice, huh?   Well I can’t say that I am any better than her family since I used to purposely sit behind her in class because the teacher couldn’t see what I was doing (anything but paying attention) because she kind of “hid” me.  Evil.  Yes I know.  In a handbasket.  I’m there.  One is already custom made for me. 

Well while I was home last night, I decided that I was going to make a game out of watching TV.  Cuz in all honesty, TV trumps being athletic in my book any day.   And it doesn’t even have to be good TV.  If I can find something at all interesting, my ass + couch = not getting up for anything except using the bathroom until I’m ready for bed.  Or for a snack.  It’s not that I don’t have any motivation.  Because I actually LIKE working out and going to the gym.  It’s this thing that I have that I like to call Something Shiny Syndrome.  But anyway- last night was SYTYCD and I knew from 8pm-10pm I was probably only going to get exercise via remote control clicking.   And since Beth and I started our Let’s Lose Weight and Go On A Trip program yesterday, I figured I couldn’t be lazy RIGHT out of the gate.  Save that for day two.  I ran upstairs (literally) and grabbed a pair of socks and ran back down to throw on a pair of sneakers and decided that during commercial breaks I would do a combo of squats and lunges.