Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowed In... Therefore I Will Show You My Laundry Room

I mean, that makes sense, right?  No? Just me?  Bueller?

Anyhoo!  Back to the laundry room.  Remember way back to December 2012 when I ripped out the wire shelf in the laundry room and replaced it with gorgeous dark walnut stained wood shelves with gorgeous brackets?  No?  Well you can read all about it by clicking here
.  And now that you've refreshed, remember when I said that I was going to find some cute baskets to decorate those shelves and take down the wood key chain holder that now clashed with the luscious dark walnut stain?  Yeah.  Oopsie.  Over a year later I finally got on that shit.
Technically, I've had the baskets and bins for a while now, I've just been pretty lazy on posting about them.  The wicker baskets I found at a store here called Gordman's.  They were pretty cheap to begin with- I think about $4 for the smalls and $7 for the larges plus I had a coupon for a percentage off.  Can't remember at this point, but they were well worth the money.  The round bins I found at TJ Maxx shortly after and they too were super cheap, probably $7-9 each.

Each basket has it's own purpose, housing random things as well as the laundry supplies.  You can see the small basket on the bottom shelf has the dryer sheets and the left basket on the middle shelf has my smaller laundry detergent and bottle of bleach.  The other basket on the middle shelf houses my running gear- my iPod armband, running belt and headbands to hold my hair off of my face.  The small basket above that one holds all of my batteries rather than using up valuable drawer space.  Other things in the bins are all of my hand soaps from Bath and Body Works- you know those semi-annual sales where you buy like 10 bottles because you think they won't have another semi-annual sale and you HAVE to get 10 of them- yeah that's me.  So they are all hidden in there.  As well as some clutch purses for when I have to go to work the Colts game and need to switch out my purse real quick.

Well today, since I had a snow day and didn't have anything else to do project wise, seeing as though I haven't gone to purchase any wood or tools, I decided to take down the key chain holder and get going on it.  Since I always have the stain on hand, I quickly took off the screwed in hooks, whipped out my orbital sander, and gave her a good sanding in the very cold garage.  Brrrrrr.  Then I applied two coats of the dark walnut stain.

After letting it dry for a few minutes once the second coat had soaked in, I wiped it off and screwed the hooks back in and hung her back up.  Before you couldn't see the wood grain with the old brown color on it.  Now you can, just like the shelves.

And here is the room in all of it's very small glory.

Isn't she purttty?  No idea why it took me over a year to do that because it was so simple.  It was probably having more to do with having to clean the laundry room to take a presentable picture than it was actually redoing the holder.  But that's just semantics at this point.

Oh and I'm thinking my next project is going to be my master bedroom closet makeover.  We'll see.  I'm scouring Pinterest for ideas and hope to share this week what I'm thinking.  Very excited for it though!!

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