Tuesday, March 26, 2013


OK if you haven't realized this yet- I title a lot of my posts as song titles or lyrics.  One- because I'm obsessed with music and two- because I'm obsessed with music.  So today's post could have been something cheesy like Mirror Mirror and would have completely fit.  However, I recently picked up the new JT album and god damn!!!!! It's good.  I currently have track 3 Don't Hold The Wall on repeat.  Love it.  I swear when that video comes out it's going to be NC17.  But my title today is in reference to his song Mirrors.  Plural.  Cuz this mama picked up two new mirrors over the weekend.

First off- I didn't go out shopping for a mirror- never mind two of them.  I actually went out looking for storage bins for the laundry room shelves.  No luck there though.  You win some shopping sprees and you lose some.  I'll take the loss of the storage bins for these two mirrors any day though.

I first headed out to Michaels since they have tons of baskets and bins and because I had a 20% your entire purchase coupon- even including sale items.  Which they never do.  I figured I could find something there that would be already 40% off cuz it seems like everything in their store is always 40% off.  Then I'd get the extra discount on top of that- making the price of some bins not so bad when you need about 6 of them.

Well like I said.  Didn't find anything there that I liked.  So I aimlessly walked around the store looking at other things and happened upon their decor area and more important- the mirrors.  I've actually been looking for two mirrors for the house- one for the bathroom and one for above the bombe dresser.  Actually- I didn't know if I wanted artwork or a mirror above the dresser- but the space was definitely lacking.  See what I mean?  BOOOORING.....

{busting out the old photos with the oak dining table!}

Well I saw this white mirror first on clearance for $29.99- which unfortunately I couldn't use the coupon for since it wasn't valid on clearance items- of course- but I didn't find the $30 price tag to be too bad.  So I scooped it up- hence the picture already in my house.

The thing is..... the white didn't work too well since the dresser and the dining chairs right next to it were antique white.  So I picked up some spray paint on my way home and decided this bad boy was going aqua-ish.

Queue photo shoot:

 {tape off the mirror}

{aqua-ish color}

 {first coat on- no turning back now!}

 {and letting it dry overnight}

Here it is hanging in it's new space.  

I'm a little undecided on the color at this point.  I wanted more of teal color but didn't want to go too dark.  But the color it turned out- I'm not sold on yet.  For now it'll do.  But I'm thinking that maybe once I paint the stairs with the teal ombre affect (wait- did I just make a decision on the stairs????) I'll use one of those colors to repaint the mirror.  Hmmm we will see.  I know that it definitely needs to be a color rather than white as it would be just way too boring.  So who knows- maybe you'll see some more after shots once I decide what I'm going to do with it.  

As for the second mirror..... it was originally $69.99 but was on sale for 40% off plus the 20% coupon so it was roughly $38.  Which wasn't bad considering a much smaller one from Target was $39.99 and not as cute.  As for what I plan on doing to it- I haven't touched it yet.  And there's actually a reason for that.  I originally bought it with the intention of using it upstairs in the hall bathroom.  And painting it an aubergine to pull out the purple color in the artwork.  I figure I don't need anymore pink in that small bathroom.  Too much pink?  What?  What happened to Kristi?  And yes- this is the bathroom that I just put framing around the mirror so that it wasn't lame builder grade.  But now I really like this mirror in there.  I'm such a girl.  

But I could also put it in the downstairs powder room.  BUT- I think I'm going to go another route for that mirror.  I think this would be too top heavy for the pedestal sink.  

So I guess I just made up my mind about two things- this mirror is going upstairs!  HAH.  See what you can decide with you put it in writing?  

Can't wait to get this one done.  But it's definitely not going to be this week.  We have this little basketball tournament thingy going on this weekend that has my undivided attention.  I will tell you one thing- I can't WAIT for this event to be over with.  It's only Tuesday and I'm already exhausted.  I must have been crabby bitchy mean evil snarky a little stressed out because a bag of York peppermint patties and a white chocolate bunny ended up on my desk today.  My co-workers know me so well.  I only dropped the F bomb about 17 times- which believe me- under the circumstances was not a lot at all.  I literally feel like I'm being pulled in 63 different directions and can't get a thing done- which is frustrating because I have a LOT of stuff that needs to get done.  So it'll be really nice come Monday morning when I can sit back, relax and put my feet up on my desk.  Which is what I told my stadium director I was doing today when he called to check up on me to see how I was.  Shockingly he didn't believe me.  If you all want to check out how a football stadium turns a turf field into a basketball court- tune into CBS on Friday and see. It's pretty cool.  I think tomorrow when I'm out checking the floor seats I might take a break and play a little bit of hoops with the guys.  Not kidding.  I can be a baller just like them.  So long as I don't get sweaty.  Ew.  

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