Monday, October 15, 2012

Oooooh Spooky!

Wow I can't believe that it's been like a month since I last posted.  Hey cunts!  How cute was that panda?  I had a visit from one of my besties from FL since my last post.  One of the things he said aside from how damn hilarious I am and how Florida is just not the same without me there (OK I added that one in there) is that he always knows when I'm busy because I'm not posting anything new.  Well, believe me- I have been BUSY!  We are well into our season and have had a least 1 event each weekend if not on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.  Crazy busy.  But the good news is that I still love the job.  It hasn't made me a miserable bitch yet like all of the others.  Miami, what???   It's just been a little difficult to do some home projects when I've only got a couple hours a night to get in the rest of the house chores and grocery shopping done.  And shit, most nights I'm not even doing that.  MY HOUSE IS A HOT MESS.  But I was in the decorating mood recently and needed to get a little creative because my number and spreadsheet making side was starting to take over.  Pretty soon I'm going to be sporting a pocket protector for all of my nerdiness.  Anyway- on to my fun and easy projects.

So we all know how much I hate the holidays.  Christmas being my numero uno. Bahhh humbug.  However, Halloween comes in a close second.  I love decorating my house with fall things.  I have all types of pumpkins in all of the pretty fall colors. But I don't really have much for decor in the ghost and goblin department.  And to be honest- I am totally fine with that.

However, on a recent shopping trip with Miss Wendy, I found the cutest- I mean scariest- door decoration and I just HAD to get it.  More important is just how appropriate it is to be hanging on my front door.  You know, cuz I'm such a bitch witch.

For some reason, it seems as if the witch is always out. :)  I can guarantee that on Oct 31st I will make sure she definitely is out.  Can't stand those annoying fuckers all dressed up and trying to be cute asking for candy.  It's MY CANDY!  Go buy your own.

Something else I did was totally stolen off of Pinterest.  While I was out at TJ Maxx I picked up some new vases.  Umm hello- if I can impart any words of wisdom on you, my followers, is that if you are in need of some vases- go to TJ!!  The shit there is super cute and is like $2.99.  I'm not kidding.  See below.  I spent about $15 and these are just a few of the things I picked up that day.

Well the two in the middle photo I turned into some more cute Halloween stuff.  I headed over to Michaels to pick up my supplies.  For one it was just a sheet of orange card stock.  The scissors I already had.  Boo-ya!

Then for the other I had to visit the ER for the rest of my supplies.  I kid.  I kid.  But I needed to get some gauze.  And some googley eyes.  How much fun is it saying googley eyes?  Googley eyes.  I can't get enough!!

Throw a tealight in them and look how spooky they are!!  Bwahhh haahahahah!

Aren't you scared?  Anyway- that's enough Halloween for my house for the time being.  I'm  working on my fall decor so that as soon as Nov 1st comes around I can get back to pretty pumpkins and acorns.

Any of you do any Halloween decorating?  Or do you hate it as much as I do?

UPDATE:  Apparently I didn't describe my bestie from Florida accurately enough.  He prefers to be acknowledged as "my hot friend from Miami."  I told him I don't lie on my blog.  Although he is quite cute in a doughy kind of way.

UPDATE 2:  And now I made him cry.  Apparently he has weight issues along with his extremely high self evaluation.  Let's see if I can get this right now.  Hmmmm how to really describe him.  My super adorable, thoughtful, would do anything for you without you having to ask, hilariously funny although not as funny as me, ex love of my life but only because he went and got married without me, always the first person to wish me happy birthday, there for me when I need an answer to a question, scared to introduce me to his buddies because he has no idea what is going to come out of my mouth, former pimp daddy bestie from Florida.  How's that?

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