Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Closet Update Part 1

So apparently getting this closet done isn't all that big of a priority.  You know, since I keep taking trips and all and ignoring the mess all over my usually immaculate bedroom.  DISASTER AREA.  Well after I was done going to all those wineries and staring at hot air balloons, I decided it was time to finish tackling the first part of the closet- the back part.

Last we left off I had ripped out all of the shelves, removed the baseboards and spackled the holes.

And then it dawned on me.....   let's make this even MORE of a project than it should be and rip out the carpet.  So..... this happened.

Well I hijacked Wendy after work one day and we went to look at flooring.  Then I bought some flooring.  Then I figured since I was getting flooring for the closet, I might as well get flooring for the other closet in my bedroom.  Then since I was getting flooring for both closets, I might as well get flooring for the master bathroom while I'm at it.  Then since I was getting flooring for those three spaces, I might as well get flooring for the upstairs hall bathroom. So nothing like $400 and 4 more projects later..... ugh.  Why do I do this to myself?  I'm a glutton for punishment.

Needless to say, laying the floor wasn't that hard.  It took me roughly 2 hours to install.  The color of the photos is a little lighter than in person- it's much darker.  It's a floor that clicks together and is waterproof (main reason I got it since I would be putting it in both bathrooms).  So without further ado-

Isn't she gorgeous?  I'm in love.  Seriously, I sleep on this floor.  Screw my pillow top, plush, king size bed that's 10 feet away.

Anyway, enough about my new chocolate lover... Next I started building the shelves for all of my shoes.  You might have seen my "sneak" peek photo?  Here's a photo montage of getting the shelves up.  Quick and painless.  AND I GOT TO USE MY NEW NAIL GUN!!!!!  Hear me roar, bitches!

And then I stopped.  I had brought up the side piece to see what it was going to look like... and I hated it.  H.A.T.E.D.  It looked like a glorified book shelf.  If I wanted a book shelf, I would have bought one and saved myself a ton of time and energy.  And money, probably.  But a book shelf was soooo not the look that I was going for in my new glamorous closet.  What to do, what to do?

What I did like was the look of the floating shelves though.  So....

Ooh look at all my fancy shoes.  First things first, I'm the realist.

Funny thing is that I actually didn't even get all of the shoes on the shelves.  Also if you've noticed, I'm still obsessed with the wall color.  Plus since I had more than a half gallon of it left over from the pantry I figured I might as well use it.  But it looks so good with the dark wood floors and the $29 chandelier.

So it sat like this while I was in California.  I finally tackled the other side this past weekend.  It's difficult to get in a good shot so you'll have to take it in installments.  But this side is meant for jackets and dresses.  Or anything longer in length since I didn't account for any of that in the two side areas of the closet.

As you can see, I threw in a couple of shelves on top of the bar and underneath.  And I also need to put the bottom shelf in- but I had yet to get more wood when I took this photo.

Obviously, the trim and baseboards are still missing, but those won't get put on until the entire closet is done.  So at this point, I'm calling it finished on the back section of the closet.  Yippie!

Just that picture alone is so much better than the wire shelves.  Ew.  Slowly but surely it's coming along.  However, a LOT more slowly than I would have hoped.  Next up is the right side of the closet.  Just need to figure out the pull-out laundry portion and I'm good to go.  I already have most of the wood so we will see how long this takes me.  I have plans with Miss Lauren on Saturday so it probably won't get done this weekend but we'll see.  I'd hate to say yes and then disappoint myself.  But I'm at least a bit more confident in the project now that almost 1/3 of it is done.  We're not going to bring up making drawers, though.  Not going to do it. I'll start freaking myself out again.

What do you think?   Am I a closet maker yet?  Hah.  I will say I'm a badass with an air compressor and nail gun though!  Don't mess with me and my safety goggles.

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