Monday, July 8, 2013

All You Need Is Love

I really haven't been in the mood for any big projects lately.  Not sure if it's that I don't have anything to change up or I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm of El Nino Patio.  Either way, I've been a total bum around the house lately.  However, as I'm typing this I'm thinking about what I can to do this table of mine that I messed up the top on.  Hmmmmm..... There are a couple of things that I've done though- but don't go getting all excited.  They really aren't all that awesome.  

First up I did a little reuse, re-purpose, re-whatever.  Remember that horrific wire shelf in the laundry room?

Well I decided that instead of just leaning up against the garage wall, maybe it'd be better served being attached to it.  So mama got out the drill and made it happen.

And yes- I'm busted.  Totally haven't painted the garage yet.  It's hot as balls people.  I cut myself some slack on that one.

Next up you might have noticed in my last post something was different.  Aside from the very juvenile artwork.  Well I just never really liked the blue tv stand in my upstairs living room.

So since I had swapped out the wood one that was downstairs for the new light blue dresser, the wood one was just sitting around in my garage.  And after the umpteenth time of almost running it over and/or knocking my shins into it, I decided to change it with the one upstairs.  Which first called for me unloading two of the bookcases and moving them over 4 inches to fit it.  Which was awesome, by the way.  But I got 'er done and it looks so much better.  

It's funny how something doesn't work in one space but totally fits in another.  Oh and do you like my $20 Ikea rug thrown in there?  Have I mentioned it before?  I forget.  

And lastly, I pinned this picture from Pinterest awhile ago- thinking it was totally cute.

And while I'm not really in the need for book ends- I headed over to Hobby Lobby a couple weekends ago and picked up some wooden letters.

I actually had the cardboard 3D ones in my cart and had a last minute second guess of myself and went back around and found the above letters.  These ones worked much better than the cardboard ones would have.  Plus they were like double the size.  So this is the finished product.

Love it.  Get it?  Ahhhh hahaha.  This is the same little area with the other two hot pink lettered frames.

Srsly?  Wtf.

So that's that.  Only 20 more days until we begin tearing up my back yard.  SOFUCKINGEXCITEDITS NOTEVENFUNNY!!!!!!  Fingers crossed we figure out what the hell we are doing by then!  HAH.

Oh and PS- still taking volunteers to help out!  Don't be shy now.  The more the merrier.

Oh and PPS.  Totally funny story about how my dad was talking about me driving this bobcat.  I keep telling him no and he keeps acting like I'm going to drive it.  I literally just picture myself barreling down my street and ending up in my neighbors living room.  Plus I read the warnings on my pill bottles- they are very clear when they say not to operate heavy machinery while under the influence.  So my dad goes, "It's not difficult- it's just like driving a tank."  Ummmmm yeah, when's the last time I DROVE A TANK??????  I mean, really! Hilarious!  So who wants to see me drive a tanker?

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